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Author: Radford, John, 1561-1630.
Title: A directorie teaching the way to the truth in a briefe and plaine discourse against the heresies of this time. Whereunto is added, a short treatise against adiaphorists, neuters, and such as say they may be saued in any sect or religion, and would make of many diuers sects one Church.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A directorie teaching the way to the truth in a briefe and plaine discourse against the heresies of this time. Whereunto is added, a short treatise against adiaphorists, neuters, and such as say they may be saued in any sect or religion, and would make of many diuers sects one Church.
Radford, John, 1561-1630.

[England]: Printed with licence [by the English secret press], 1605.
Written by John Radford, whose name appears in the heading on [cross]2r.
Identification of printer from STC.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Protestantism -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.
Church -- Marks -- Early works to 1800.

title page
ADMODVM REVERENDO IN CHRI∣STO PATRI, ERVDITIONE, pietate, & morum integritate con∣spicuo, GEORGIO BLACKVEL∣LO Archipresbitero, totius{que} cleri Anglicani Ordinarii, intra Bri∣taniae fines laborantis, & con∣stituti, moderatori, & rectori optimo, RADFORDVS in Domino salutem. ({inverted ⁂})
CHAP. I. OF THE TRVE WAT to saluation.
Chap. II Of the first certaine note of the true Church.
Chap. III Of the second certaine note of the true Church.
Chap. IIII Of the third certaine note of the true Church.
Chap. V Of the fourth certaine note of the true Church.
Chap. VI. Of some other signes, and tokens of the true catholike church &c. how without it none can be saued.
Chap. VII Of the Sacraments in ge∣nerall.
Chap. VIII What a Sacrament is, of the effectes of the Sacraments, and why they were ordained.
Chap. IX Of the holy Sacrament of Bap∣tisme, and of the necessity thereof.
Chap. X How necessarie, and fruitfull Christs passion is to all that follow him in pacience, & good workes, and how by Baptisme the vertue thereof is ap∣plied to our soules.
Chap. XI declaring what Baptisme is, & that Baptisme remiteth all sinnes, and how it truly iustifieth vs.
Chap. XII Of the impiety, & abuse of heretikes about Baptisme.
Chap. XIII of the holy Sacrament of Confirmation.
Chap XIIII of the holy Sacrament of Penance, and of the three parts therof, and of the necessitie thereof to all sin∣ners after Baptisme.
Chap. XV That Confession of our sinnes to a lawfull Preist is necessary.
Chap. XVI Of Confession more in par∣ticular, and of some sinnes against the first and second commaundement.
Chap. XVII. Of the rest of the Com∣maundements, and of some sins against them to be confessed to the Preist.
Chap. XVIII Declaring what sinne is, & how griouous in the sight of God, and howe seuerely it is, and shall be pu∣nished for euer.
Chap. XIX. Of the great ingratitude of man to God by sinne, and that there is a difference of sinnes, with an exhor∣tation to Confession, and amendment by Penance.
Chap. XX Of whom the Sacrament of Penance was ordained & that Preist haue authority giuen them by Christ to forgiue sinnes, and of the matter, forme, and effect of Penance.
Chap. XXI Of the most Blessed Sacra∣ment and Sacrifice of Christs Bodie & Blood substantially, really, & truly vp∣on the Altar.
Chap. XXII That heretickes which de∣ny Christs body in the Sacrament eua∣cuate the fruites of Christs death and Passion in mens soules, and prepare the way to Antechrist.
Chap. XXIII Wherin is declared that we ought as really, and truely to receaue his Body with our mouthes to health & saluation, as Adam did eate the for∣bidden apple to death and damnation.
Chap. XXIIII Of the excellency of the most blessed Sacrament and in what respect it is called a Sacrament, signe, or figure, and yet is the very thing it selfe which it betokeneth
Chap. XXV. Declaring how it impli∣eth not contradiction that Christ is in heauen, and in the Sacrament in many places at once, but only declareth an infinite and Almighty power of God, & that Diuine honor is due hereunto.
Chap. XXVI of the blessed Sacrament of the Altar shewing how conueniently it was ordained for our reparation, and what preparation we ought to make to the same.
Chap. XXVII. Of the Manna, the paschall Lamb, and other figures of the B. Sacrament.
Chap. XXVIII. Wherein is touched how this Sacrament is also a sacrifice daily vnbloudely offered by Priests, and propitiatory for the quicke and the dead, and that it is the only sacrifice whereby God is chiefly honoured and worshipped.
Chap. XXIX. Of the great loue and humility of Christ in this Blessed Sa∣crament, and of the deuotion of Christi∣ans of olde towards the same.
