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Author: Laurent, Dominican, fl. 1279.
Title: The boke named the royall.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The boke named the royall.
Laurent, Dominican, fl. 1279., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491,

[Enprynted at London: In fletestrete at the sygne of ye sonne by Wynkyn de Worde, [1507]]
Alternate titles: Somme des vices et vertus. English Somme des vices et vertus. Royal Book.
A translation, by William Caxton, of: Laurent. Somme des vices et vertus.
Place of publication and printer's name from colophon; publication date from STC.
Signatures: pi4 A-2F6 2G-2H4.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Conduct of life -- Early works to 1800.

title page
HEre foloweth ye table of the ubtyces of this pre∣sent boke entytled & named Ryal whiche speketh fyrst of the ten commaundementes.
¶Here after ben conteyned and declared the x cōmaundementes of the lawe whiche our lorde delyuered vnto Moyses the pro¦phete for to preche to the people for to hol∣de and kepe. Capitulo. primo.
¶Of the fyrst commaundement. Ca. .ii.
¶Of the fyrst commaundement of the law. Ca. iii.
¶The seconde commaundement of ye lawe is how eche man ought to loue his neghboure. Ca. .iiii.
¶Here is contayned how one ought to loue his neyghboure. Ca. v.
¶Here after foloweth the .x. commaundementes of the lawe pertyculer. Ca. vi.
¶Of the thre fyrst commaundementes partyculer. Capitulo. vii.
¶The seconde thynge that the veray subget oweth to his lorde. Ca. viii.
¶The thyrde thynge that the veray subgecte oweth vnto his lorde. Ca. ix.
¶Here after folowen the seuen other commaunde∣mentes / apparteynynge to the loue and dyleccyon of his neyghboure Ca. x.
¶The fyrst artycle of the fayth capitulo. .xi.
¶Of the beest that saynt Iohan the euangelist sawe in thappocalyps capitulo. xii.
Herafter foloweth the deuysyon of the .vii. deedly synnes ca. xlii.
¶The braūches of ye synne of pryde ben these. Ca. xiiii
¶The fyrst braunche is dysloyalte or vn¦trouthe. Ca. xv.
Of the .ii. bough of the fyrst braunche Ca. xvi.
¶Of ye .iii. boughe of dysloyalte. Ca. xvii
¶The seconde braunche of pryde capitulo .xviii.
¶Of ye .iii. braunche of pryde / yt is arrogance. Ca. xix
Of the .iiii. braunche whiche is ambicion. Ca. .xx.
¶The fyfthe braunce is vaynglorye capitulo. xxi.
¶The .vi. braūche of pryde is Ypocrysye. Ca. xxii.
¶The seuenth braūche of pryde is fooll drede Ca. xxiii.
¶The .ii. heed of the beest of helle is enuye Ca. xxiiii.
¶The .iii. heed of the beest of helle is Ire or wrath Ca. .xxv.
¶Of the fyrst warre. of the synne of yre / whiche is suche. Ca. .xxvi
¶Of the synne of slouthe the whiche is sayd accyde. Ca. xxvii.
Of pusyllanymyte / of delay / & werynes. Ca. xxviii.
¶Of delaynge to do well Ca. xxix
¶Of the vyce and synne of neclygence. capi. xxx
¶Of the vyce of forgetynge. capitulo. xxxi.
¶Of the vyce of latchednes. Ca. xxxii
Of the euyl poyntes of accydye & of slouth. Ca. xxxiii.
¶Of the synne of auaryce or couetyse. Ca. xxxiiii.
¶Of dyuers maner & spyces of vsure Ca. .xxxv.
¶The seconde. Ca. xxxvi
¶Of thefte. Ca. xxxvii
¶The thyrde braunche of the synne of Auaryce is ra∣uyne as foloweth Ca. .xxxviii.
¶Of the synne of chalenge Ca. .xxxix.
Of .vii. maners of the synne of chalenge. Ca. xl.
¶The .v. braunche of auaryce is sacrylege Ca. .xli.
¶Of ye synne of symony. Ca. xlii
¶Of the fyrst boughe of Symonye Ca. .xliii.
¶Of the synne of malygnyte whiche cometh of auary∣ce. Ca. xliiii.
¶Of marchaundyse. Ca. xlv
¶The nynthe braunche of auaryce Ca. .lxiii.
¶Of the synne of lecherye whiche is loue dysordynatly .xlvii.
¶Of dyuers estates of ye synne of lecherye. Ca. xlviii.
