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Author: Perrin, J. P. Jean Paul.
Title: Luthers fore-runners: or, A cloud of witnesses, deposing for the Protestant faith. Gathered together in the historie of the Waldenses: who for diuers hundred yeares before Luther successiuely opposed popery, professed the truth of the Gospell, and sealed it with their bloud ... Diuided into three parts. The first concernes their originall beginning ... The second containes the historie of the Waldenses called Albingenses. The third concerneth the doctrine and discipline which hath bene common amongst them, and the confutation of the doctrine of their aduersaries. All which hath bene faithfully collected out of the authors named in the page following the preface, by I.P.P. L. Translated out of French by Samson Lennard.
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Print source: Luthers fore-runners: or, A cloud of witnesses, deposing for the Protestant faith. Gathered together in the historie of the Waldenses: who for diuers hundred yeares before Luther successiuely opposed popery, professed the truth of the Gospell, and sealed it with their bloud ... Diuided into three parts. The first concernes their originall beginning ... The second containes the historie of the Waldenses called Albingenses. The third concerneth the doctrine and discipline which hath bene common amongst them, and the confutation of the doctrine of their aduersaries. All which hath bene faithfully collected out of the authors named in the page following the preface, by I.P.P. L. Translated out of French by Samson Lennard.
Perrin, J. P. Jean Paul., Lennard, Samson, d. 1633,

London: Printed [by Richard Field, John Beale, Eliot's Court Press, and Thomas Snodham] for Nathanael Newbery, and are to be sold at the signe of the Starre vnder Saint Peters Church in Cornhill, and in Popes-head Alley, 1624.
Alternate titles: Histoire des Vaudois. English Histoire des Vaudois.
A translation of: Perrin, Jean Paul. Histoire des Vaudois.
A reissue, with cancel title page, of "The bloudy rage of the great Antechrist [sic] of Rome", (STC 19768.5). Variant 1: retaining original title page.
"The 4 sets of signatures were pr[inted]. by R. Field, J. Beale, Eliot's Court Press, and T. Snodham respectively"--STC.
Title page printed in red and black. Variant 2: title page in same setting but printed in black only.
The first leaf is blank.
Each part has separate pagination.
Includes bibliography.
Reproduction of the original in the Union Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.). Library.
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.
Waldenses -- Early works to 1800.
Albigenses -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE RIGHT HO∣NORABLE WILLIAM EARLE OF PEMBROOKE, BARON HERBERT of Cardiff, Lord Parre and Rosse of Can∣dale, Lord Fitz Hugh, Marmion and Saint Quintin, Lord Chamberlaine of his Maie∣sties House, Lord Guardien of the Stannery, and Gouernour of the Towne and Castle of Portesmouth, Knight of the most noble order of the Garter, and one of his Maie∣sties most honorable priuie Counsell.
TO THE MOST HIGH AND PVISSANT LORD, FRANCIS DE BONNE, Duke, Peere, and Mareschal (now Constable) of France, Lieutenant Generall for his Ma∣iestie in Dauphiney, Lord of Les∣diguieres, &c.
The names of those Authors cited in this historie that haue bene aduersaries to the Waldenses.
The names of those Authors cited in this historie that haue made profession of Reformation.
The first Booke.
CHAP. I. That God in all times hath raised vp labourers for the gathe∣ring together of his Saints. At what time Valdo began to teach, and with what fruite: what he was, and all they that from his name are called Waldenses.
CHAP. II. That the dispersion of Valdo and his followers, was the meanes that God vsed to spread the doctrine of Valdo al∣most throughout all Europe.
CHAP. III. By what names the Waldenses haue bene called by their ad∣uersaries: and with what faults and offences they haue bene charged.
CHAP. IIII. How the Waldenses are iustified and cleared from the ca∣lumnies contained in the former Chapter, by those wri∣tings which they haue left.
This Apologie the author Iean Paul Perrin set downe in two columnes, the one French, the other in the language of the Waldenses, which for breuity sake we set downe onely in English, referring those vnto the French booke that desire to see the originall.
CHAP. V. Testimonies of pietie, probitie and erudition giuen to the Waldenses, by diuerse of their aduersaries themselues.
CHAP. VI. Testimonies giuen of the Waldenses by many great persona∣ges that haue made profession of the reformed religion.
CHAP. VII. That Peter Waldo and the Waldenses haue left bookes which make proofe of their beliefe, and what they are.
