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Author: Littleton, Thomas, Sir, d. 1481.
Title: Littleton tenures in Englishe
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Littleton tenures in Englishe
Littleton, Thomas, Sir, d. 1481.

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete within Temple Barre, at the signe of the hande and Starre: By Richard Tottle, the xvi. day of April the yere of our lord M.D.V.I. [1556]
Alternate titles: Tenures. English. 1556
Imprint from colophon.
"Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum."
Imperfect: tightly bound, with print show-through and loss of text.
The item numbered STC 15766 on reel 573:8 is actually STC (2nd ed.) 15766.5.
Signatures: A-S8, T1.
Reproduction of original in: Harvard University. Library.
Subject terms:
Land tenure -- Law and legislation -- Great Britain.
Real property -- Great Britain.

title page
book 1
chapter 1
¶ Fee tayle.
¶ Tenant en tayle after possibi∣litie of issue extinct.
¶ Tenaunt by the curtesy of Englande.
¶ Tenant in dower.
¶ Tenant for terme of lyfe.
¶ Tenant for terme of yeres. Cap. 7.
¶ Tenant at will. Ca. 8.
¶ Tenant by copye of courte rolle. Cap. 9.
chapter 1
¶ Fealtie. Cap. 2.
¶ Escuage.
¶ Homage fealtie, and escuage.
¶ Tenure in socage. Cap. 5.
¶ Frank almoygne. Cap. 6.
¶ Homage auncestrel. Cap. 7.
¶ Graunde sergeauntie. Cap. 8.
¶ Petite sergeauntie. Cap. 9.
¶ Burgage. cap. 10.
¶ Vylleynage. Cap. 11.
¶ Rentes. Cap. 12.
¶ The thyrd Booke.
¶ Parceners. Cap. i.
¶ Parceners by the custome. Cap. ii.
Ioyntenantes. Cap. 3.
¶ Tenauntes in common. Ca. 4.
¶ Estates vpon a condi∣cion. Capi. v.
¶ Dyscentes. Cap. vi.
¶ Contynuall clayme. Cap. vii.
¶ Relessees. Cap. 8.
¶ Confyrmacion. Ca. 9.
¶ Attornement. Capi. x.
¶ Discontinuaunce. Cap. xi.
Remytter. Capi. xii.
¶ Warrantye. Cap. xiii.
table of contents
❧ Here beginneth the Table of this present boke.
¶ The seconde booke.
¶ The thyrde boke.