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Tître Title
OEil Eye, latent bud
OEil des caracteres d'Imprimerie Typeface
OEillet Carnation; pink
OEilletonner Sucker, to
Observation [abridged] Observation [abridged]
Observations sur la Division des Sciences du Chancelier Bacon Observations on Bacon's Division of the Sciences
Occulte Occult
Oculation Disbudding
Ohio, L' Ohio, The (Geography)
Œiel (2) Type face (2)
Oignon Onion
Olivier Olive tree
Ombrage, Ombrager Shade; to shade
Onglet Guard
Opéra Opera
Opéra Opera
Opéra comique Opera, Comic
Opéra des Bamboches Opera des Bamboches
Opéra, Italien Opera, Italian
Oppresseur Oppressor
Oppression Oppression
Oppression Oppression
Optimisme Optimism
Or à dorer les livres Gold for Gilding Books
Oranger Orange tree
Organe Organ
Orient Orient
Orient Orient
Orient Orient
Orient, empire d' Eastern Empire
Orient, port de l' Lorient, Port of
Orion Orion
Orion Orion
Orme Elm
Orphelin Orphan
Oseraie Osier bed
Osier Osier
Oter Remove, to
Ourse Ursa
Ourse Ursa
Ourse d'artimon Mizen bowlines
Outil Tool
Ouvert Open
Ovale de Jardinier Gardener's oval