CHAP. VIII. That the aduersaries of the Waldenses haue acknowledged that the doctrine of the Waldenses is conformable to that of those that at this present make profession of refor∣mation.
CHAP. IX. The names of those Pastours of the Waldenses who haue in∣structed them for foure hundred yeares last past, and haue come to our knowledge.
CHAP. X. What manner of men the Barbes or Pastors of the Waldenses were: what their vocation, with what zeale and fidelitie they haue exercised their charge.
CHAP. XI. An Epistle of the Pastor Barthelmew Tertian, written to the Waldensian Churches of Pragela. Iesus be with you. To all our faithfull and welbeloued brethren in Christ Ie∣sus. Health and saluation be with you all. Amen.
CHAP. XII. The Confession of the faith of the Waldenses.
CHAP. XIII. Another Confession of the faith of the Waldenses.
CHAP. XIIII. The Symbole of Athanasius in the Waldensian language.
PART OF THE CATALOGVE OF the Waldenses bookes, being accidentally omitted in page 44. after the 30. line, are here inser∣ted as followeth.
THE SECOND BOOKE OF THE HISTORY OF THE WALDENSES: Containing that which is come to our know∣ledge, of the grieuous persecutions which they haue endured for their Faith, for the space of more then foure hundred and fifty yeeres.
CHAP. I. By whom the Waldenses haue been persecuted, for what, by what meanes, and in what times.
CHAP. II. Of the Inquisition: by whom it was first put in practise: by what subtilties and cruelties the VValdenses haue been vexed by it.
CHAP. III. Of the Waldensian Churches in Dauphine, and the per∣secutions which they haue suffered, which are come to our knowledge.
CHAP. IIII. Of the Waldensian Churches in Piedmont, and those persecutions they endured, that are come to our know∣ledge.
CHAP. V. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in the Valleys of Meane and Maites, and the Marquisate of Saluces, and the last persecutions that they suffered.
CHAP. VI. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in the New Lands, and the persecutions which they haue suffered.
CHAP. VII. Of the Waldenses dwelling in Calabria, and the persecu∣tions which they haue suffered.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in Prouence, and the per∣secutions which they haue suffered.
CHAP. IX. Of the Waldenses that did flie into Bohemia, and those persecutions which they suffred, that haue come to our knowledge.
CHAP. X. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in Austria, and the perse∣cutions which they suffered.
CHAP. XI. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in Germany, and the persecutions that there they suffered, whereof we haue the proofes.
CHAP. XII. Of the VValdenses that haue been persecuted in Eng∣land.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Waldenses that did flie into Flanders, and were there persecuted.
CHAP. XIV. Of the VValdenses that were persecuted in Poland.
CHAP. XV. That many Waldenses haue been persecuted at Paris.
CHAP. XVI. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in Italy, and the persecutions which we can proue, they haue there suffered.
CHAP. XVII. That some of the Waldenses did flie into Dalmatia, Croa∣tia, Sclauonia, Constantinople, Grecia, Philadelphia, Digonicia, Liuonia, Sarmatia, Bulgaria, and were there persecuted.
CHAP. XVIII. Of the Waldenses inhabiting in Spaine, and that they were there persecuted.
CHAP. XIX. The Conclusion of the History of the Waldenses.
part 2
CHAP. I. Who the Albingenses were, what their beleefe, who were comprehended vnder the name of Albingenses, at what time and by whom they haue beene instructed, in what esteeme their Pastors haue beene, by whom and in what Councell condemned, how they haue increased, what Cities and great Lords haue taken their part: For what doctrine the Papists haue hated them and persecuted them to the death.
CHAP. II. Pope Innocent the third of that name, made shew of a de∣sire to winne the Albingenses to the Church of Rome, by preaching and conference. A famous disputation at Montreal. To what end the Pope permitted disputa∣tion in matter of Religion.
CHAP. III. The end of the disputation touching Religion, it was not long continued by the Pope and his Legats. The presence of the Pope to publish the expedition against the Albin∣genses. The Earle Remond humbleth himselfe before the Popes Legat, he is whipped by the Legat, and depri∣ued of his Earledome of Venessin by the Pope, hee is made chiefe Leader of the Armie of those that fought vnder the badge of the Crosse, at the siege of Beziers.
CHAP. IIII. The perplexitie the Earle Remond was in, after his recon∣ciliation: The siege of Beziers: The intercession of the Earle of Beziers for his Citie: The intercession of the Bishop auaileth nothing: The taking of Beziers, what, and with what crueltie.
