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Author: Godfridus.
Title: The knowledge of things vnkowne. Apperteyning to astronomy, wyth necessary rules, and certayne speares contayned in the same. Compyled by Godfridus super palladium de agricultura Anglicatum.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The knowledge of things vnkowne. Apperteyning to astronomy, wyth necessary rules, and certayne speares contayned in the same. Compyled by Godfridus super palladium de agricultura Anglicatum.
Godfridus., Palladius, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus.

Imprinted at London: In Fleetestreete, beneath the Conduit, at the signe of S. Iohn Euangelist, by H. Iackson, 1585.
Alternate titles: This booke of astronomye This booke of astronomye. Knowledge of things unknowne. Booke of knowledge.
An edition, with additions, of: This booke of astronomye.
Running title reads: The booke of knowledge.
"The additions include sections on bones, veins, and a rutter of distances between ports."--STC.
Connection with the "De re rustica" of Palladius is unclear, as are Godfridus's identity and the early history of this text.
Signatures: A-G.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Astrology -- Early works to 1800.

title page
¶ Here beginneth the Booke of Knowledge.
¶ Sunday.
¶ Monday.
¶ Tuesday.
¶ Wednesday.
¶ Thursday.
¶ Fryday.
¶ Saturday.
¶ Here followeth of the byrth of Children.
¶ Here beginneth the nature and dis∣position of the dayes of the moone, with the birth of Children.
The first day.
The seconde day.
¶ The iii. day.
¶ The iiii. day.
¶ The .v. day.
¶ The .vi. day.
¶ The vii. day.
¶ The viii. day.
¶ The ix. day.
¶ The x. day.
¶ The xi. day.
¶ The xii. day.
The xiii. day.
The xiiii. day.
¶ The xv. day.
¶ The xvi. day.
The xvii. day.
The xviii. day.
The xix. day.
The .xx. day.
The .xxi. day.
The xxii. day.
The xxiii. day.
The xxiiii. day.
The xxv. day.
The xxvi. day.
The xxvii. day.
The xxviii. day.
The xxix. day.
The xxx. day.
And here follo∣weth of Saturne and what Sa∣turne is.
¶ What the Thunder signifyeth in e∣uery yeare.
¶ This Chapter following declareth what are the euill dayes, and for∣bodd en in the yeare. And also which be the best bleeding dayes in the yeare.
¶ To knowe how a man shall keepe himselfe in health.
¶ To knowe what perrillous dayes, come in the chaunge of euery Moone.
¶ The nature and conditions which is found comprehended in man.
¶ Here followeth the discription of the fower Elementes, and of the iii. Complections.
¶ Of the foure Prime qualities and what they are.
¶ Of the iiii. quarters of the yeare, and of the iiii. complections, and what they are.
¶ Also here followeth an A.B.C. Whereby thou mayest knowe of what Planet euery man is.
¶ Another Alphabet.
¶ To knowe the weather that shall bee all the yeare, after the chaunge of euerye Moone, by the Pryme dayes.
¶ A Rule to knowe vppon what Letter, what hower, and what minute, as fol∣loweth.
¶ Of the moste best and profytablesse dayes that be in the yeare, to let blood.
¶ Here followeth the nature of the xii. Signes.
¶ Here followeth the Anathomye of the bones in mans body, and the number of them, which is in all ii .C. and xlviii.
¶ Here followeth the Flubothomy, wyth the names of the vaynes, and where they rest, & how they ought to be letten blood.
¶ Here followeth to show howe a man chaungeth xii. times, euen as the xii. months doeth.
¶ Hereafter followeth the Rutter of the distaunces from one Porte or countrey to another, and fyrst of the compasse of England.
¶ The compasse of the Ilandes.