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Author: Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589?
Title: [Divine meditations.].
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: [Divine meditations.].
Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589?

[Imprinted at London: By Henry Bynneman, for William Norton, Anno 1572]
Alternate titles: Diuine meditations.
Title from STC; imprint from colophon.
Dedication signed: Thomas Paulfreyman.
Running title reads: Diuine meditations.
Imperfect; lacks title page.
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Devotional literature, English -- Early works to 1800.

¶ To the righte wor∣shipful, Maistresse Isabel Harington, one of the Gentlewomen of the Queenes Maiesties most honorable priuie Chamber, Thomas Paulfreyman hir dayly Orator wisheth (with continuance) the in∣crease of Gods eternal grace and fauour.
An exhortation to the christen Reader.
A deuout meditation of the godly Christian, with a briefe Confession and Prayer.
II. To dvvell in the seruice of God, to haue the world, and the pleasures there∣of in cōtempt, and to striue daily against them with the armor of rightuousnesse.
III. For the humble hearing, apte recei¦uing, keeping, and continuing of the vvoorde of God amongst vs.
IIII. For Fayth.
V. To the attainement of Grace, and for the due examination of suche desires and motions, as are put daily into oure mindes.
VI. For the chastising of the Soule, to keepe it lowe and in subiection.
VII. For pacience in aduersitie, and to re∣member that this worlde is but a place of perigrioation, or passing forwardes vnto an other worlde.
VIII. To be humble in the sighte of God.
IX. Of true obedience and subiection, to suche as be in authoritie, according to the woorde of God.
X. For the Queenes moste excellenre Maiestie, for hir Honourable Councel∣loures, hir whole Court or familie.
XI. Against vaine hope and pride.
XII. Against Couetousnesse.
XIII. Against Adultrie and Whoredome.
XIIII. A Prayer against svvearing and blasphemie.
XV. For the possessyng of a peaceable and quiet conscience.
XVI. To haue in remembrance the houre of death.
XVII. To haue in remembrance the se∣crete iudgementes of God, and to feare the withdrawing of his grace.
XVIII. The Flighte of the faithfull Soule to Christe, in the exuemitie of temptations, and invvarde affections of the minde.