CHAP. V. The Siege of Carcassonne, the taking of the towne or Borough of Carcassonne: An assault and generall Escalado giuen to the citie: A great number of the soldiers of the Crosse slaine: The Intercession of the King of Aragon for the Earle of Beziers, to no pur∣pose: A stratagem for the taking of the Earle of Be∣ziers: The flight of the people of Carcassonne, by what meanes: The taking of Carcassonne.
CHAP. VI. The Legat Milon establisheth a Captaine of warre for the Church; the Earle Simon of Montfort accepteth the charge: The Earle Remond is absolued by the Pope: The Earle of Beziers dieth: The King of Aragon dis∣pleased with the Earle Simon: Diuers reuolt from his obedience: He demandeth of the Prelats a new supply of the Souldiers of the Crosse.
CHAP. VII. New succours of Pilgrimes come to the Earle Simon, con∣ducted from France by his Wife; The Earle Simon by them recouereth the Castles of Menerbe and Termes, and the Towne De la Vaur: The Earle Re∣mond is cited before the Legat; He refuseth to appeare: Folquet the Bishop of Toulouze ouer-reacheth him; causeth him to lose the Castle Narbonnes: The Legat Milon dieth.
CHAP. VIII. Theodosius succeedeth the Legat Milon: proceedeth a∣gainst the Earle Remond, excommunicateth him, and frames very violent articles against him: The Earle Remond retireth himselfe from St. Giles and Arles with the king of Aragon, lest they should be apprehen∣ded by the Legat: Simon besiegeth Montferrand: Baudoin reuolteth: The king of Aragon allieth him∣selfe with the Earle Simon.
CHAP. IX. The Earle Simon besiegeth Toulouze, makes a spoile and is beaten, he raiseth the siege: Aimeri is taken prisoner: The Earle of Toulouze is succored, and by whom: The Earle Simon makes warre with the Earle of Foix, who goes in person to speake with the Legat, but obtaines nothing: The King of Aragon animateth the Earle of Foix, and his sonne Roger, and intercedeth for them in vaine.
CHAP. X. The siege of Castlenau d'Arri: the retrait of the Earle Simon: The Earle of Foix offers him battaile: The King of Aragon intercedeth for the Earles of Tou∣louze, of Foix, and Comminge; he writeth for them, to the Councell de la Vaur, and obtaineth nothing. The King of Aragon defies the Earle Simon, they make leuies both on the one side and the other; but the Earle Simon aduancing himselfe, takes diuers places.
CHAP. XI. The exploits of the Earle Simon before the King of Ara∣gon had prepared his Armie: The King of Aragon would come to no composition with the Earle Simon, being weakned: The Citie of Muret taken by the King of Aragon: Battell giuen: The King of Aragon is slaine, and his Armie dissipated.
CHAP. XII. Pope Innocent the third, sent against the Albingenses a new Legat named Bonauenture. Prince Lewis the sonne of Philip tooke on him the Crosse, and caused Toulouze and Narbonne to be dismantled, and the walles laid euen with the ground.
THE SECOND BOOKE OF THE HISTORY OF the WALDENSES, called AL∣BINGENSES, containing the warres which they maintained after the yeare one thousand two hundred and thir∣teene, vntill they were vtterly exterminated.
CHAP. I. The warre is renewed against the Earle of Foix: the Ara∣gonians make hostile incursions vpon the Lands of the Earle Simon: he is discomfited by the Earle of Foix: Simon is called into Dauphine: The Legat Bonauen∣ture perswades the Earle of Foix and of Toulouze to goe to Rome: they further their cause nothing at all: the sonne of the Earle Remond came from England thither, but in vaine.
CHAP. II. Remond the sonne of the Earle Remond tooke Beau∣caire: The Bishop of Tholouze betrayeth the Citizens of Thoulouze: The Earle Simon vseth the Inhabi∣tants of Tholouze very ill: They defend themselues to his confusion: A new expedition: Remond taketh Thoulouze: Simon of Montfort comes thither, and after many combats, he is in the end slaine with a stone cast by a woman: His armie is put to flight.
CHAP. III. The Earle Remond recouereth all that the Earle Simon had taken from him in Agenois: The Earle of Foix takes Mirepoix from Roger de Leni: The Earle of Comminge his lands, which one named loris, detained from him: An aduantagious encounter for the Albin∣genses in Lauragues: Expeditions of small effect after the death of the Earle Simon. The Prince Lewis tooke Marmande, and returned into France, hauing summo∣ned Toulouze to yeeld it selfe.
