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Author: Norvell, Robert.
Title: The meroure of an Chrstiane [sic], composed ... by Robert Norvell ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The meroure of an Chrstiane [sic], composed ... by Robert Norvell ...
Norvell, Robert., Marot, Clément, 1495?-1544.

Imprinted at Edinburgh: By Robert Lekprewik. Cum priuilegio, 1561.
In verse.
Folios 6, 55 and 61 misnumbered 14, 26 and 60.
Copy [fragment consisting of folios 25-26, 31-32, 49-50, 55-56] from Cambridge University Library spliced at end.
"Largely a translation from C. Marot."--STC.
Print faded and show-through.
Reproduction of the original in the University of Edinburgh. Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The prologue to my lord, my lord of
❧ The Myroure of ae Christiane, Composed, and drawn fourth of the Scripture▪ by Robe Nor∣nll, men of lord of ams , burg the tyme of his capti∣iti the Bash∣lie, for the of our Sar ∣sus Christ. (∵)
these. coud the Myr, in forme and ma of an m∣posed by the sade Noruell.
❧ The Lord.
❧ The 12. articles of our beleū.
❧ The ten Commandementes.
❧ Grace before dynner.
❧ Grace after dynner▪
❧ The Pellicane iguring Iesus Christ.
❧ Ane Ballad of the spirituall: and carnall vnderstanding of Christes wordes, This is my bodie and blood, &c. Iohn. 6.
❧ An Ballade, vpon the prayer or orisque of nasses King of Iuda, when he was led presouer and captiue in Babilone▪ 2. Cron. 33.
❧ An Ballade, against the foull and dtstable vice of dron∣kinnesse.
How death doeth answer maike and send: to them that do him vilipend. Translated forth of frainshe, by the said Noruell.
Where followeth The Iudgment of Minos. Vpon the preser∣ment of Alexander the great Conque∣rout. Hanniball of Carthage, and Scipion the Romain, surn∣amed Affrican. forth of Frayce in sco∣tes by the saide Noruell.
Psalm 5
❧ The excusation of the maker, to the maker, to Iidder wi¦th the makero direction to his goo Lord and maister, my Lord Earle of Argyle.
¶ Noruelles Newyeres gyft, to the Archeris of the gard, when he was presoner at Paris the bastillie. 1555.