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Tître Title
Sabbat Sabbath
Sable Sand
Sabler une allée Cover an allée with sand, to
Sacremens Sacraments
Sacrement Sacrament
Sagesse Wisdom
Sahara Sahara
Saint Louis, ordre de Order of Saint Louis
Sainteté Holiness
Saints, culte desa Saints, cult of
Salivation mercurielle Mercurial Salivation
Sallon de treillage Salon de treillage
Salonicki Thessaloniki
Salonicki, le golphe de Thessaloniki, Gulf of
Samanéen Samanean
Sang Blood
Sanhédrin Sanhedrin
Santé Health
Saouler Surfeit, to
Sarabande Saraband
Sarcloir Weeding hoe, spud
Sarment Vine shoot
Satiné Satiny
Satire Ménippé Satire, Menippean
Satisfaction Satisfaction
Sauce ou Sausse Sauce
Saussaye Willow plantation
Sauvageon Wild stock
Sauvages Savages
Savant, docte, habile Savant
Scandale Scandal
Scandaleux Scandalous
Schamans Shamans
Scie Gardener's saw
Science Science
Scion Scion, shoot
Scrotum Scrotum
Sculpture Sculpture
Sécheresse Drought
Secondes nôces Second Marriage
Sedum Sedum, stonecrop
Sel, impôt sur le Salt, Tax on
Semence, Semer Seed; to sow
Séminale Primary (root)
Semotte Offshoot (cabbage)
Sénégal, gomme du Senegal, Gum of
Sénégal, île Senegal, Island
Sénégal, le royaume du Senegal, Realm of
Sénégal, rivière de Senegal, River of
Senevé Mustard, mustard seed
Sens Senses
Sens commun Common Sense
Sensations Sensations
Sensibilité Sensibility
Sentiers Paths
Sentiment intime Inner sense
Séparation Separation
Septante, version des Septuagint
Sérenade Serenade
Serfouette Combined hoe and fork
Serfouir ou Serfouetter Hoe, to (vegetables); to break up (soil)
Serpiller Prune, to (palissade)
Setioler Become etiolated, to
Séville Seville
Séville Seville
Sevrer Sever, to
Sexe, le Female Sex
Signature Signature
Signet Bookmark
Sinani ou Moutarde Mustard
Sincérité Sincerity
Sincérité, franchise, naïveté, ingénuité Sincerity, frankness, naïveté, ingenuousness
Sines Sines
Situation du terrein Site
Sociable, Aimable Sociable, Urbane
Social Social
Société civile Civil Society
Société royale des Sciences Royal Society of Sciences
Socratique [abridged] Socratic Philosophy [abridged]
Sodomie Sodomy
Sommaire, Imprimer en Printing in summary
Sommeil Sleep
Sorcellerie Witchcraft
Sortilege Spells
Sortilege Spells
Sourde, Couche Cave
Sous-yeux 'Lower' eyes
Souveraineté Sovereignty
Souverains Sovereigns
Sparte ou Lacédémone Sparta
Spinosa, philosophie de Spinoza, Philosophy of
Spinosiste Spinozist
Stratford ou Stretford Stratford
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style Style
Style de chasse Hunting Style
Style oriental Oriental Style
Style, harmonie du Style, Harmony of
Sucre Sugar
Suer Exude, to
Suicide Suicide
Suicide Suicide
Superficiel Superficial
Superstition Superstition
Survente Overcharge, To
Systeme System