CHAP. IIII. The warre of the Albingenses changeth countenance, be∣cause of the death of Pope Innocent the third; of the change of the Legat; the death of the Earle Remond of Toulouze; of the disease of Remond Earle of Foix, and the Lady Philippe de Moncade, mother to the Earle of Foix, and of the Monke Dominick.
CHAP. V. Almaric of Montfort restored to King Lewis the eight, the conquered Countries of the Albingenses: the siege of Auignon: the King appointeth a Gouernor in Lan∣guedoc. The warre continues against the Albingenses: Toulouze is besieged: a treatie of peace with the Earle Remond and the Toulouzains.
CHAP. VI. The Articles of the treatie of the Earle Remond of Tou∣louze, with the Popes Legat, Amelin, and the Queene mother of Lewis the ninth, King of France.
CHAP. VII. Pecuniary penalties laid vpon the Albingenses: The Earle Remond constrained to make statutes against the Al∣bingenses: A Councell at Toulouze against the Al∣bingenses, wherein they were forbidden the reading of the Scriptures: Other constitutions against them: The Earle Remonds daughter brought to Paris.
CHAP. VIII. The Earle Remond of Toulouze solliciteth the Earle of Foix, to range himselfe vnder the obedience of the Pope: What practises he vseth to make him forsake the part of the Albingenses, and hee suffereth himselfe to be handled by the Popes Legat.
CHAP. IX. The last warre of the Albingenses by Trancauel, Bastard of the Earle of Beziers: The progression thereof: The last expedition, leuied against the Albingenses: A trea∣tie betweene the Legat Amelin, and the said Tran∣cauel: The end of the warre.
CHAP. X. Many Monkes Inquisitors, and Officers of the Inquisition slaine, and for what cause: Pope Innocent the fourth vseth the Earle Remond disgracefully: The Earle Re∣mond goes to Rome, and why: He takes his iourney to Rhodes, dies at Milan.
CHAP. XI. Alphonsus brother to the king St. Lewis taketh possessi∣on of the goods of the last Earle Remond of Tou∣louze: The persecution continueth against the Albin∣genses, vnto the time that the Gospell was receiued in France, and then the greatest part of those places where the Albingenses inhabited presently receiued the re∣formation.
CHAP. XII. The conclusion of this History of the Albingenses.
THE FIRST BOOKE: Contayning the Doctrine and Discipline that hath beene common amongst them.
CHAPTER I.Lo. Barba. Si tu fosses demanda qui sies tu. Respond. L'Enfant. Creatura de dio rational & mortal, &c.
The Pastor.
A confession of sinnes, common both with the Waldenses and Albingenses. CHAP. II. O Dio de li Rey, & Segnor de li Segnor, yo me confesso a tu, car yo soy aquel peccador que tay mot offendu, &c.
An Exposition of the Waldenses and Albingenses vpon the ten Commandements of the Law of GOD. CHAP. III. An Exposition of the first Commandement. Lo premier Commandement de la Ley de Dio es aquest. Non aures Dio straing deuant mi. Exod. 20. &c. Thou shalt haue no other Gods but me.
An Exposition of the 2. Commandement. Tu ne te fer as image taillee, &c. Thou shalt not make to thy selfe any grauen I∣mage, &c.
An Exposition of the 3. Commandement. Tu ne prendras point le nom du Seigneur ton Dieu en vain, &c. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vaine, &c.
An Exposition of the 4. Commandement. Souuienne toy du iour du repos, &c. Remember thou keepe holy the Sabbath day, &c.
An Exposition of the 5. Commandement. These Commandements tell vs how we are to carry our selues towards our neighbours. Non sentend tant solament de la reuerentia de fora, &c. Honour thy father and thy mother, &c.
An Exposition vpon the 6. Commandement. En aquest Commandament es dessen du specialment l'homicidi, &c. Thou shalt not kill.
An Exposition vpon the 7. Commandement. Loqual Commandament defend tota non licita cubiti∣tia, &c. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
An Exposition of the 8. Commandement. En aquest Commandament es deffendu totalment furt et fraud de cosas stragnas, &c. Thou shalt not steale.
An Exposition on the 9. Commandement. En aquest Commandement non es solament deffendu la messogna, ma tota offensa, &c. Thou shalt not beare false witnesse against thy Neigh∣bour.
