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Tître Title
RATATINÉ Shrivelled (fruit)
Rabaisser Lower, to; reduce
Rabats Falls
Rabot Gardener's plane
Raccourcir Shorten, to (branch)
Racler Scrape, to
Racloir Scraper (for edges)
Radis Radish
Rafle de dés Clean Sweep of the Dice
Rafraicher Refresh, to (tree roots)
Ragréer Smooth, to (sawn branch)
Raguse Ragusa
Raie Line, stroke
Raison Reason
Rajeunir Prune, to, revive (tree)
Ram ou Brama Rama or Brahma
Ramage Boughs
Rame, Ramille Stick, twig
Rameau Twig
Ramer Stake, to (peas)
Ramier Pile of wood
Rampes de gason Turf ramps
Rapprocher Bring together, to (branches)
Rateau Rake
Ratisser les gouttieres d'un livre à dorer sur tranche Scraping the fore-edge of a book for edge gilding
Ratisser les veaux Scraping the calfskins
Ratisser, Ratissage Rake, to; raking
Ratissoire Light rake; hoe
Raton Raccoon
Raveler Reduce, to; lower
Rayon Drill
Rayonner Drill, to, furrow (bed)
Réalgar Realgar
Rebarder Rake up soil to retain water, to
Rebi Matsuri
Rebiner Give the second digging, to
Reborder Trim, to (border)
Rébotter Cut back, to (grafted tree)
Réceper Cut back to the stump, to (tree)
Réchaud Layer of fresh manure (hotbed)
Rechauffement Layer of fresh manure (hotbed)
Rechauffer, Rechauffement Reheat, to; reheating
Rechausser Bank up the foot of (tree), to
Rechigner Plants which do not shoot vigorously
Récitatif Recitative
Recoquiller Curl up, to; shrivel
Recouvrir Cover over again, to
Refendre Separate, to; open out
Réformation Reformation
Réforme Reform
Réfugiés Refugees
Régaler Level, to (land), to spread evenly (soil)
Régicide Regicide
Registre Register
Registre Register
Réglets Rules
Regreffer Regraft, to
Rejettons, Jettons, Talles Scions, tillers
Relieur Binder
Religion Religion
Religion Religion
Religion Religion
Religion chrétienne Christian Religion
Religion des Grecs et des Romains Religion of the Greeks and Romans
Religion naturelle Natural Religion
Rélique Relic
Remuement, Remuer Removal (of earth); to dig (soil)
Rencaisser Re-box, to
Renversement Overbanking
Renverser une terre Turn, to, turn over
Repasser Rake, to
Repos Deadbeat
Repos, Reposer Rest, to rest
Representans [abridged] Representatives [abridged]
Représenter Represent, To
Reprise, Reprendre Take again, to
Ressuier Dry out, to (plant)
Restauration Restoration
Restauration Restoration
Retenir Check, to, restrain
Retiration Perfecting
Retourner Turn, to, turn over
Retrancher Cut off, to (branch)
Rêve Dream
Rêve Dream
Révélation Revelation
Révélation Revelation
Révélation Revelation
Revendeuse à la toilette Wardrobe reseller
Revenus de l'Etat State Revenues
Reverdir Grow green again, to (plant)
Revêtir Cover with, to
Révolte Revolt
Rhythme Rhythm
Rideaux Curtains (of hornbeam)
Rigole Trench
Rinceau Foliated scroll
Robe Skin (onion)
Rogner Trim, to, clip
Rogner les livres Cutting books
Roi King
Roman Novel
Roman Novel
Romarin Rosemary
Rompre Break, to (branch)
Ronce Bramble, blackberry
Rose Rose
Rose d'Inde Rosa indica
Rosette Rosette
Rosier Rosebush
Roue Wheel
Rouge Red
Rouge d'Angleterre English Red
Rouge d'Inde Indian Red
Rouge de carmin ou Carmin Carmine Red or Carmine
Rouge de corroyeur Tanner's Red
Rouleau Rounce
Rouleaux Rouleau(x)
Roux-Vent Nipping wind of April
Rue Rue
Ruée Rotting strawstack
Ruisseau Runnel
Rum Rum
Rumeur Rumor