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Author: Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.
Title: Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning vsurie. Set forth by definitions; framed according to the rules of a naturall method.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning vsurie. Set forth by definitions; framed according to the rules of a naturall method.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.

At Oxford: Printed by Ioseph Barnes, and are to bee solde in Fleete-Streete [, London] at the signe of the Turkes head by Iohn Barnes, An. Do. 1602.
Alternate titles: Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning usurie Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning usurie.
Dedication signed: Gabriel Powel.
A different work from his "Theologicall positions concerning the lawfulnesse of borrowing upon usurie".
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Interest -- Early works to 1800.
Usury -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE RIGHT VVORSHIP∣full, & most religious Gentlemen, RALPH HOCKENHVLL, & HVGH HVRLESTON, Esquires, all Grace & Peace externall, in∣ternall, eternall.
The Contents of this Treatise.
CHAP. 1. Of the kindes and Differences of Vsurie.
Thus much of Profitable Vsurie. If followeth to speake of that which is Vnprofitable.
So of Actual vsurie. Now of Mentall.
CHAP. 2. Of the Definition of Vsurie
CHAP. 3. The difference betweene Vsurie & Interest.
CHAP. 4: VVhether it be lawfull to lend for Vsurie.
So much for Testimonies; It followeth to prooue that it is not lawfull to lend vpon vsurie by Reason.
CHAP. 5. That Vsurie is vnlawfull and damnable.
Arg. 1. A Definitione Rei.
Arg. 2. Ab Etimologia seu Appel∣latione vsurae.
Arg. 3. A Coniugatis.
Arg. 4. A toto & partibus.
Arg. 5. A Divisione.
Arg 6. A Causis.
Arg 7. Ab Effectis.
Arg. 8. Ab absurdis.
Arg 9. A Necessario.
Arg: 10: Ab Impossibili:
Arg: 11: A minori ad maius:
Arg. 12. A Contrario.
Arg. 13. Ab Oppositis.
Arg. 14. A Natura Relativorum.
Arg. 15. Ab Exemplo.
Arg. 16. ab Authoritate sacrae scripturae.
CHAP. 6. How great a sinne vsury is.
CHAP. 7. Obiections for vsury answered.
CHAP. 8. VVhether it be is a mans owne free choice, to lend, or noe.
CHAP. 9. VVhether it bee lawfull to borrow vpon vsurie.
So much of Rich Borrowers vpon vsurie: Now of the Poore.
CHAP. 10. VVhat Vsurers should doe with their Gaine.
Faults escaped in the Printing