Chap. XXX. Containing a breife reca∣pitulation of things touched in the trea∣tise of this Sacrament, and declaring that lay persons be not desrauded of the bloud of Christ, nor healthfull fruite of the Sacrament in receauing vnder one kinde.
Chap. XXXI. Of holy Order, what it is, by whome it was ordeyned, and of hoe many degrees it consisteth▪ and that no man rashly without due conside∣ration ought to take vpon him the same.
Chap. XXXII. Of the higher orders, and howe necessary by Gods ordinance one head is ouer the rest.
Chap. XXXIII Of Gods seuere pu∣nishment of diuers for arrogating to them selues Priestly office, and how wee are to obay our Pastors.
Chap. XXXIIII. Of the goodly order of the Clergy, and Monarchy of the Church, and of the Anarchy, and dis∣orderly confusion of heretickes.
Chap. XXXV Wherein is more at large described the Babilonicall confusion of sinne and heresy, & how God hath bles∣sed this Country of olde, for honour and obedience to the Church & Priesthood.
Chap. XXXVI. Of Matrimony, and what it is, and when it was ordeyned: of the chiefe good, ende, and effect thereof, and how Virginity is preserred before it: also of vowed chastity annexed to Priesthood.
Chap. XXXVII. That vowes may be lawfully, and meritoriously made, and ought to be kept, and that Matrimony is a bande inseparable during life, and wherein it consisteth.
Chap. XXXVII. Of extreame Vn∣ction, that it is a Sacrament, and or∣deyned by Christ, taught by S. Iames, and practised by the Apostles and Apo∣stolike men.
Chap. XXXIX. Touching briefly by the way, the matter of Iustification, and by whome, and howe we be iustified.
Chap. XL. Of Predestimation, and that as no man is saued without Gods grace: So no man shall bee damned without his owne fault, and that wee must not curiously dispute hereof.
Chap. XLI. That man hath free will, and that Gods Commandements are possible to be kept, and that euery one must work his saluation with feare and trembling.
Chap. XLII. Of Christs descending into Hell, and of the intollerable blas∣phemy of Heretickes against Christ in this point.
Chap. XLIII. Of Purgatorie what sort of people be therein punished, and for what manner of sinnes, and defects they bee there detained, and that Prayer Sacrifice, Almes-deeds, and the like bee healthfull for the departed.
Chap. XLIIII. More at large of Purga∣tory & prayer for the dead, & how he∣retickes not onlye corrupt, but denye the playne Scriptures in avouching the contrary.
Chap. XLV. Of Pardons, and what they are, whereof they come & in what sort they be auaileable both for the liuing & the dead.
Chap. XLVI By what meanes Par∣dons may be applyed to our soules, and that we must iustly doe that which is ap∣pointed vs to be pertakers of the same
Chap. XLVII. Of Excommunication, and how dreadfull a thing it is, & how heretikes being excommunicated in the highest degree their excommunication of others is ridiculous & contemptible.
Chap. XLVIII Of some abuses about Pardons, and of the late reformation of the same, and of the couetous humors of English Ministers.
Chap. XLIX. Exhorting all to doe their Penance meekely here, and not to trust to much to the helpe, & praiers of their friendes left behinde.
Chap. L. Of Pilgrimage proued by ex∣amples of Christ, and his seruantes.
Chap. LI Of the reliques of Saints re∣uerently to be vsed and kept, and of miracles wrought by meanes of them.
Chap. LII. Of honour and inuocation of Saints, and how Saints pray for vs, and may heare & releeue vs by their prai∣ers: as also that our praiers to Saints and their intercession for vs is no iniu∣ry, but glory to Christ our Mediator.
Chap. LIII. Declaring how God for his holy seruants sakes heareth our prai¦ers, and how the holy Fathers of olde praied to Saints.
Chap. LIIII. Touching by the way the B. Virgin our Lady, and the iniuries done vnto her.
Chap. LV Of Images, and of the Crosse of Christ, and of the reuerende and lau∣dable vses of the same.
Chap. LVI. Of Seruice in the Latin tongue: and how meete and conuenient it is that the Scriptures be reserued, & seruice said in the auncient, and sacred tongues.
Chap. LVII. Wherein the Apostles wordes touching praying, and preach∣ing in vnknowne tongues are expoun∣ded, and of the goodlye order of the Churches seruice, praying, singing, and praising God night and day in her can∣nonicall houres, feastes, and times of the yeare.
Chap. LVIII. Of the Beades, and of the fifteene misteries of the Rosary, or our Ladies Psalter: and of the great good, and spirituall fruit by deuout say∣ing the same.