¶Of the synne of glotonye. Ca. xlix.
¶Of the synnes of ye tonge. Ca. l.
¶Of the synne that ben in ydle wordes Ca. .li.
¶Of the synne of auauntaunce. Ca. lii.
¶Of euyll sayenge of other. Ca. liii.
¶Of losangery and flatery.
¶Of the synne to say lesynges. Ca. liiii.
¶Of the synne of forswerynge. Ca. lv.
¶Of ye synne & peryll that is of chydynge Ca. .lvi.
¶Of the synne of murmure. Ca. lvii.
¶Of ye synne & perylle that is in rebellyon Ca. .lviii.
¶Of the synne of blasphemy. Ca. lix.
¶How this lyfe is but dethe as it appereth. Ca. lx.
¶How men lyue dyenge in this worlde. Ca. lxi.
¶How we ought to lyue holyly & lerne to do wel. ca lxii
¶Of .iii. maner of spyrytuell goodes. Ca. lxiii.
¶Of the goodes of fortune Ca. .lxiiii.
¶Of the godes of fortune whiche folowe here. Ca. lxv.
Here after is shewed of the goodes of grace Ca. .lxvi.
¶What vertues been goodes honourable Ca. .lxvii.
¶Of veray sapyence. Ca. lxviii
¶Of the prowesse of the knyghtes of Ihesu Cryst. Ca. lxix.
Of veray seygnorye whiche gyueth grace & vertues .lxx
¶Here is spoken of veray fraunchyse Ca. .xxi.
¶Of veray noblesse Ca. .lxxii.
¶How charyte is the gretest of vertues. Ca. lxiii.
Of two maners of delectable goodes. Ca. lxxiiii.
¶Here after is spoken of vertues in especyal. Ca. lxxv.
¶Of seuen petycyons and requestes that be conteyned in the Pater noster. Ca. lxxvi.
¶Wherfore thou sayst fader oure / and not fader myn. Ca. lxxvii.
¶Why we saye / qui es in celis Ca. lxxviii.
How Sctificetur nomen tuū is expowned. Ca. lxxix.
¶Here is the seconde petycyon and request of the holy pater noster. Ca. lxxx.
The .iii. petycyon & request of ye holy Pater nr̄. Ca. lxxxi
¶The .iiii petycyon and request. Ca. lxxxii.
¶Here foloweth the .v. petycyon & request of the holy pa¦ter noster. Ca. lxxxiii.
The .vi. petycyon & request of the pater nr̄. Ca. lxxxiiii.
¶The .vii. petycyon of ye pater noster. Ca. lxxxv.
¶Of the .vii. gyftes of the holy goost. Ca. lxxxvi.
¶Why they be called gyftes / for thre reasons. Ca. .lxxxvii.
Why they be called ye giftes of ye holy goost. Ca. lxxxviii.
¶Why there be .vii. gyftes & no mo ne lasse. Ca. lxxxix.
¶Of seuen vertues of whome there ben thre dyuyne / and foure cardynall. Ca. .lxxxx.
¶Of the foure cardynall vertues / by whiche a man ou¦ght to gouerne hym. Ca. lxxxxi.
¶Yet agayne of the foure cardynall vertues as here foloweth. Ca. lxxxxii.
¶Of the vertue of attemperaunce .lxxxxiii.
¶Of the vertue of strength. Ca. .lxxxxiiii.
¶Of the vertue of Iustyce. Ca. lxxxxv.
¶Here after foloweth how a man may take awaye & put from hym the seuen deedly synnes and gete ye vertues. Ca. lxxxxvi.
¶Of the gyfte of holy drede ye whiche maketh a man Iust. Ca. lxxxxvii.
¶Here foloweth of the foure rootes of the synne of pry¦de. Ca. lxxxxxviii.
¶Of ye vertue of humylyte. Ca. .lxxxxix.
¶Of the rote of the vertue of humylyte. Ca. .C.
¶Of hym that is veray humble and meke. Ca. C.i.
¶ Of hym that is humble of hert. Ca. C.ii.
¶How a man ought to hate pryde. Ca. C.iii.
¶Of dyuers estates of pryde. Ca. C.iiii.
Of the techynge and doctryne of our lorde. Ca. C v.
¶Of the pryuyte that god hath to an holy soule ca. C vi
Of ye cōparysōs of mustarde sede to ye loue of god. C.vii
¶Of the gyftes of holy drede & of pyte. Ca. .Cviii.
¶ Of .vii. maners of spyrytuell loue. Ca. .Cix.
