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Author: Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.
Title: The resolued Christian, exhorting to resolution. Written, to recall the worldling, to comfort the faint-harted, to strengthen the faithfull, and to perswade all men, so to runne, that they may obtaine. By Gabriel Powel.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: The resolued Christian, exhorting to resolution. Written, to recall the worldling, to comfort the faint-harted, to strengthen the faithfull, and to perswade all men, so to runne, that they may obtaine. By Gabriel Powel.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.

London: Printed by V[alentine] S[immes] for Thomas Bushel, and are to be sold at the great north doore of Paules, 1600.
Alternate titles: Resolved Christian, exhorting to resolution Resolved Christian, exhorting to resolution.
Printer's name from STC.
The last leaf is blank.
Reproduction of the original in the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1800.
Death -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the right honorable Sir Tho. Egerton knight, L. Keeper of the great Seale of England, one of her Maiesties most honorable priuie Councell.
To the Reader.
The Arguments of euery Chapter and Section, of both the Bookes.
book 1
The Arguments of the Chapters and Sections of the second Booke.
THE FIRST Booke of the Resol∣ved Christian.
Chap. I. Of the miserie of Man.
Of the miseries and calamities of this life. Sect. I
Of the miserable Nature and Con∣dition of Man. Sect. II
Of the miseries incident to the seuerall ages of Man. Sect. III.
Of the miseries of all Estates. Sect. IIII.
Of mans three cruell Enemies which further and encrease his miserie. Sect. V
Why God would haue our life to be so mise∣rable as it is. Sect. VI
Chap. II. Of Death.
What Death is: and of the necessitie thereof. Sect. I
Of the vncertaintie of the houre of Death. Sect. II.
That death is to be desired of the godlie. Sect. III
Chap. III. The Causes why man doth feare Death.
Chap. IIII Of the first Cause that maketh Death fearefull to a worldly man, which is the losse of honors, wealth, pleasure, &c. And the remedies against the same.
How farre we ought to be addicted vnto the worlde. Sect. I
A remedie against the temptation of worldly honors and preferments. Sect. II
A remedie against the temptation of worldly riches and wealth. Sect III
Another Remedie against the same Temptation. Sect. IIII.
Testimonies out of the word of God, against the vanities of worldly wealth. Sect. V
A remedie against the temptation of worldlie pleasures. Sect. VI
A remedie against the temptation of vnwillingnesse to forsake wife, children and friends. Sect. VII
That though a man die in debt, yet he should not feare death. Sect. VIII
Testimonies of holy Scripture, tou∣ching the care that God hath ouer widowes and fatherlesse children. Sect. IX
Chap. V. Of the second cause that maketh death fearefull to a worldly man, which is the paines and sicknesses which come before or accompany Death. And the reme∣dies against the same.
Vnmortified men, no fit inhabitants for the heauenlie Hierusalem. Sect. I.
That sicknesse and tribulation is a token of Gods loue. Sect. II
That God hath appointed his holie Angells to guard and preserue vs in our sicknesses and troubles. Sect. III
Comforts taken from the consequents following Death. Sect. IIII.
Testimonies out of the holy Scrip∣tures, that God is alwaies ready to helpe and assist them, that seeke vnto him, in the time of afflicti∣on and miserie. Sect. V
Chap. VI Of Patience.
An exhortation to Christian Patience after the example of Iesus Christ our Sauiour. And how the wicked behaue themselues in their afflictions. Sect. I
How the godly behaue themselues in their sick∣nesses and other calamities what∣soeuer. Sect. II
That extremitie of paines should not cause vs to be impatient. Sect. III
That no man may asswage his griefe by laying violent handes on himselfe. Sect. IIII.
That our impatiencie doth prouoke God the more to punish vs. Sect. V.
Testimonies out of the holy Scriptures exhorting vnto Patience. Sect. VI
Chap. VII. Of the third cause that maketh a worldly man to feare Death, which is the want of Faith and Hope. And the remedie against the same.
That Faith is grounded vpon the faithfull promise of Almightie God and of the excellent effects of the same. Sect. I
Remedies against the weakenesse of Faith. Sect. II
That though a man presentlie feeleth not the peace of conscience, nor hath a liuely apprehension, that he is the child of God, yet he may haue true Faith. Sect. III
That God doth oftentimes suffer his children to be in a manner desperate, and yet raiseth them vp againe. And how we may know if we haue any Faith. Sect. IIII.
That the least measure of Faith, that is, or can be, is effectuall to saluation. Sect. V.
Testimonies out of the word of God, concerning life euerlasting, vnto the which the faithfull doe come by death. Sect. VI
Chap. VIII Of the 4. cause that maketh Death feare∣full to a worldly man; which is his guil∣tie conscience, and feare of Gods iudge∣ments and punishments: And the re∣medies against the same.
