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Author: Mandeville, John, Sir.
Title: of delyces where a man shall fynde all maner of fruytes in all tymes . . .
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, MI ; Oxford (UK) :: Text Creation Partnership,
2011-04 (EEBO-TCP Phase 2).
Series: Early English books online text creation partnership. Navigations series.

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Print source: of delyces where a man shall fynde all maner of fruytes in all tymes . . .
Mandeville, John, Sir., Jean, d'Outremeuse, 1338-ca. 1399, attributed name.

[London: Wynkyn de Worde, 1510?]
Alternate titles: Itinerarium. English

¶Yet of Machomet. ca. xlv.
¶Fro to torne ayen on this syde Galyle. ca. xl.
¶ Of the kyngedome named Mancy & is the best kyngdome of the worlde. ca. lxiij.
¶ Of the londe of Pygmeen wherin dwelleth but small people of thre span longe. ca. lxiiij
Of ye cyte of Menke where a grete nauy is. ca. lxv
¶ Of the londe named Cathay & the grete ryches∣ses therof. ca. lxvi.
¶ Of a grete cyte named Cadon where in is ye gre¦te Chanes palays & sege. ca. lxvij
¶ Wherfore that the Emperuor of Cathay is cal¦led the grete Chane. ca. lxviij.
¶How the grete Chane was hydde vnder a tree & so scaped his enmyes by cause of a byrde. ca. lxix.
¶ Of the grete Chanes letters and the wrytynge aboute his seale. ca. lxx.
¶ Of the gouernaunce of the courte of the grete Chane. ca. lxxi.
¶Of the grete rychesse of this Emperour and of his dyspendynge. ca. lxxij.
¶Of the ordynaūce of the lordes of themperour whan he rydeth from one coūtree to an other or to warre. ca. lxxiij.
¶How the Empyre of the grete Chane is depar∣ted in to .xij. prouynces / and how that they do cast ensence in the fyre where the grete Chane passeth thorugh the cytees and townes in worshyp of the Emperour. ca. lxxiiij.
¶ How that the grete Chane is the myghtyest lor¦de of all the worlde. ca. lxxv.
Yet of other maners of this countree ca. lxxvi.
¶ How the Emperour is brought vnto his graue whan he is dede. ca. lxxvij
¶ Whan the Emperour is dede how they chese & make an other. ca. lxxviij
¶ What coūtrees & kyngdoms lye next to ye londe of Cathay & the frontes therof. ca. lxxix.
¶ Of other wayes comynge from Cathay to war¦de the Grekes see. And also of the Emperoure of Persy. ca. lxxxx
¶Of the londe of Armony whiche is a good lond & of the londe of Myddy. ca. lxxxi
¶ Of the kyngdom of George & of Abcan & ma∣ny meruaylles. ca. lxxxij
¶ Of the londe of Turky and dyuers other coun∣trees & of ye londe of Mesopotamy. ca. lxxxiij.
¶ Of dyuerse countrees & kyngdoms & yles & mer¦uaylles beyonde the londe of Cathay. ca. lxxxiiij
¶ Of the londe of Bactry and of many gryffons and other beestes. ca. lxxxv.
¶ Of the waye for to go to prester Iohans londe whiche is Emperour of Ynde. ca. lxxxvi.
¶ Of the fayth & byleue of prester Iohan / but he hath not all ye full byleue as we haue. ca. lxxxvij.
¶ How the Emperour preester Iohan whan he gooth to batayll hath thre crosses borne before hym of fyne golde. ca. lxxxviij.
¶ Of the moost dwellynge place of prester Iohan in a cyte called Suse. ca. lxxxix.
¶ Of a ryche man in prester Iohns londe named Catolonabes & of his gardeyne. ca. lxxxx.
¶ Of a meruaylous vale that is besyde the ryuer of Physon. ca. lxxxxi.
¶ Of an ylonde where in dwelled people as grete as geauntes of .xxviij. or .xxx. foot of length and other thynges. ca lxxxxij.
¶ Of women whiche make grete sorowe as theyr childern are borne and grete Ioye whan they are deed. ca. lxxxxiii.
¶Of an ylonde where a men wedde theyr own doughters & kynneswomen. ca. lxxxxiiij.
¶Of an other ylonde where in dwelleth full good people and true. ca. lxxxxv.
¶How kynge Alexander sent his men thyder for to wynne that londe. ca. lxxxxvi
¶Of an other ylonde where also dwelleth good pe¦ople in & is called Synople. ca. lxxxxvij.
¶Of other two yles yt one is called Pytan wherin be lytel men yt ete no mete / and in that other yle are the men all rough of fethers. ca. lxxxxviii.
¶Of the wyldernesse wherin that growe the trees of the sonne & of the mone. ca. lxxxxix.
¶Of a grete ylonde and kyngedom called Ta∣probane. ca. C.