The peerage of Scotland: containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that Kingdom. ... By George Crawfurd, Esq;.
Crawford, George, fl. 1710.

WEEMS, Earl of Weems.

THE antient and noble Family of Weems is descended origi|ginally from John, Lord of the Baro|ny of the Weems, a younger Son of the Earls of Fifea, from whence his Descendants assumed their Surname, tho' I have not found any Mention of them till the Reign of K. Alexander II. that Sir Michael de Weymis miles, is to be met with in the Archivis of that Timeb, and Sir David de Weems, Knight of the Weems, was in the 1290, together with Sir Michael Scot sent over to Norway, by the Lords of the Regency of Scotland, to bring over their young Queen Margaret, who, to the universal Grief and Re|grete of the whole Nation, died at the Orkneys; whereupon happen'd the fatal Competition about the Right of Succession, which was at length settled upon John de Baliol.

Sir David de Weems in the Time of King Robert I. was one of the great Men of the Kingdom, who wrote that noble Letter to the Pope, so often mentioned, so rare a Piece of Antiquity, that it deserves to be set in Characters of Gold, and preserved to all Posterity. This Sir David ob|tained from the said Prince a Char|ter of the Lands of Glasnock in tene|mento de Kinghorn, erected to him in libram baroniamc. By Marjory his Wife, he had Sir Michael his Suc|cessor, and Sir John Weems, Lord of Kincaldrum.

Which Sir Michael had a Grant from Duncan Earl of Eife, of the Lands of Monickie and Easter-Dron, in which Deed he is designed Filius quondam Domini David de Weems Militisd. By . . . . Daughter of . . . . his Wife, he had

Sir David his Son and Heir, in whom the principal Male Line fail'd. This Sir David I have found design'd Filius & Hares Domini Michaelis de Weems Militis, in a Deed whereby he makes over the Lands of Borch in Baronia de Lochhor, Domine Johanni de Weems, avunculo suoe, and af|terwards resigns in manibus nobilis Domini Roberti Styward, Comitis de Fyfe & de Menteth, omnes TerrasPage  489quas idem Domnus David de Weems tenet de praedicto suo Comitea, in Fa|vours of Sir John Weems Kt. who was his Heir Male. The same Sir John obtained a Charter from King Robert III. ratifying and confirming the Grant which Robert Earl of Fife made Johanni de Weems Militi de Terris de Rires, Myrcatrny, Markinch, and Nether-Cambrun; and likewise the Concession and Donation, which Sir Alexander Abernethy Kt. made heritably quondam Domino Joanni de Weems Militi, avo dicti Joannis, de Terrs de Kincaldrnm. He obtained also a fair Estate by the Marriage of Isobel, one of the Daughters and Co-Heirs of Sir Allan Erskine of Inch|martine, Kt.b. And of Isobell de Inchmartine his Wife, one of the Heirs Female of the Baronies of Inchmartine and of Weems, by whom he had Issue David his Successor, and Two Daugh|ters. Elizabeth married to Sir Andrew Gray Lord of Foulisc, and Eupham to Sir William Livingston, Lord of Drumrayd and Easter-Weems.

Which David married Christian, Daughter of . . . . Douglass of . . . .e, by whom he had

Sir John his Son and Heir, who married Margaret Daughter of Sir Robert Livingston Lord Drumreyf. By her he had John his Son and Heir, designed of Strathrdel, vita patris, and a Daughter Grisel, married to David Boswell of Balmutto.

Which John married Christian, Daughter of . . . . Abernethy of . . . .g, and had David his Heir, and a Daughter Agnes married to Andrew Kininmunt of That-Ilkh, and dying in 1508, was succeeded by

Sir David his Son and Heir, who obtained a Charter from King James IV. erecting all his Lands into the Ba|rony of Weems, the 28th of August 1511i. He married first Eliza|beth, Daughter of . . . . . Lundy of That Ilk, by whom he had David his Successor; and next, Janet Daughter of Andrew Lord Gray, by whom he had no Issue. He was kill'd at the Battle of Flowdoun.

Sir David his Son, married Katha|rine Daughter of Henry Lord Sin|clairk, by whom he had John his Successor, James the first of the Fa|mily of Caskeberry, the Paternal An|cestor of the present Earl of Weems, and of several other illustrious Persons abroad in Foreign Parts; and dying in May 1544l, was succeeded by

John his Son and Heir, who mar|ried Margaret, Daughter of Sir Adam Otterburn of Reid-hall, Lord Advo|cate in the Reign of King James V.m, by whom he had David his Son and Heir, likewise several Daughters,