That God is readie to forgiue our sinnes; and to receiue a repentant Sinner into grace and fauour. Sect. I
That the faithfull ought not to feare damnation, for somuch as they be the children of God. Sect. II
That the members of Christ ought not to feare death and damnation, because Christ their head, hath vanquished and ouercome them alreadie. Sect. III
That the Forgiuenesse of sinnes is not a com∣mon benefite, as the secure and care∣lesse Christian ima∣gineth. Sect. IIII
What we must doe for the obtaining of the remission of our sinnes. Sect. V
Testimonies out of the word of God, concerning the forgiuenesse of sinnes, promised to all such as cleauing fast to the merites of Christ onely, are truly penitent. Sect. VI
THE SECOND Booke, of the Resolued Christian.
Chap. I A Remedie for vnpenitent and obsti∣nate Malefactors, that by the Magi∣strate are adiudged to die.
That there is a God. Sect. I
That the soule of man is immortall. Sect. II.
The wrath of God against the Transgressors of his commaundements. Sect. III.
Transgressors of euerie one of the ten Commaun∣dements, and their punish∣ments. Sect. IIII
God his punishments vpon sinners at the day of iudgement: with an exhortation to Repentance. Sect. V
Cap. II Comforts for the broken-harted and penitent Malefactors, that by the Magistrate are adiudged to die.
That Iudgement commeth from God. Sect. I
Particular directions for the distressed partie. Sect. II.
How the place of Peter is to bee vnderstood, where he saith, Let none of you suffer as a Murderer, or as a Theefe, &c. And that God some∣times doth call men by this means. Sect. III.
That the multitude of our sinnes should not make vs faint-hearted. Sect. IIII.
That late Repentance is good if it bee true Repen∣tance: and how a man may iudge whether his repentance be vnfained or not Sect. V.
Chap. III. Comforts for such condemned per∣sons, who feare & dread the rigor of the punishment they are enioyned to suffer.
What a man must doe to be eased of the painefull apprehension of death. Sect. I.
How God ordinarily behaueth himselfe towards the Elect in this life. Sect. II.
That the continuance of torments should not make vs afraid, or vnwilling to die. Sect. III.
That God oftentimes dealeth more mercifully with vs, then we do perceiue he doth. Sect. IIII.
Chap. IIII Comforts for persons wrongfully con∣demned to Death.
That because we haue deserued Death by our mani∣fold sinnes, we ought to die willingly, though otherwise we be innocently condemned. Sect. I
That we must not reuenge our wrongs. Sect. II.
Comforts taken from the examples of them that haue beene innocentlie adiudged to die. Sect. III.
Comforts taken from the example of our Sauiour Christs innocent suffering: With a briefe de∣claration of the same. Sect. IIII.
Chap. V Comforts for such as suffer Persecuti∣on or Death for the testimonie of a good conscience in matters of Reli∣gion or Iustice.
Whereof it commeth that the wicked doe per∣secute the godly. Sect. I
That we must patiently suffer persecution and af∣fliction for Religion or Iustice sake, and why? Sect. II.
That it is a blessed thing to suffer persecution for Religion or Iustice sake. Sect. III.
Of the benefits that the Crosse or affliction brin∣geth vnto vs. Sect. IIII.
That our afflictions are foreseene and appointed by God; and therefore to be taken in good part. Sect. V
That we ought not be dismaied at persecution, forsomuch as our cause is good. Sect. VI.
That their estate is verie dangerous that neuer suffer affliction. Sect. VII.
That whosoeuer will be ashamed of Christ, Christ will be ashamed of him. Sect. VIII.
That worldlie pleasure, wealth, &c. should not with∣draw vs from the confession of the truth. Sect. IX.
Conscience in religion must not be dissembled. Sect. X.
Against the offence taken from the yeelding of time∣seruers, though they be better learned and wiser then we bee. Sect. XI.
That though the vvorld condemne vs for fooles and too nice, yet vve must not take the start of profession. Sect. XII.
That imprisonment for the testimonie of a good conscience, is not thraldome or bon∣dage, but rather libertie and freedome. Sect. XIII.
That increase of torments should not feare vs, but rather comfort vs the more. Sect. XIIII.
That God loueth vs neuer the lesse though he suffer vs to taste of his cup; but rather that he doth the more loue vs. Sect. XV.
That burning aliue is not so extreame a torment as commonly it is thought to be. Sect. XVI.
That the patience of the Saintes in not Stoicall Indoencie. Sect. XVII.
That wee must not be dismaide though friendes for∣sake vs: And how wee must not yeeld to their vngodly suggestions. Sect. XVIII.
That the pretence of nourishing wife and children, (though they haue no other meanes to liue) is no cause why we should denie or dissemble the knowne truth. Sect. XIX.
That the Lorde will not faile his children in these daies, no more then he did in times past, in the olde Testament, and in the time of the primitiue Church. Sect. XX.
That we should not be afraid at the faces, behauior, and maiestie of mortall men. Sect. XXI
Comforts against the dulnesse of spirit, and vnfit∣nesse to suffer. Sect. XXII.
What a great dignitie Martyrdome is: and how we should not thinke our selues vnworthie to suffer for Christs sake. Sect. XXIII.
What the enemies of the truth procure vnto them∣selues, by persecuting and murdering of Gods children. Sect. XXIIII.