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Title: [Liber festivalis]
Author: Mirk, John, fl. 1403?
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and streyte leuyng and in doyng of grete penaū¦ce for her synnes. Thus the hooly goste is euer re¦dy to make salue or to hele all maner of synnesThat othir skylle ys why the hooly goste co∣me to the apostles ra∣thir sittyng thanne ston¦dyng for sittyng be to kenythe mekenesse in her¦te with reste pece and v∣nyte the whiche any m∣ner a man muste nedis haue that woll sceyue the hooly goste for right s the drye wode wolle brenne clerely with onte steryng so shulde euery cristen man loue othyr with brennyng loue and charite clerely with oute feynyng of wrathe or en¦uy or any maner of ma∣lice eche with othir and euery man shulde be fy¦ne of other is welfare and this maythe to haue a good tonge. But as sone as the brondes be ca¦ste a twynne by descnsi∣n of malice and enuye a none the fyre of the ho¦ly goste quenchith and thanne risithe vp smoke of grete wrathe and en∣uye betwene party and party and also grete gre¦uaunce and heuynesse for the soule and causithe it to fayle grace that it may haue no consideracion to reson than anon the wic¦kyd spirites bene redy ryse & vp smoke in the sa¦me mannes herte that is for to say grete wrathe and enuy and euyll will that hit may haue no ma¦ner reste but euer stody∣yng and thynkyng al¦so howe he may auenge hym and doo vengeaun¦re vn to his enemyes and so is a man euer troblid and besy in cursid ded is and like to be dampned body and soule in hell to euerlastyg pyne but yf he haue socoure and helpe of the hooly gose and alle soche thynges that may come of cur∣sid and wicked ton∣ges.
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