1 Margaret married to David Bar|clay of Colearnyn, in Vic. de Fif, and had Issue.

2 Elizabeth to David Balfour of Montquhanyo, in Vic. de Fife.

3 Agnes to John Aitoun of Denmurep, and had Issue.

4 Eupham to Mr. David Carnagy of Coluthy, Ancestor to the Earl of Southesk.

He married to his second Wife Janet, Daughter of Alexander Trail of Bleboq, but by her he had no Issue; and dying in January 1572, was succeeded by

Sir David his Son and Heir, who married Cicil, Daughter of William Lord Ruthvenr, and dying in 1582, left Issue by his Wife aforesaid, John his Son and Heir, James Weems, first of the Family of Boges, DavidPage  490Weems of Finzies, Henry of whom the Branch of Foodiea, Patrick Weems of Rumgay; likewise several Daughters,

Margaret married to James Beatoun of Cricht, and had Issue,

Jean to Mr. James Macgill of Ran+killour, and had Issue.

. . . to . . . Fotheringhame of Powrie.

Janet to Sir David Auchmutie of That-Ilk, and again to James Lear|mont of Dairsie.

Which Sir John married Mary, Daughter of James Stewart Lord Downb, by whom he had David his eldest Son, who married Elizabeth, Daughter to Andrew Earl of Rothesc, but died without Issue, 7th of August 1608, Sir John his Successor, the first Earl of Weems; also Two Daughters, Janet married to Robert Lord Colvil, and Isobel to Hugh Lord Lovat.

Which Sir John was by the Favour of King Charles I. first made a Baronetd also by Letters Patent, bearing Date 1st of April 1628, raised to the Honour of the Peerage by the Title of Lord Weems of Elchoe, and fi|nally created Earl of Weems 25th of May 1633f. He dying Anno 1653g, left Issue by Jean his Wife, Daughter of Patrick Lord Gray, Da|vid his Successor; and five Daughters,

Mary married to John Lord Sin|clair, and had Issue,

Anne to Alexander Lindsay of Edle, and again to Mngo Viscount of Stor|moint.

Jean to Sir John Tours of Inner|leth, and nixt to Colonel Hary Maule of Balmakelly, and had Issue.

Elizabeth to Sir John Aiton of That-Ilk, and had Issue.

Catharine to Sir David Carnaigie of Craig Knight, but had no Issue.

Which David married first Jean Daughter of Robert Lord Burleigh, by whom he had one Daughter, Jean, married first to Archbald Earl of Angus; and next, to George Earl of Suther|land: His second Wife was Eleanor, Daughter of John Earl of Wigtoun, by whom he had no Issue; and his Third and last Wife was Margaret, Daughter of John Earl of Rothes, Wi|dow both of Alexander Lord Balgony, and of Francis Earl of Bucleugh, by whom he had only one Daughter, Lady Margaret Weems, on whom her Father, during his own Lifetime, settled the Honours of his Family, with Consent and Approbation of the Crown, with the Precedency of her Grand-Father's Creationh, to which she succeeded on his Demise An. 1679i. The Countess married Sir James Weems Kt. descended from the Caske|berry Branch of the Weemsesk, who thereupon was by the Favour of King Charles II. honoured with the Title of Lord Burntisland for his Lifetimel, and dying in 1685, left Issue by the Countess, David Lord Elcho, the present Earl of Weems, who succeed his Mother in her Honours, and Two Daughters,

Anne married to David Earl of Leven and Earl of Melvil.

Margaret to David the present Earl of Northesk.

Which David was one of the Lords of the Privy Council in the Reign of Queen Anne, by whom he was con|stituted Lord High Admiral of Scot|land, upon the Surrender of that Office by the Marquis of Montrose in the 1706; and the same Year his Lord|ship was one of the Commissioners on the Treaty of Union with Eng|land; upon the Commencement of which, he was declared Vice Admiral of Scotland, and he held the Office till the Accession of King George to the Crown, that his Lord|ship Page  491 was removed, and the Earl of Rothes put in his Room, Anno 1714.

He married Anne, Daughter of William Duke of Queensberry, by whom he had Two Sons,

David Lord Elcho, a noble Youth of fine Parts, and of very promising Hopes, who took great Care from his very Childhood to inform and quali|fy himself with the Knowledge of such Things as might be necessary and useful to him when he should come to act his Part in a publick Station, suitable to his High and Illustrious Extraction; but alas he was untime|ly snacht away by a malignant Fe|ver, which brought his Life to an End, on the 16th of December 1715, when he had not fully attained to the Age of Seventeen; whose Loss was not only lamented by his own noble Relations, but very univer|sally throughout the Kingdom, as a young Nobleman, who in Time was like to prove an Honour to the noble Family of Weems, and an Ornament and Support to his Country.

James Lord Elcho.


Quarterly 1st and 4th Or, a Lyon Rampant, Gules, 2d and 3d Argent. a Lyon Rampant Sable. Supporters, Two Swans. Crest, a Swan all proper. Motto, Je Pense.