An Exposition of the 10. Commandement. En aquest Commandement es defendua la Cubititia de tui li ben, &c. Thou shalt not couet, &c.
The conclusion of the Exposition of the Commandements. Aquesti son li dies Commandament de la Ley, &c.
A briefe Exposition of the Waldenses and Albingenses of the Apostles Creed, con∣firming the Articles thereof by expresse passages of the Scripture. CHAP. IIII. Nos deuen creyre en Dio Paire tot Poissant, &c.
CHAP. V. An Exposition of the Waldenses and Albingen∣ses vpon the Lords Prayer.
Lo teo nom sia sanctifica. Hallowed be thy Name.
Lo teo regne vegne. Thy Kingdome come.
La toa volunta sia faita, enaimi es faita en cel fia faita en terra. Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heauen.
Dona nos lo nostre pan quotidien enchoi. Giue vs this day our daily bread.
Pardonna a nos li nostre debit o pecca, coma nos per donnen a li nostre debitor o offendadors. Forgiue vs our trespasses, as we forgiue them that trespasse against vs.
Non nos amenar en tentation, &c. And leade vs not into temptation, &c.
Mas desliora nos del mal, &c. But deliuer vs from euill, &c.
What the Waldenses and Albingenses haue beleeued and taught touching the Sacraments. CHAP. VI. Sacrament second lo dire de Sanct Augustin, &c.
Of the Supper of our Lord Iesus Christ.
What the Waldenses and Albingenses haue taught touching Mariage. CHAP. VII.
What the Waldenses and Albingenses haue taught, touching the visitation of the Sicke. CHAP. VIII. El besongna que aquel que porta la parola de Dio lo no∣stre Seignor en tota diligenza.
CHAP. IX. The Conclusion of this Booke.
THE SECOND BOOKE OF THE THIRD PART OF THE HISTORY of the Waldenses and Albingenses; con∣tayning the Discipline vnder which they liued.
CHAPTER I. De la Disciplina. La Disciplina conten en si tota doctrina Moral segond l'enseignament de Christ, &c.
Of Discipline.
CHAP. II. De li Pastor. Tuit aquilli liquol deuon esser receopu Pastor dentre de nos, &c.
CHAP. III. Del' Enseignament de li filli. Li filli liqual naisson a li pairons carnals deuon esser ron∣du, &c. Of the Instruction of Children.
CHAP. IIII. De li Preyre, de la Collectas, & de li Concili. Regidors son eslegi del poble et Preyre, &c. Of the Elders, of the distribution of Almes, and Ec∣clesiasticall Synodall Assemblies.
CHAP. V. De la Correction Ecclesiastica. Semeillament deuon esser faict, corrections per enducti∣on de temors, &c. Of Ecclesiasticall Correction.
CHAP. VI. De l' Excommunication. Ma car tuit en aital reprennament non volon auec assai es∣mendament ni abandonnar lo mal, &c. Of Excommunication.
CHAP. VII. Del Mariage. Le Mariage se deo far second li gra liqual Dio a permes, &c. Of Mariage.
CHAP. VIII. De la Tauerna. La Tauerna es fontana de pecca, Eschola del Diauol, &c. Of the excesse and disorders which are commonly committed in Tauernes.
CHAP. IX. Del Bal. Lo Bal es la procession del Diauol, & qui intra en la Bal, &c. Against Dancing.
CHAP. X. En qual modo lo poble se deo auer a aquilli que son de fora. Non amar lo mond. After what manner a man must conuerse with those that are without.
Encar en qual maniera li fidel debian regir li lor corps. Non seruir a li desirier mortal, &c. Againe, in what manner the faithfull ought to rule their bodies.
THE THIRD BOOKE OF THE THIRD PART OF THE HISTORY of the Waldenses and Albingenses; Con∣tayning a refutation of sundry Do∣ctrines of the Church of Rome.
CHAPTER I. A Treatise of the Waldenses and Albingenses, of An∣tichrist.
What the workes of Antichrist are.
CHAP. II. Of inuented Purgatory.
CHAP. III. Of the Inuocation of Saints.
CHAP. IIII. Of Baptisme, and the other Sacraments of the Romish Church.
Of the Sacrament of the Supper of the Lord.
Of Marriage and Orders.
Of the Crysome or Confirmation.
Of extreame Vnction.
Of Fasts.