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Author: Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?
Title: Delightes for ladies to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and distillatories with beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: Delightes for ladies to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and distillatories with beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters.
Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?

At London: Printed by Peter Short, 1602.
"Reade, practise, and censure."
Signatures: A-H12.
Test within ornamental border.
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Recipes -- Early works to 1800.
Cosmetics -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To all true louers of Arte and knowledge.
The Arte of preser∣uing, conseruing, candying, &c.
1. How to preserue Eringo roots, Aenula Campana, and so of others in the same manner
2. How to make muske sugar of common sugar.
3. How to drie Roseleaues in a most ex∣cellent maner.
4. A most excellent sirup of Violets, both in taste and tincture.
5. A singular manner of making the si∣rup of Roses.
6. Another way for the drying of Rose∣leaues.
7. How to preserue whole Roses, Gillo∣flowers, Marigolds, &c.
8. The most kindly waye to preserue plums, cherries, goosberies, &c.
9, How to candie Resemarie flowers. Rose leaues, Roses, Marigolds, &c. with preseruation of colour.
10. A most delicate and stiffe sugar paste whereof to cast Rabbets, Pigeons, or any other little birde or beast, either from the life or carued molds.
11 To sandie Marigolds, Roses, Borage, or Rosemary flowers.
12. To make an excellent Marchpane paste, to print off in molds for banque∣ting dishes.
13. The making of sugar-plae, and ca∣sting thereof in carued moldes.
14. A way to make sugar-plate both of colour and taste of any flower.
15. To make paste of Nouie.
16. To make Iumbolds.
17. To make a paste to keepe you moist, if you list not to drinke oft, whi h La∣dies vse t carrie with them whē they ride abroad.
18. To make a Marchpane.
19. To make bisket bread, otherwise called french bisket.
20. To make prince bisket.
21. To make another kinde of bisket, called biskettello.
22. To make Giagerbread.
23. To make drie Gingerbread.
24. To make pusse paste.
25. To make paste short without butter.
26. To make crystall gelly.
27. To make Leach of Almonds.
28. To make Quidini of Quinces.
29. To make gelly of strawberies, Mul∣beries, Raspisberies, or any such tender fruite.
30. To make paste of Genua of Quinces.
31. To make marmelade of Quinces or Damsons.
32. To make sucket of Lettuce stalkes.
33. To candie nutmegs or ginger, with an hard rocke candie.
34. To preserue Orenges after the Por∣tugall fashion.
35. To candie Orenge pilies.
36. To preserue Cowcumbers all the yeere.
37. To preserue broome capers all the yeare.
38. To colour sugar plate with seuerall colours.
39. To make crosses for the sea.
40. To make paste of Violets, Roses, Marigolds, Cowslips, or liquerice.
41. To make Marmelade of Lemmons or Orenges.
42. How to candie Nutmegs, Ginger, Mace, & flowers, in halfe a day with hard or roch candie.
34. Casting of sugar in partie moldes of wood.
44. To mold of a Lemmon, orenge, peare, Nut. &c. and after to cast it hollowe within, of sugar.
45. How to keepe the drie pulpe of Che∣ries, Prunes, Damsons &c. all the yeare.
46. How to dry all manner of plums or Cheries in the sunne.
47. How to keepe apples, peares, quinces, wardens. &c. all the yeare, drie.
48. To make greene Ginger vpon sirup.
49 To make sucket of greene Walnuts.
50. To make conserue of prunes or Damsons.
51. To make conserue of strawberies.
52. Conserue of prunes or Damsons made another way.
53. How to candie Ginger, Nutmegs, or any Roote or flowers.
5. The arte of comfetmaking, teaching how to couer all kinds of seedes, fruits o spices with sugar.
55. To make a cullis as white as snowe, and in the nature of gellie.
56. To make Wafers.
57. To make Almond butter.
58, A white gelly of Almonds.
59. To make Leach.
60. Sweete Cakes without eyther spice or suga.
61. Roses and Gilloflowres kept long.
62. Grapes growing all the yeare.
63. How to drie Rose leaues, or any other single flwer without wrinkling.
64. Clusters of Grapes kept till Easter.
65. How to keepe Walnuts a long time plumpe and fresh.
66. An excellent conceit vpon the ker∣nels of drie Walnuts.
67. How to keepe Quinces in a most ex∣cellent maner.
68 Keeping of Pomegraenats.
69. Preseruing of Artichocks.
70. Fruit preserued in pitch.
71. To make Cloue or Cinamon sugar.
72. Hasell Nuts kept long.
73. Chesnuts kept all the yeare.
Secrets in Distillation.
