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Tître Title
Babel Babel
Bac Small basin, pond
Bache Cistern
Baconisme ou Philosophie de Bacon Baconism or the Philosophy of Bacon
Bacquet Finishing Tub
Bacqueter (l'eau) Sprinkle (water), To
Bahu Cambered
Balancier Balance
Balaustier Wild pomegranate
Balles d'imprimerie Ink Balls
Ballet Ballet
Ballets de chevaux Equestrian ballets
Ballets aux chansons Ballets of songs
Ballets de collége Academy ballets
Balotin Balotin lemon
Banc d'imprimerie Printer's Bench
Banc de jardin Garden seat
Banc du Roi King's Bench
Bangue ou chanvre des Indes Bhang or Indian Hemp
Banqueroute Bankruptcy
Banqueroutier Bankrupt
Banquette Banquette
Baobab, ou Hahobab Baobab
Baraicus Baraicus
Barbares Barbarians
Barbarie Barbary
Barckshire Berkshire
Baromètre Barometer
Barrette Arm (wheel)
Barrette Barrette
Barrieres Barriers
Bas Low
Basilic Ocimum basilicum, sweet basil
Bassesse Lowness
Bassette Basset
Bassiner Sprinkle, To
Batard Wild plants
Batardiere Nursery bed, reserve border
Batrachomyomachie Batrachomyomachia
Battée Beaten Section
Battre du papier Beating paper
Battre les cartons Beating the Boards
Battre les ficelles Beating the slips
Battre les livres pour les relier Beating Books for Binding
Battre les plats Beat the Boards
Baucis et Philemon Baucis and Philemon
Baver Drip, To
Beau Beautiful
Beau/joli Beautiful/nice
Bec de Corbin Bec de Corbin
Beche Spade
Beelzebub Beelzebub
Belvedere Toadflax
Benguela Benguela
Bequiller Spud, to
Berceau d'eau Berceau d'eau, water bower
Berceau de presse Ribs of the printing press
Berceau, Tonnelle Bower, tunnel arbour
Bergamottes Bergamot oranges
Beurre Butter
Biais, Biaiser Slant; Slant, To
Bible Bible
Bible Bible (additional notes)
Bibles Arabes Bibles (Arabic)
Bibles Arméniennes Bibles (Armenian)
Bibles Chaldéens Bibles (Chaldean)
Bibles Cophtes Bibles (Coptic)
Bibles Ethiopiennes Bibles (Ethiopian)
Bibles Gothiques Bibles (Gothic)
Bibles Grecques Bibles (Greek)
Bibles Latines Bibles (Latin)
Bibles Muscovites Bibles (Moscovite)
Bibles Orientales Bibles (Oriental)
Bibles Persannes Bibles (Persian)
Bibles Syriaques Bibles (Syriac)
Bibliomanie Bibliomania
Bibliotaphe Bibliotaph
Biblistes Bibleists
Bierre Beer
Bigarradier Seville orange tree
Bigorne Anvil
Binette Hoe
Biseau Bevel
Blanc Powdery mildew
Blanc d'oeuf Egg White
Blanc de l'oeil White of the eye
Blé Wheat
Bleu Blue
Bocage Copse
Bois de moule servant à fondre les caracteres d'Imprimerie Woods of the Hand-Mould
Bois sacrés Sacred Woods
Boîte Hose
Bon Good
Bon-Sens Common Sense
Bonheur Happiness
Bonne-dame (atriplex) Orache
Border To edge
Bordure Edging
Borner Round, to
Bosquet Ornamental grove, bosquet
Bostangi Bachi Bostanci Basi
Botteler Bale, to
Bouchon Webbing
Boudin Blood Sausage
Bouillon Bouillon
Boulanger Baker
Bouleau Birch, silver birch
Boulingrin Sunken parterre
Boulins Putlogs
Bouquet Fleuron
Bourgeon, bouton Bud
Bourlet Large callus growth
Bouton Bud
Bouture Cutting, set
Branches Branches
Bras Lateral shoots, 'arms'
Bras seculier Secular Arm
Brin Shoot
Brindille Brindille
Brise-vents Windbreak
Broche du rouleau Spindle of the rounce
Brocher Brocading
Brocher Pamphlet Binding
Brocoli Sprouting broccoli
Broderie Broderie
Brossailles Brossailles
Brosse d'imprimerie Printer's Brush
Brouillard Blotter
Brouille Blurred, muddy
Brouir, Brouissure Blight, to; Blight
Bruyère Heather
Buche Log
Buis Box
Buisson Bush
Bupthalmum, Oiel de Boeuf Bupthalmum salicifolium, ox-eye
Burlesque Burlesque
But, Vue, Dessein Goal, Purpose, Design
Butter Earth up, to
bete, animal, brute Beast, Animal, Brute