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Author: Floyd, John, 1572-1649.
Title: A paire of spectacles for Sir Humfrey Linde to see his way withall. Or An answeare to his booke called, Via tuta, a safe way wherein the booke is shewed to be a labyrinthe of error and the author a blind guide. By I.R.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: A paire of spectacles for Sir Humfrey Linde to see his way withall. Or An answeare to his booke called, Via tuta, a safe way wherein the booke is shewed to be a labyrinthe of error and the author a blind guide. By I.R.
Floyd, John, 1572-1649., Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652,

[Rouen: Printed by the widow of Nicholas Courant?] Permissu superiorum, 1631.
Alternate titles: Paire of spectacles for Sir Humfrey Linde to see his way withall Answeare to his booke called, Via tuta, a safe way.
I.R. = John Floyd. Also sometimes attributed to Robert Jenison.
Place of publication supplied and printer's name conjectured by STC.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Lynde, Humphrey, -- Sir. -- Via tuta.
Catholic Church -- Apologetic works.

title page
THE PREFACE TO THE Protestant Reader.
Certaine points to bee considered for the better answearinge of Sir Humphrey's cheife arguments in this Booke. CHAPTER I.
Whether the Church of Rome bee with out cause bitter against the reformed Churches, as the knight affirmeth. CHAPTER II.
THE EXAMINATION OF Sir Humphrey's second and third Section. CHAPTER III.
Of Sir Humphrey's 4. Section; whereof the title is this. That many learned Romanist, conuicted by the euidence of truth, either in part, or in whole haue renounced Popery before their death. CHAPTER IIII.
The Knight's 5. Section. Wherein hee vndertaketh to shew, how worldly policy and profitt hindereth the reformation of such things as are vnexcusable in themselues. CHAPTER V.
Of the 6. Section the title whereof is this. The common pretence of our aduer∣saries refusing Reformation because we cannot assigne the praecise tyme, when errors came in, refuted. CHAPTER VI.
Of the 7. Section the title whereof is thus. The pedigree of the Romish faith, drawne downe from the ancient Haeretiques: and the Protestant faith deriued from Christ and his Apostles. CHAPTER VII.
Of the 8. Section, entituled thus. The testimonies of our aduersaries touching the antiquity and Vniuersality of the Protestant faith in generall. CHAPTER VIII.
Of the 9. Section. The title whereof is this The testimonyes of our Aduersaries touching the Protestant and the Ro∣mane faith in the particular. CHAPTER IX.
§. 1. Of Iustification by faith onely, examined.
The Knight's 2. §. Of the Sacrament of the Lord's super (as he speaketh) and the Doctrine of transubstantiation examined. §. 2.
Communion in both kinds. §. 5.
Of Prayer and seruice in a knowne tongue. §. 6.
§. 7. Worship of Images.
Of the 10. Section entituled thus. The te∣stimonyes of our aduersaryes touching the infallible certainty of the Pro∣testant faith and the vncer∣tainty of the Romish. CHAPTER X.
Of the 11. Sect. entituled thus. The testi∣monies of our aduersaries touching the greater Safety, comfort, and benefit of the Soule in the Protestant faith, then in the Romish. CHAPTER XI.
Of the 12. Sect. the title whereof is this. Our aduersaries conuicted by the eui∣dent testimonies of the Ancient Fathers either ridiculously elude them, or plainely reiect them. CHAPTER XII.
Of the 13. Sect. which is thus entituled by the Knight. Our aduersaries con∣uinced of a bad cause, and an euill conscience by razing of our re∣cords and clipping their owne authors tongues. CHAPTER XIII.
Of the 14. Sect. the title whereof is this▪ Our aduersaries conuicted of their defence of a desperate cause by their blasphemous exceptions against the Scripture it selfe. CHAPTER XIV.
Of the 15. Sect. the title being this. Our chiefest aduersary Cardinal Bellarmine testifieth the truth of our doctrine in the principal points of controuersy betwixt vs. CHAPTER XV.
Of the 16. Sect. entituled. Our Aduer∣saries obiection drawne from the testimonies of pretended Mar∣tyrs of their religion answeared. CHAPTER XVI.
Of the 17. Sect. entituled thus. Our ad∣uersaries cōmon obiection drawne from the charitable opinion of Protestants touching the saluation of professed Romanists liuing and dying in their Church: answeared. CHAPTER XVII.
Of the 18. Section, the title being this. Prouing according to the title of the booke by the confession of all sides that the Protestant religion is sa∣fer, because in all positiue points of our doctrine the Romanists themselues agree with vs, but in their additions they stand single by them∣selues. CHAPTER XVIII.
AN APPENDIX TO the Reader.
Faults escaped in the Epistle dedicatory.
Faults escaped in the booke it selfe.