1. How to make true spirit of wine.
2. How to make the ordinarie spirit of wine that is solde for 5. shillings, & a noble, a pinte.
3. Spirits of Spices.
4. Spirit of wine tasting of what vege∣table you please.
5. How to make the water which is vsu∣ally called Balmewater.
6. Rosa-solis.
7. Aqua Rubea.
8. Steeuens Aqua composita.
9. Vsquebath, or Irish aqua vitae.
10. Cinamon-water.
11. How to distill Isop, thime, lauender, Rosemary, &c. after a new and excel∣lent manner.
12 How to make the salt of hearbs.
13. Spirit of hony.
14. To distil Rosewater at Michaelmas and to haue a god yeeld as at any o∣ther time of the yeare.
15. A speedy distillation of Rosewater.
16. How to distill wine vinegar or good Aligar, that it may bee both clear & sharpe.
17. How to draw the true spirit of reses, and so of all other hearbs and flowers.
18. An excellent Rosewater.
19. An excellent wvy to make the ex∣tract of all Vegetables.
20. To make a water smelling of the Eg∣lantine, Gilloflowers, &c.
21. A Scottish hand water.
22. How to draw the bloud of hearbes.
23. Rosewater, and yet the Roseleaues not discoloured.
24. How to recouer Rosewater, or any other distilled water that hath got∣ten a mother, and is in daunger to be musty.
25. To drawe both good Rosewater, and oyle of Roses together.
COOKERIE AND Huswiferie.
1. To souse a yong Pig.
2. Aliter.
3 To boyle a flounder or Pickerel, of the French fashion.
4. To boile Sparrowes or Larks.
5. To boyle a Capon in white broth.
6. To boyle a Mallard, Teale, or Wigin.
7. To boyle a legge of Mutton after the French fashion.
8. To boyle Pigs petitoes on the French fashion.
9 To boyle Pigeons with rice.
10. To boyle a chine of veale, or a chicken in sharpe broth with hearbes.
11. To make Beaumanger.
12. To make a Polonian sawsedge.
13. To make tender and delicate Brawne.
14. Paste made of fish.
15. How to barrell vp Oysters, so as they shall last for sixe moneths sweete and good, and in their naturall taste.
16. How to keepe fresh Salmon a whole moneth in his perfect taste and deli∣cacie.
17. Fish kept long, and yet to eate shorte and delicately.
18. How to keepe roasted Beefe a long time sweete and wholesome.
19. How to keepe powdered beefe fiue or six weekes after it is sodden, with∣out any charge.
20. A conceipt of the Authors, how beefe may be carried at the sea, with out that strong and violent impression of salt which is vsually purchased by long and extreme powdring.
21. How to make sundry sorts of most daitie butter, hauing a liuely taste of Sage, Cinamon, Nutmegs, Mace, &c.
22. How to make a larger and daintier Cheese of the same proportion of milk then is commonly vsed or knowne by any of our best dairiewomen at this day.
23. Clouted creame.
24. Flesh kept sweet insummes.
25. Mustard meale.
26. How to auold smoke, in broyling of Bacon, Carbonao, &c.
27. The true bottling of beere.
28. How to helpe your bottles when they are mustie.
19. How to breake whites of Egs speedily.
30. How to keepe flies from oyle peeces.
31. To keepe Lobsters, Crafishes, &c. sweet and good for some fewe dayes.
32. Diuers excellent kinds of bottle Ale.
33. How to make wormewood wine verie speedily and in great quantity.
34. Rosewaer and Roseuinegar of the co∣lour of the Rose, and of the Cowslep, and violet vinegar.
35. To keepe the iuice of Oranges and Lemmons al the yeare for sauce, Iu∣leps and other purposes.
36. Howe to purifie and giue an ex∣cellent smell and taste vnto sallet oyle.
37. How to clarifie without any distil∣laion both white and & claret wine vinegar for gellies or sauces.
38. To make a most delicate white salte for the table.
39. A delicate Candle for a Ladies Table.
40. How to hang your candles in the aire without candlesticke.
41. Rose Vinegar made in a new manner.
SWEETE Pow∣ders, oyntments, beauties, &c.
2. An excellent hand water or washing water very cheape.
3. A ball to take out staines from linnen.
4. A swéete and delicate Pomander.
5. To take staines out of ones hands presently.
6. To take away spots and freckles frō the face or hands.
7. A white fucus or beauty for the face.
8. A delicate washing ball.
9. Damaske powder.
10. To keepe the teeth both white and sound.
11. To delay heat, and cleare the face.
12. Skinne kept white and cleare.
13. An excellent Pomatum to clear the skinne.
14. Another minerall ficussor the face.
15. To take away chilblanes out of the hands or feete.
16. To helpe a fae that is red or pimpled.
17. Aliter.
18. Aliter.
19. Aliter & optime.
20. How to take away any pimple from the face.
21. To helpe any Morphew, sunbur∣ning, itch, or red face.
22. For the Morphew.
23. To take away the freckles in the face.
24. To cure any extreame bruise vpon a sire fall, on the face, or any other mē∣ber of the body.
25. How to keepe the teeth cleane.
26. Sweet and delicate dentifrices or Rubbers for the teeth.
27. A delicate stoue to sweat in.
28. Diuers sorts of sweet or hand waters made sodainly or extempore, with the extracted oyles of spices.
29. An excellent sweet water for a ca∣sting bottle.
30. To colour a blacke haire presently into a Chesnut colour.
31. A present and delicate perfume.
32. To renew the sent of a Pomander.
33. How to gather and clarifie May-dewe.
34. Diuers excellent sentes for gloues, with their proportions and other cir∣cumstances, with the manner of perfu∣ming.
35. Sweet bags to lie among linnen.
36. To make haire of a faire yellowe or golden colour.
37. How to colour the head or beard in∣to a Chesnut colour in halfe an houre.