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Author: Linche, Richard.
Title: Diella certaine sonnets, adioyned to the amorous poeme of Dom Diego and Gineura. By R.L. Gentleman.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Diella certaine sonnets, adioyned to the amorous poeme of Dom Diego and Gineura. By R.L. Gentleman.
Linche, Richard.

At London: Printed [by James Roberts] for Henry Olney, and are to be sold at his shop in Fleetstreete, neer the Middle-temple gate, 1596.
R.L. = Richard Linche.
In verse.
Printer's name from STC.
Signatures: A4 B-F.
The first leaf is blank except for signature-mark "A".
Reproduction of a photostat of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

title page
TO THE MOST worthily honoured, and ver∣tuous beautified Lady, the Ladie Anne Glemnham, wife to the most noble, magnanimious, and woorthy Knight, Sir Henry Glemnham. &c.
Sonnet. I.
Sonnet II.
Sonnet III.
Sonnet IIII.
Sonnet V.
Sonnet VI.
Sonnet VII.
Sonnet VIII.
Sonnet IX.
Sonnet X.
Sonnet XI.
Sonnet XII.
Sonnet XIII.
Sonnet XIII.
Sonnet XIIII.
Sonnet XV.
Sonnet XVI.
Sonnet XVII.
Sonnet XVIII.
Sonnet XIX.
Sonnet XX.
Sonnet XXI.
Sonnet XXII.
Sonnet XXIII.
Sonnet XXIIII.
Sonnet XXV.
Sonnet XXVI.
Sonnet XXVII.
Sonnet. XXIX.
Sonnet XXX.
Sonnet XXXIII.
Sonnet XXXV.
Sonnet XXXVI.
Sonnet XXXVII.
THE LOVE OF DOM Diego and Gyneura.