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Tître Title
Cacao ou Cacoyer Cocoa or Cocoa Tree
Caisse Tub
Calcul différentiel Differential Calculus
Californie California
Callosite Callosity
Calus Callus
Calvinisme Calvinism
Calvinists Calvinists
Cambrer un livre Cambering a Book
Canada Canada
Canadiens, philosophie des Canadians, Philosophy of the
Canal Canal
Canal (en cascade) Cascading canal
Canon Canon
Canon Canon
Canon Canon
Canons des Apôtres Canons of the Apostles
Cantharide Cantharides
Caprons Hautbois strawberries
Capuchon Cowl
Caractère Character
Caractère des nations Character of Nations
Caractère des sociétés ou corps particuliers Character of Societies and Particular Groups
Caracteres d'Imprimerie Printing type
Cardes Chards, Swiss chards
Cardons Cynara cardunculus, cardoons
Carême Lent
Carillon Chimes
Carnaval Carnival
Carne Flesh-colored
Carreau Square compartment
Carrefour Crossroads
Carton Card
Cartonnier Boardmaker
Cartouche Cartouche
Cartouche Cartridge
Cascade Cascade
Case ou Casse d'imprimerie Printer's Case
Casse-motte Clod-breaker
Castor & Pollux Castor and Pollux
Catilinettes Ox-eye daisy, margeurite
Caucase Caucasus
Cause Cause
Causes finales Final Causes
Cayeux Offset bulbs
Celeri Celery
Célibat Celibacy
Celtiberiens Celtiberians
Censeurs de livres Censors of Books
Centaures Centaurs
Cercifi, Salsifi Tragopogon porrifolius, salisify
Cerisaye Cherry orchard
Cesure Caesura
Ceuta Ceuta
Chair Flesh, pulp
Chambre royale et syndicale de la Librairie et Imprimerie Royal and Syndical Office of Publishing and Printing
Chamfrein Chamfer, chamfered edge
Chance, Bonheur Luck, Happiness
Chancre Canker
Chapelet Chapelet
Charger Laden, To be
Charidotès Charidotes
Charlatan Charlatan
Charmille Hornbeam, hornbeam hedge
Charree Lye ashes
Chassis de verre Frame, cold frame
Chasteté Chastity
Chataigner, Le Chestnut tree
Chataigneraye Chestnut grove
Chatelain Lord of the manor
Chatouillement Tickling
Chatrer Cut back, to; castrate, to; clear, to
Chaudiere Vat
Chaufournier Lime Kiln Worker
Chausser Earth up, to
Chauve-souris, vespertilio Bat
Chef d'Oeuvre Masterpiece
Chenaie Oak grove
Chetif, Frele Puny, fragile
Chevelu Root hairs
Cheville Peg
Chevrons de gason Turf chevrons
Chicots Stumps, snags
Chien de mer Dogfish
Chiffes Rags
Chiffonnier Rag-seller
Chiffons Rags
Chimbo-Raco Chimborazo
Chocolat Chocolate
Chocolat Chocolate
Chondrille Chondrilla
Chorages Skene
Choux Cabbages
Christianisme Christianity
Chronologique (machine.) Chronological (machine)
Chronometre Chronometer
Chute de Terrain Fall of land
Chymie Chemistry
Ciboule, Ciboulette Spring onion
Cidre Cider
Ciseau de Jardinage Gardening Shears
Ciseau de Relieur Bookbinder’s Scissors
Citoyen Citizen
Citronnier Lemon Tree
Cive, Civette Chives, Allium schoenoprasum
Civilité, Politesse, Affabilité Civility, Politeness, Affability
Claionnage Wattling
Clavecin oculaire Ocular Harpsichord
Clé Key
Clematite Clematis
Clergé Clergy
Clergés Clergies
Climat Climate
Clitoris Clitoris
Cloche Bell-glass, straw cloche
Clocher Bell Tower
Cloitre Cloister
Clos, Enclos Enclosure
Coeffer un livre Setting the Headcaps
Coffiner Shrivel, to
Coin, Couteau de bois Wooden wedge
Coins Corners
Coins Quoins
Colère Anger
Collage Sizing
Collège [abridged] College [abridged]
Colombine Pigeon-dung
Colon Colonist
Colonades vertes Green colonnades
Colonie Colony
Coloris Color, coloring
Colutea Colutea orientalis
Combinaison Combination
Comédie Comedy
Comique Comic
Commerce Commerce
Commune Common
Commune Common
Commune ou communes Commune or Commons
Commune renommée Common Knowledge
Communes Commons
Compas cambré à ature Cambered Dividers
Compositeur Typesetter
Composition Typesetting
Comprendre Understand, To
Confirmation Confirmation
Congo Congo
Conscience Consciousness
Conservation des forces vives Conservation of Kinetic Energy
Constantinople Constantinople
Construction Construction
Continuité, loi de Continuity, Law of
Contrat de Mariage Marriage Contract
Contre Against
Contre Contre
Contre du contre, parer au ou Parade du cercle Counter with a counter
Contre, parer au Counter
Contre-espalier Contre-espalier
Conversation, entretien Conversation, Discussion
Coque Husk
Coquelicot, papaver Red poppy
Coquille Scallop
Corail de jardin Garden coral
Corde Stringy
Corde du rouleau Girths
Cordeliers Grey Friars
Cordes Cords
Cordon Turf band
Coris Coris
Cormier Sorbus
Cornichon Gherkin
Cornouiller Cornus
Corps Type body
Correct Correctness
Correcteur d'Imprimerie Proofreader
Corruption Corruption
Corruption des humeurs Corruption of Humors
Corruption du sang Corruption of the Blood
Corruption publique Public Corruption
Cosmologie Cosmology
Cotiere Sloping bed
Cotir Bruise, to
Coton Down
Coton [abridged] Cotton [abridged]
Cotonneux Woolly
Couchart Coucher
Couche Bed
Coucher Lay out, to
Coucou Cuckoo
Coucou Cuckoo
Coucou Cuckoo
Coucou Cuckoo
Coude Bend, elbow
Coudrier Hazel tree, corylus
Couper Cut, to
Couplets de Presse d'Imprimerie Hinges of the Printing Press
Cour Court
Courante Courante
Courge Gourd
Couronne Stag-head, corona
Courtisan Courtier
Couteau à parer Paring Knife
Couteau à rogner Plow Blade
Couteau pour couper l'or Gold Knife
Couvrir Cover, to
Couvrir Covering
Cran Cran
Crapaud Toad
Crapaudine Platen plate
Crédulité Credulity
Croire Believe
Croiser Cross, to
Croissance Growth
Croix de Jerusalem ou de Malte Cross of Jerusalem, Maltese cross
Croix de Saint Andre Saint Andrew's Cross
Croix ou pile Heads or Tails
Crossette Cutting
Crotin de mouton Sheep droppings
Cueillette Fruit picking
Cuisine Cuisine
Cul de poele Cul-de-poele
Culots Culots
Culotte Breeches
Culs-de-sac Culs-de-sac
Culte Worship
Cultiver Cultivate, to
Curiosité Curiosity
Curures Dregs
Cuticule Cuticle
Cuve Vat
Cuve du moulin à papier à cylindres Vat for the paper beater
Cuvette Cistern
Cyclamen, Pain de Pourceau Cyclamen, sowbread
Cylindres du Moulin à paper Cylinders of the Papermill