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Author: Losa, Francisco de, 1536-1624.
Title: The life of Gregorie Lopes that great servant of God, natiue of Madrid, written in Spanish by Father Losa curate of the Cathedrall of Mexico. And set out by Father Alonso Remon of the Order of our Lady de la Merced, with some additions of his owne.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The life of Gregorie Lopes that great servant of God, natiue of Madrid, written in Spanish by Father Losa curate of the Cathedrall of Mexico. And set out by Father Alonso Remon of the Order of our Lady de la Merced, with some additions of his owne.
Losa, Francisco de, 1536-1624., White, Thomas, 1593-1676,, Remón, Alonso, 1561-1632,

Paris: [Widow of J. Blagaert], M. DC. XXXVIII. [1638]
Printer's name and translator's initials from STC.
A translation, by N. N. [i.e. Thomas White], of from the original Spanish.
Reproduction of the original in the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Subject terms:
Lopez, Gregorio, -- 1542-1596.

title page
title page
OF THE BIRTH, PA∣rents, and country of Gregory Lopes and of the beginning of his Vocation.
THE SECOND CHAPTER. How he arriued in new Spaine and of the exercises wherein he there employed himself.
THE THIRD CHAPTER. Of the solitary life which he began to lead in the Valley of Amayac amongst the Chichimecos.
THE IIII. CHAPTER. How the retyring of Gregory, see∣med to some excessiue, and his manner of life suspicious, and the reproches which he thervpon endured, and of a notable miracle which our Lord wrought by him.
The V. CHAPTER. Of the remedies, with which God did furnish him against the com∣bats, which he did sustaine at those times.
THE VI. CHAPTER Gregory Lopes goeth to the planta∣tion of Alonso de Aualos and de∣termineth to returne to Mexico by the persuasion of Father Do∣minick de Salazar.
THE VII. CHAPTER. He returnes to Mexico, and hauing bin at the conuent of S. Domi∣nick, he goeth to Guasteca, to continue his solitary life.
THE VIII. CHAPTER. Of a grieuous sicknes which he had and of an ill opinion, which some had conceiued of him about that time.
THE IX CHAPTER. His aboade in Atrisco, his returne to Mexico, and the examina∣tion which the Metrapolitane made of his spirit, and manner of life.
THE X. CHAPTER. Of his going to the Hospitall of Guasteca, and the exteriour and interiour exercises, wherin he emploied himself in that place.
THE XI. CHAPTER By reason of a grieuous sicknes he returnes to Mexico, and from thence to Sanafe.
THE XII. CHAPTER. Of the life which Gregory Lopes did lead in Santafe, and of his dai∣ly exercises.
THE XIII. CHAPTER. Of the death of Gregory, and of the most remarkable and admi∣rable thinges, which then happened.
THE FIRST CHAPTER. Wherin are treated many notable things by which it hath pleased God to manifest the sanctity of Gregory Lopes.
THE SECOND CHAPTER. Of some Miracles which God hath wrought by the reliques of Gre∣gory Lopes.
THE THIRD CHAPTER. Of the knowledge in the holy Scrip∣ture, which God infused into Gregory Lopes.
THE IIII. CHAPTER. How Gregory Lopes was directed by the holy Ghost, in the spirituall manner of life.
THE V. CHAPTER. Of his great knowledge in Ecclesia∣sticall and secular histories.
THE VI. CHAPTER. Of the knowledge in other sciences, which God gaue vnto this his scholler.
THE VII. CHAPTER. How well this seruant of God could bridle his tongue.
THE VIII. CHAPTER. Of the wisedome which he shewed in his answers, sayings and deeds.
THE IX. CHAPTER. Of the fortitude and valour of Gregory Lopes.
THE X. CHAPTER. Of the humility, and inward po∣uerty of Gregory Lopes.
THE XI. CHAPTER. Of the outward pouerty of Gre∣gory Lopes.
THE XII. CHAPTER. Of the mortifications and sufferings of Gregory Lopes.
THE XIII. CHAPTER. Of his mortifying of his senses.
THE XIV. CHAPTER. Of Gregory his prayer, when it be∣gan, and with what exercises.
THE XV. CHAPTER. What were the prayers and exercises which God in spired him to vse, and the profit which he reaped therby.
THE XVI. CHAPTER. The spirit of Gregory is made more manifest by the answers which he gaue to certaine questions
THE XVII. CHAPTER. Of some other manners of prayer which he vsed.
THE XVIII. CHAPTER. Of his habitation or mansion in God.
THE XIX. CHAPTER. Of the effects of his prayer.
THE XX. CHAPTER. Of the respect which he stroke into those that did looke vpon him.