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Author: Richardson, Alexander, of Queen's College, Cambridge.
Title: The logicians school-master: or, A comment vpon Ramus logicke. By Mr. Alexander Richardson sometime of Queenes Colledge in Cambridge.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The logicians school-master: or, A comment vpon Ramus logicke. By Mr. Alexander Richardson sometime of Queenes Colledge in Cambridge.
Richardson, Alexander, of Queen's College, Cambridge.

London: Printed [by Miles Flesher] for Iohn Bellamie, at the three golden Lyons in Cornhill, 1629.
Alternate titles: Logicians school-master Logicians school-master: or, A comment upon Ramus logicke. Comment upon Ramus logicke.
Printer's name from STC.
The first leaf is blank.
Reproduction of the original in Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Ramus, Petrus, -- 1515-1572.
Logic -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The Preface or Entrance into the BOOKE.
CHAP. I. Dialectica est ars bene disserendi.
CHAP. 2. Dialecticae partes duae sunt, inuentio, et dispositio.
De efficiente, procreante, et conseruante. CHAP. 3.
CAPVT 4. Secundo causa efficiens sola efficit, aut cum aliis.
CHAP. 5. Tertio causa efficiens per se efficit, aut per accidens.
CHAP. 6. De materia.
CHAP. 7. Causae primum genus est in efficiente & ma∣teria secundum sequitur.
CAPVT 8. De fine.
CAP. 9. De effectis.
CHAP. 10. De subiecto.
CAP. 11. De adiuncto.
CHAP. 12. De diuersis.
CAP. 13. De disperatis.
CAP. 14. De relatis.
CHAP. 15. De aduersis.
CAP. 16. De contradicentibus.
CAP. 17. De priuantibus.
CAP. 18. De paribus.
CAP. 19. De maioribus.
CAP. 20. De minoribus.
CAP. 21. De similibus.
CAP. 22. De Dissimilibus.
CAP. 23. De coniugatis.
CAP. 24. De Notatione.
CAP. 25. De distributione.
CAP. 26. De distributione ex causis.
CAP. 27. De distributione ex effectis, vbi de genere & specie.
CAP. 28. De distributione è subiectis.
CAP. 29. De distributione ex adiunctis.
CAP. 30. De definitione.
CAP. 31. De Descriptione.
CAP. 32. De testimonio Diuino.
CAP. 33. De testimonio humano legis & sententiae.
THE LOGICIANS SCHOOL-MASTER. The second Booke. De Iudicio.
CAP. 1. Quid Iudicium.
CAP. 2. De axiomatis affirmatione, & negatione.
CAP. 3. De vero, & falso.
CAP. 4. De axiomate simplici.
CAP. 5. De axiomate copulato.
CAP. 6. De Axiomate connexo.
CAP. 7. De axiomate discreto.
CAP. 8. De axiomate disiuncto.
CAP. 9. De Syllogismo, & eius partibus.
CAP. 10. De syllogismo simplici contracto.
CAP. 11. De prima specie syllogismi simplicis explicati.
CAP. 12. De secunda specie syllogismi simplicis explicati.
CAP. 13. De Syllogismo connexo primo.
CAP. 14. De syllogismo connexo secundo.
CAP. 15. De syllogismo disiuncto primo.
CAP. 16. De syllogismo disiuncto secundo.
CAP. 17. De methodo secundum Aristotelem.
CAP. 18. De prima methodi illustratione per ex∣empla artium.
CAP. 19. De secunda methodi illustratione per exempla Poetarū, Oratorum, Historicorum.
CAP. 20. De Crypticis methodi.