Chap. LIX. Of the Aue Maria how it is a most deuout prayer, gratefull to God, ioyfull to Angelles, terrible to the Diuell, and most healthfull and com∣fortable to all mankind.
Chap. LX. Of diuers holy ornamentes and thinges belongîng to the Church, as of lightes in Churches, of insence, Dedication of Churches, and such like godly ceremonies.
Chap. LXI. Of religious persons▪ of their sanctity, learning▪ and perfection of life: and of the vowes of pouerty, chastity, and obedience which make a religious man: and of the heauy iudg∣ment of God to vowe-breakers, and how our Lady vowed virginity.
Chap. LXII. Of holy water, and how creatures being blessed by the word of God, miracles sometimes by the same be wrought to the expelling of Diuelles, and confirmation of Christian religion.
Chap. LXIII. Of holy Bread giuen the people in remembrance of that most blessed Sacrament, and in some sort taught vs by Christ in those loanes blessed, and multiplyed by him in the desert.
Chap. LXIIII. Of receauing vnder one kinde, and how the same fruite is reaped by one kinde as by both: & that peace, vnity, and charity is the end of this blessed Sacrament.
Chap. LXV. Of fasting, and the fruits thereof, and how it hath bene vsed, and commended by Christ and his Saints, and how it is commanded vnder paine of sinne by the Church, and to what per∣sons: & how such as disobey the Church in this precept of fasting or any other, disobey Christ.
Chap. LXVI. Of traditions, whereof they came, and what they be, & of what authority: and that by tradition and and authority of the Church wee know the Scriptures to be the word of God, which be euer most reuerently preser∣ued by Catholickes, but euill vnder∣stood, corrupted, yea some quite razd out by Heretickes.
Chap. LXVII. Of God that he is one in substance and three in persons: and of the horrible blasphemy of heretickes & Athistes against his diuine Maiestie.
Chap. LXVIII. Of hell and of the iust punishments therein for sinne without release for euermore.
Chap. LXIX. Of heauen which world∣linges contemne & how we may obtaine it, and of the glorious and most happy estate of the body with the soule for euer after the generall resurrection.
Chap. LXX. Of the Pope, that he is the Vicar of Christ, and lawfull successor of Saint Peeter.
Chap. LXXI. What most admirable, vertuous holy, zealous, and most wor∣thy and charitable men many Popes haue beene of olde and of late yeares al∣so, euen to this present day.
Chap. LXXII. Wherefore he weareth his Crowne is borne of mens shouldrrs & suffereth deuout persons to kisse his foote.
Chap. LXXIII. Why heretickes haue euer slaundered the Pope, and how GOD turneth their malice to the be∣nefitte of his elect, and how heretickes be forerunners of Antichrist, and of Christs victory ouer his enemies in his Church.
Chap. LXXIIII. Of the assistantes of the Pope as first of his Cardinals, and why they be so called, also of religious men Priests and Godly men of this time that dyed Martirs and of the dying ob∣stinately of heretickes.
Chap. LXXV. Of Antechrist fore∣runnners, of his falselymg signes & de∣ceits, of his intollerable Luciseriā pride, subtilty, and short raigne, though most violent persecution of his life, birth, death, and ministers.
Chap. LXXVI. How the Diuell and Antechrist be compared to that mon∣strous serpentine tayled Dragon draw∣ing numbers with them into euerlasting perdition, and that one certaine man Antechrist is yet to come though hee hath many fore-runners.
Chap. LXXVII. In a sewe words touch∣ing the chiefe matters that haue bene spoken in this treatise, and how the vn∣learned especially in matters of religion ought to leaue disputes and simply to beleeue the truth founding themselues in Christ and in the Catholike Church.
Chap. LXXVIII. Against schisme & that it is altogether vnlawfull and for∣bidden, vnder paine of damnation to goe to the churches of hereticks or schisma∣ticks to their prayers sermons Sacra∣mentes spirituall exercises, or in any sort directly or indirectly to communi∣cate, participate, yeeld, consent or as∣sent to the sme, also a precaution is gi∣uen to beware of dissembling Catholikes which indeede are schismaticks.
Chap. LXXIX. Admonishing to a∣mendment of life, seeing the time is short, and the houre of death vncer∣taine, when as ignorance shall excuse no man.
The 80. and last chap. How though euery one ought to be prepared to suffer, yet none ought rashly to cast thēselues into tentation but if we bee called thereunto then we ought to be most glad to suffer, as being Gods cause we suffer for.
A SHORT TREA∣TISE AGAINST ADIA∣PHORISTS, NEVTERS, SVCH AS SAY THEY MAY be saued in any sect, or re∣ligion, & would make of many diuers sects one Church.