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Author: Rodrâiguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.
Title: A treatise of humilitie composed by the Reuerend Father F. Alfonso Rodriguez of the Societie of Iesus. Translated into English.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A treatise of humilitie composed by the Reuerend Father F. Alfonso Rodriguez of the Societie of Iesus. Translated into English.
Rodrâiguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616., Matthew, Tobie, 1577-1655,

Printed at Rouen: [By J. Cousturier], 1631.
Alternate titles: Ejercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas. Part 2. Treatise 3. English Ejercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas. Part 2. Treatise 3.
A translation, by Sir Tobie Matthew, of part 2, treatise 3 of: Rodriguez, Alonso. Ejercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas.
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Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Humility -- Early works to 1800.

title page
THE PREFACE OF the Treatise of Humilitie.
Of the excellencie of the vertue of Humilitie, and of the neede wee haue thereof. CHAPTER I.
That Humilitie is the foundation of all vertue. CHAPTER II.
Wherein it is declared more perticularly, how humilitie is the foundation of all the ver∣tues; and this is done by discoursing of the cheife of them. CHAPTER III.
Of the particular necessitie which they haue of this vertue, whoe professe to procure the saluation of theyr neigh∣bours sowles. CHAPTER IIII.
Of the first degree of humilitie, which is for a man to thinke meanely of himselfe. CHAPTER V.
Of the knowledge of a mans selfe, which is the roote, and the necessary and onely meanes, for the obteyninge of Humilitie. CHAPTER VI.
Of a most principall meanes, for a mans know∣ing himselfe, and obteyning humilitie, which is the consideration of his Sinnes. CHAPTER VII.
How we are to exercise our selues in the knowledge of what we are, that soe we may not be deiected or dismaid. CHAPTER VIII.
Of the great benefitt and profitt, which growes by this exercise, of a mans knowing himselfe. CHAPTER IX.
That the knowledge of ones selfe, doth not cause dismay, but rather giues courage and strength. CHAPTER X.
Of other great benefits and aduantages, which grow, by the exercise of a mans know∣ledge of himselfe. CHAPTER. XI.
How much it concernes vs to be exercised, in the knowledge of our selues. CHAPTER XII.
Of the second degree of Humilitie, and heer it is declared, wherein this degree consists. CHAPTER XIII.
Of some degrees and stepps whereby a man may rise to the perfection of this second degree of Humilitie. CHAPTER XIV.
Of the fowerth stepp, which is to desire to be disesteemed, and despised, and to be glad thereof. CHAPTER XV.
That the perfection of humilitie and of all other vertues, consists in performing the acts thereof, with delight and gust; and how much this imports towards our perseuerance in vertue. CHAPTER XVI.
The perfection to which wee must pro∣cure to rise, in this second degree of Humilitie, is more declared. CHAPTER XVII.
Of some meanes for the obteyning of this second degree of Humilitie, and perticularly of the example of Christ our Lord. CHAPTER XVIII.
Of some humane considerations, and reasons, whereby we are to helpe our selues for being humble. CHAPTER XIX.
Of other humaine reasons, which will helpe vs to be humble. CHAPTER XX.
That the certaine way, for a man to be valued and esteemed, euen by men, is to giue himselfe to vertue and Humilitie. CHAPTER XXI.
That Humilitie, is the meanes to obtaine in∣ward peace of minde, and that without it, this cannot be had. CHAPTER XXII.
Of another kinde of meanes, more efficatious, for the obteyning the vertue of Humilitie which is the exercise thereof. CHAPTER XXIII.
The Doctrine formerly deliuered is confir∣med by diuers examples. CHAPTER XXIV.
Of the exercise of Humilitie, which we haue in Religious howses. CHAPTER XXV.
That wee must take heede of speaking any such words, as may redound to our owne praise. CHAPTER XXVI.
How we are to exercise our selues in prayer, in this second degree of Humilitie. CHAPTER XXVII.
In what manner we are to make a particuler examination of our consciences, concer∣ning the vertue of Humility. CHAPTER XXVIII.
How it may be compatible with Humility, to be willing to be accounted off, and esteemed by men. CHAPTER XXIX.
Of the third degree of Humilitie. CHAPTER. XXX.
It is declared, wherein the Third degree of Humilitie consists. CHAPTER XXXI.
The foresaid truth is more declared. CHAPTER XXXII.
The third degree of Humilitie is further de∣clared, and how it growes from thence, that the true humble man, esteemes himselfe to be the least and worst of all. CHAPTER XXXIII.
How good and holy men, may with truth estee∣me themselues lesse then others, yea and affirme themselues to be the greatest sinners of the world. CHAPTER XXXIV.
That this third degree of Humilitie is a good meanes, to ouercome all temptations, and to obtaine the perfection of all the vertues. CHAPTER XXXV.
That Humilitie is not contrary to Magna∣nimity; but rather that it is the foun∣dation and cause Thereof. CHAPTER XXXVI.
Of the great benefitts, and aduantages which are in this third degree of Humilitie. CHAPTER XXXVII.
Of the great mercies and fauours, which God shewes to the humble, and why he exalts them soe high. CHAPTER XXXVIII.
How much it imports vs to betake our selues to Humilitie, to supply thereby, whatsoeuer is wanting to vs in vertue, and perfe∣ction, and to the end that God may not humble vs, by pu∣nishing vs. CHAPTER XXXIX.
Wherein the discourse aforesaid is confirmed by some examples. CHAPTER XL.