¶Of ye seuen gyftes of the holy ghoost / and fyrst of the gyfte of scyence. Ca. C.x.
¶Of the seconde dgree of equyte and of ryght wysnes Cxi.
¶Of the .iii. degre of the vertue of equyte. Ca. C.xii.
¶Of the fourth and fyfth degre of ye vertue of equy¦te. Ca. C.xiii.
¶ The .vi. degree of the vertue of equyte. Ca. Ca. xiiii.
¶The seuenth degree of the vertue of equyte. Ca. C.xv.
¶Here folowen the vertues ayenst the seuen deedly synnes. Ca. .Cxvi.
¶Here after foloweth how that a man ought for to ly∣ue in moyen astate. Ca: .Cxvii.
¶ Of the dyuysyons of vertues after the phyloso∣phres. Ca. C.xviii.
¶The fyrst of the vertue of magnanymyte. Ca. C.xix.
¶Of the vertue of affyaunce spūell. Ca. C.xx.
¶Of the vertue of surete. Ca. .Cxxi.
Of the fourthe degree of ye vertue of prowesse .Cxxii.
¶Of the seuenth degree of the vertue of pro∣wesse. Ca. C.xxiii.
The .vi. degre of ye vertue of prowesse. Ca. .Cxxiiii.
¶Of ye spyrytuell batayll ayenst synne. Ca. .Cxxv.
¶ Of the fyrst batayle ageynst all vyces. Ca. C.xxvi.
¶Of veray repentaunce of herte. Ca. .Cxxvii.
¶Here after is conteyned how that a man ought to con∣fesse hym. Ca. .Cxxviii.
¶Of the vertue of the gyft of coūceyle / and of the good & meryte that is therin Ca. C.xxix.
¶Of the degres of the vertue of mercy. Ca. .Cxxx.
¶Here after folowen ye braunches of ye vertue of mercy and of almesse. Ca. C.xxxi.
¶Here after foloweth the seuen braūches of mer¦cy vpon the lyfte syde. Ca. C.xxxii.
¶The seconde braunche of mercy. .Cxxxiii.
¶The thyrde braunche of mercy. Ca. .Cxxxiiii.
¶The fourth braunche of mercy. Capi∣tulo. C.xxxv.
¶The .v. braunce of mercy. Ca. C.xxxvi.
¶ The .vi. braunche of mercy. Ca. C.xxxvii
¶The .vii. braunche of mercy. Ca. .Cxxxviii.
¶Here after is sayd how almesse ought to be done. Ca. .Cxxxix.
¶Of the lyf actyf & of the lyf contemplatyf. Ca. .Cxl.
¶The fyrst degree of the vertue of chastyte. Ca. C.xli.
¶ The .ii. degree of the vertue of chastyte. Ca. C.xlii.
The thyrde degree of ye vertue of chastyte. Ca. .Cxliii.
¶Of ye .iiii. degree of ye vertue of chastyte. Ca. .Cxliiii.
¶Of the .v. degre of the vertue of chastyte. Ca. C.xlv
The syxthe degre of the vertue of chastyte. Ca. .Cxlvi.
¶The .vii. degree of ye vertue of chastyte. Ca. C.xlvii
¶Of the fyrst estate of them yt ben entyer and chaste of body. Ca. C.xlviii.
¶The .ii. estate is of them yt ben corrupt. Ca. C.xlix.
¶The fyfthe braunche of the vertue of chastyte and of vyrgynyte Capitulo
The .vi. braunche of ye vertue of vyrgynyte. Ca. .Cli
The seuenth estate of ye vertue of chasttyte. Ca. .Cliii.
¶Of the yefte of sapyence. Ca. .Cliiii.
¶Of ye fyrst degree of sobrenes & of mesure. Ca. .Clv.
¶The .ii. degree of sobrenes & of mesure. Ca. C.lvi.
¶The thyrde degre of sobrenes and of the vertue of attemperaunce. Ca. C.lvii
¶Of ye .iiii. degree of sobrenes & of mesure. Ca. .Clviii.
¶The .v. degree of sobrenes & of mesure. Ca. C.lix
¶The fyfthe degree of the vertue of sobrenes and of attemperaunce. Ca. C.lx.
¶The seuenth degree of the vertue of sobrenes and of attemperaunce. Ca. .Clxi.
translator's afterword
¶Here endeth the boke called the ryoall. Enprynted at London in fletestrete at the sygne of ye sonne by Wyn¦kyn de worde.