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Author: Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640.
Title: A sixe-folde politician. Together with a sixe-folde precept of policy.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A sixe-folde politician. Together with a sixe-folde precept of policy.
Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640.

London: Printed by E[dward] A[llde] for Iohn Busby, and are to be solde at his shop in Saint Dunstans Church-yard, 1609.
"To the reader" signed: I.M., i.e. Sir John Melton.
Erroneously attributed to John Milton (1563-1647), the poet's father.
With a final errata leaf.
Reproduction of the original in Yale University. Library.
Subject terms:
Political science -- Early works to 1800.

title page
PHILODESPOTVS to his Naear∣chus.
The Author to the Reader.
In due praise of the Author.
In laudem Authoris.
De Authore. T. P.
The contents of this Booke.
A SIXE-FOLDE Politician.
THE FJRST SORT of vaine Politicians are men voide of all vn∣derstanding, and like na∣ture, and yet repute themselues wise and politicke. CHAP. 1.
CHAP. 2. A second sort are such as through the priuiledge of their learning and Schollership, attri∣bute vnto them-selues the stile of Poli∣ticians.
Of Poets. CHAP. 3.
CHAP. 4. Concerning Tra∣uailers.
CHAP. 5. Touching Seminaries and Iesuits.
CHAP. 6. Concerning Pro∣iectors.
CHAP. 7. Concerning substan tiall States-men.
A Sixe-fold precept, of Pollicie.
PHILODESPO VS his answere to Nae∣archus his request.
Naearchus, his reply.
An answere to the replication.
Concerning gene∣rall and particular trusts.
The second Precept. Cōcerning the tem∣pering of affections.
The third precept.
The fourth precept.
The fift precept.
The sixt precept.