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Tître Title
Eau Water
Eau-forte, jetter l' Acid, to Sprinkle
Ebouler Fall in, to; Collapse
Ebourgeonner Disbud, to
Ebranche Stripped of its branches (tree)
Ecaller Shell, to
Ecarlate, Croix de Chevalier, Croix de Jerusalem Maltese cross, cross of Jerusalem
Ecclésiastique Ecclesiastic
Echapper Shoot too vigorously (tree), to
Echardonner Clear the ground of thistles, to
Echaude Triangular section of wood
Echauffer Heat, to
Échecs Chess
Echelle (simple et double) Single and double ladder
Echelon Grow in tiers, to
Echeniller, echenilloir Clear of caterpillars, to; tree pruner for removing caterpillar-infested branches
Echiquier; Quinconce Checker pattern; Quincunx
Eclaircir Thin, to
Eclater Rupture, to
Ecole School
Ecole School
Ecole, Philosophie de l' School, Philosophy of the
Economie ou oeconomie [abridged] Political Economy [abridged]
Economie rustique Rustic economy
Ecorce Bark
Ecorcher Chafe, to
Ecosse Scotland
Ecosse nouvelle Nova Scotia
Ecosser Shell, to; Hull, to
Ecriture Chinoise Writing, Chinese
Ecriture-Sainte Holy Scripture
Ecrivain Writer
Ecrivain Writer
Ecrivain, Auteur Writer, Author
Ecureuil Squirrel
Ecussonoir Budding knife
Ecuyer Crutch
Eden Eden
Edit des secondes nôces Edict on Second Marriages
Education Education
Effervescence Effervescence
Effeuiller Thin (tree leaves), to
Effile Elongate
Effondrer Deep trench (ground), to
Effort Effort
Effraiser Crumble, to; Crush (soil)
Effritte Exhausted (soil)
Egalité naturelle Natural Equality
Egayer Prune (tree), to
Eglantier, Rosier sauvage Rosa canina, dog rose
Eglise Church
Egouttoir Drainer
Egrapper Stalk (grapes), to
Egravilloner Remove soil (from roots), to
Egypte Egypt
Egyptiens Gypsies
Egyptiens, philosophie des Egyptian Philosophy
Elance Slender
Elégance Elegance
Elemens des Sciences Elements of the Sciences
Eléphans Elephants
Eléphant Elephant
Eléphant Elephant
Eléphant Elephant
Elever Raise, to
Eliter Select (tulips), to
Elle She
Eloges academiques Academic Eulogies
Eloquence Eloquence
Emancipation d'un Fils de famille Emancipation of a Son
Emancipation de la Femme Emancipation of the Wife
Emblaver Sow, to
Embryon Embryo
Emerus Scorpion senna
Emmanequiner Enclose the roots, to
Emmeulage Stacking
Emonder Prune, to; Formative pruning (non-fruiters)
Emotter Remove the root ball (tree), to
Emousser Remove moss, to
Empailler Pack, to (in straw); To cover (plants) with straw litter
Empetrum Empetrum
Emporte-piece Punch
Emporter Run to wood, to
Empoter Pot, to
Emulation Emulation
Enarber Arbor
Encaisser Box, to
Enchantement Enchantment
Enchantement Enchantment
Enchantement Enchantment
Encre noir Printing Ink
Encrier d'Imprimerie Ink-Block
Encyclopédie Encyclopedia
Endosser Rounding
Energumène Energumen
Enfance Childhood
Enfant Child
Enfilade Enfilade
Enfoncer To drive in
Enfouir To bury (manure)
Engorgement Blocking (vascular tissue)
Enregistrement des priviléges ou permissions pour l'impression des livres Registration of printing privileges
Enrouiller To discolour (grass)
Enroulement Scroll
Ente, Enter, Enture Graft; to graft; incision (for grafting)
Enthousiasme Enthusiasm
Entoirs Grafting Knife
Entrechat Entrechat
Envie Envy
Eolians Eolians
Ephore Ephor
Epicuréisme ou Epicurisme [abridged] Epicureanism [abridged]
Epierrer To remove stones (from soil)
Epistolaire Epistolary
Epouvantail Scarecrow
Epreuve Proof
Epreuve Proof in Copper-Plate Printing
Equation différentielle Differential Equation
Erable Acer, maple
Erecteurs du Clitoris ou Ischio-Caverneux Erectors of the Clitoris or Ischiocavernous
Erectors de la Verge Erectors of the Penis or Ischiocavernous
Erotique Erotic
Erreur Error
Erreur Error
Erreur Error
Erreur (proposition d') Error, proposition of
Erreur commune Common error
Erreur de calcul Error of calculation
Erreur de compte Counting Error
Erreur de droit Error of law
Erreur de fait Error of fact
Erreur de lieu Error of place
Erreur de nom Error of name
Erreur de personne Error of person
Erudit Erudite
Escalier de Gazon Turf stairway
Esclavage Esclavage
Esclavage Slavery
Esclavage Slavery
Escrime Fencing
Espacer To space
Espagne Spain
Espalier Espalier
Espérance Hope
Esplanade Esplanade
Essarter Clear (ground), To
Essorer Dry, to
Estioler Etiolated (plant), To become
Estrade Platform
Estropier Maim, to
Etage Tier
Etançonner une presse d'imprimerie Bracing a press
Etançons de presse d'Imprimerie Braces of printing press
Etat de nature State of Nature
Été Summer
Etendards Standards
Etêter Pollard, to
Etoile Star
Etoile Star
Etouffe Choked
Etrange Strange
Etronconner Pollard, to
Europe Europe
Evaser, Evase Broaden, to
Evenement Event
Evenement Event
Eventail Fan
Eventer, evente, expose a l'air Expose, to; exposed (roots)
Exiger Demand
Exil Exile
Exotique Exotic
Expérience Experience
Explication détaillée du système des connaissances humaines Detailed Explanation of the System of Human Knowledge
Extrème-onction Extreme Unction
Extrémités du corps humain Extremities of the Human Body