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Author: Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.
Title: Moses his sight of Canaan with Simeon his dying-song. Directing how to liue holily and dye happily. By Steuen Jerome, late preacher at St. Brides. Seene and allowed.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Moses his sight of Canaan with Simeon his dying-song. Directing how to liue holily and dye happily. By Steuen Jerome, late preacher at St. Brides. Seene and allowed.
Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.

London: Printed [by T. Snodham] for Roger Iackson, and are to be solde at his shop, neare to the conduit in Fleetstreete, 1614.
Printer's name from STC.
Pages 353, 376 and 503 misnumbered 354, 367 and 483.
Some print faded and show-through; pages stained and torn with loss of print on 233 and 435.
Imperfect; lacks all after page 512 (Kk8).
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1800.
Death -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The chiefe Contents of the two subsequent TREATISES.
In Moses his sight of Sion, these things are obseruable.
In Simeons dying Song these are the chiefe Notes, both from the Doctrines and the Vses.
MOSES His sight of Sion: applyed to encourage and direct euery Christian to his heauenly CANAAN.
CHAP. I. The case of the inheritance of Daughters propounded.
Sect. 1.
Sect. 2. How cases are wisely to be carried before the Magistrate.
Sect. 3. The true rule of iudging cases, Consultation with God.
Sect. 4. The case adiudged, and spiritually applyed.
CHAP. II. Moses is fore-warned to die, and how God fore-warnes vs.
Sect. 1.
Sect. 2. That all must die.
Sect. 3. God prepares his children to dye, as hee did Moses, by shewing them Canaan.
Sect. 4. Moses obedience to Gods summons, a patterne to vs.
CHAP. III. The nature of death sweetned to the Saints, with fifteene resemblances of death to sleepe.
CHAP. IIII. Considerations to moue vs to embrace death as willingly as we goe to sleepe in our beds na∣turally.
Sect. 3. The second Consideration.
Sect. 3. The third consideration.
Sect. 4. The fourth Consideration.
Sect. 5. The last Consideration. The bodyes freedome, and the soules Glorification.
Comforts against the feare of Death: by which the Chri∣stian Soule may be made wil∣ling to her Dissolution. CHAP. V.
SIMEON'S dying-Song. HANDLED IN sixe Sermons.
Simeons Compellation. In this word, Lord.
His desires Limitation. In this word. Now.
His acknowledgement of the Diuine Permission. In these words, Lettest thou.
His proper Appellation. In these words, Thy Seruant.
His desired Dismission. In this word, Depart.
His hoped Pacification. In these words, In peace.
Necessary Incouragements, and Comforts, against the grieuances of seuerall Crosses.
Comforts against the Crosse of sickenesse and dis∣eases, howeuer intollerable and incurable.
These Cordials may be applyed to euery ordinary visitation, but if thy paines be permanent, and thy dolours extreame and durable, yet thus reuiue thy fainting spirits, and strengthen thy selfe by these Meditations.
Comforts against the vnkindenesse of mercilesse friends.
Preparatiues against Pouertie.