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Author: Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.
Title: The husbandlye ordring and gouernmente of poultrie. Practised by the learnedste, and suche as haue bene knowne skilfullest in that arte, and in our tyme.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The husbandlye ordring and gouernmente of poultrie. Practised by the learnedste, and suche as haue bene knowne skilfullest in that arte, and in our tyme.
Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.

Imprinted at London: By Thomas Purfoote, for Gerarde Dewse, 1581.
Alternate titles: Husbandlye ordring and governmente of poultrie Husbandlye ordring and governmente of poultrie. Nourishing and governmente of poultrie. Nourishing and governmente of poultrie.
Dedication signed: L.M. [i.e. Leonard Mascall].
Running title reads: The nourishing and gouernmente of poultrie.
With an index.
Signatures: A4 B-K L4.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Poultry -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To Mistrisse Katherine VVoodford (vvife to maister Iames Woodforde Esquier) and cheefe Clarke of the Kitching to the Queenes Ma∣iestie Leonarde Mastall vvisheth a prospe∣rous estate in health long to continue.
To the Reader.
¶ The Argument.
The nourishing and go∣uernment of Poultrie.
¶ The Order of Columella for the hennehouse. Cap. 1.
¶ Stephanus Opinion. Cap. 2.
¶ Signes in a good Cocke Cap. 3.
¶ The signes and properties of a good Henne. Cap. 4.
¶ When to set your hennes. Cap. 5.
¶ The time best to set your yong hens. Cap. 6.
Of Chickens newly hatched. Cap. 7.
¶ How to keepe egges long. Cap. 8.
Egges to gather and keepe. Cap. 9.
¶ Egges to haue all Winter. Cap. 10.
¶ Chickens of a later broode. Cap. 11.
How to feed Chickens from the damme. Cap. 12.
¶ The pippe, and the cause, to helpe also. Cap. 13.
¶ To helpe the Catarre or rewme in poultrie. Cap. 14.
¶ How many hens to a Cock. Cap. 15.
¶ Of Hennes that hatches abroad, as in bushes. Cap. 16.
¶ Cause of Fluxe in poultrie. Cap. 17.
¶ Remedies against the fluxe. Cap. 18,
¶ Against stopping of the belly in Poultrie. Cap. 19.
¶ Against lice and vermine in Poultrie. Cap. 20.
¶ Of Vermine that bytes and stinges poultrie. Cap. 21.
¶ Of sitting hennes that rise in weat and raynie dayes. Cap. 22.
¶ What time to carue yong Cock chic∣kins. Cap. 23.
¶ Against the inflaming of the eyes and the hawe. Cap. 24.
¶ Cramming and fatting of Capons. Cap. 25.
¶ Meate for hennes and other poultrie, and where and when to feede them. Cap. 26.
To fatte hennes best. Cap. 27.
¶ The feeding of bigge Chickins. Cap. 28.
¶ To feede or cramme yong pul∣lets. Cap. 29.
¶ Ordring and letting forth Poultrie amorninges. Cap. 30.
¶ The order in caruing Poultrie of some here in Englande. Cap. 31.
¶ Other thinges necessarye to knowe for the keeping of Poultrie Cap. 32.
¶ The nature and gouernmente of Geese. Cap. 33.
¶ Of places and houses for or∣dering of Geese. Cap. 34.
¶ A ground and pasture best. Cap. 35.
¶ To choose Ganders and Geese with all white Feathers. Cap. 36.
¶ The laying and setting of Geese, and feeding the yong Goslings. Cap. 37,
¶ The fatting of yong Geese. Cap. 38.
¶ How manye Geese to one Gander, with other gouernment. Cap. 39.
¶ Of the feathers of Geese, whiche are best, and what time to pluck them. Cap. 40.
¶ Of Duckes, Teales, Sheldrakes, and such like, Cap. 41.
¶ How to take your wilde Ducks in the Court. Cap. 42.
¶ The common feeding and the nature of Duckes. Cap. 43.
Of Turquie hennes pro∣fite and also disprofite. Cap. 44.
¶ The nourishing of olde Turquies. Cap. 45.
¶ The age of Turquie cockes best to treade. Cap. 46.
¶ Of the Turquie hennes sitting, hat∣ching, and nourishing the chic∣kens. Cap. 47.
¶ The feeding and the ordering of Tur∣quie hennes and chickens. Cap. 48.
¶ The common feeding of Turquies. Cap, 49.
¶ Of Peacockes the nature and feeding Cap. 50.
¶ The time best to set your pehenne. Cap. 15.
¶ Of the goodnesse of the Pecocks flesh, and their nature in laying. Cap. 52.
¶ The hatching and feeding of yong Pechicks. Cap. 53.
¶ The sicknes of Pehennes. Cap. 54.
¶ The nature and feeding of Swannes. Cap. 55.
¶ The nourishing and fatting of Swannes. Cap. 56.
¶ The order and profite of Pigeons, and place for them. Cap. 57.
¶ To replenish your Douehouse, and to choose the best breeders. Cap. 58.
¶ Times to feede them, and to mayne∣taine your broode. Cap. 59.
¶ Of the meate and drinke for pe∣gions and flying abrode. Cap. 60.
¶ How to perfume your Douehouse, to cause them to breede and to loue it. Cap. 61.
¶ Pegions seeking their meate farre, are raueners of corne. Cap. 62.
¶ To draw Pegions to your Doue∣house. Cap. 63.
¶ The nature and profite of wood pegi∣ons, Culuers, and rough footed doues. Cap. 64.
¶ Howe to take Owles that haunt your Douchouses. Cap. 65.
¶ For Polecats and Weazels that haunt your Douehouse. Cap. 66.
¶ To take Bozardes and stares, that molest your Douehouse. Cap. 67.
How to Cock your Douehouse. Cap. 68.
¶ Of Pegion dongue. Cap. 69.
¶ Of Turtle Doues. Cap. 70.
¶ The ordering and fatting of hearnes. Cap. 71.
¶ The ordering and nourishing of Par∣tridges. Cap. 72.
¶ Quayles feeding and their nature. Cap. 73.
¶ The Gulles how to feede. Cap. 74.
¶ Of Puets. Cap. 75.
¶ Of Fesantes and their nature. Ca. 76.
¶ How to fat Fezantes. Cap. 77.
¶ Of Godwits, Knots, and Stynts. Cap. 78.
¶ Of Plouers. Cap. 79.
¶ Of the Bitter and Curlew. Cap. 80.
¶ Of Blackburdes and Thrustles. Ca. 81.
¶ To make white byrdes come of anye egges. Cap. 82.
¶ To make hens of the colour of your egges ye set her. Cap. 83.
¶ For Geese. Cap. 84.
¶ To make hennes lay.
¶ For breeding Capons.
The table of all the princi∣pall matters in this Booke, following by Alphabet.