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Title Tître
Tableau Tableau
Tail Queue
Tailor Tailleur
Tailor of Suits Tailleur d'habits
Take again, to Reprise, Reprendre
Tan Tan
Tanner's Red Rouge de corroyeur
Tanning Vat Imprimerie
Tapis vert, greenward Tapis
Taproot Pivot d'Arbre
Targe Targe
Taste Goût
Temperament Tempérament
Temple Temple, Tempe
Temples of the Sun Temples du Soleil
Tenter Temploie
Terrace Terrasse
Terrace maker Terrassier
Testament Testament
Thames Tamise
Thames Thamise, la
Theater Pit Parterre
Theater Pit Parterre
Theatre of the ancients Théatre des anciens
Theocracy Théocratie
Theology Théologie
Thessaloniki Salonicki
Thessaloniki, Gulf of Salonicki, le golphe de
Thicket Fourre
Thin (tree leaves), to Effeuiller
Thin, to Eclaircir
Thomists Thomistes
Tickling Chatouillement
Tier Etage
Tiger Tigre
Tiller Talle
Time Tems
Titling Faire les Noms
To bury (manure) Enfouir
To discolour (grass) Enrouiller
To drive in Enfoncer
To edge Border
To nick Navrer
To remove stones (from soil) Epierrer
To space Espacer
To stop Arreter
Toad Crapaud
Toadflax Belvedere
Tobacco Tabac
Toilette Toilette
Tolerance Tolérance
Tone Ton
Tool Outil
Top, head Tête
Toulouse Toulouse
Toulousean Toulousain, le
Trace out, to; tracer Tracer, Traceur
Tracing-awl Traçoir
Tragedy Tragédie
Tragopogon porrifolius, salisify Cercifi, Salsifi
Train, to; to nail up; training; nailing up Palisser, Palissage
Transcendental or Metaphysical Truth Vérité métaphysique ou transcendentale
Translation Traduction
Translator Traducteur
Transport; to transport Transport, Transporter
Transposition Postposition
Travel Voyage
Travesty Travesti
Tread, to (soil) Plomber
Tread, to (tree) Plomber un arbre
Tree Arbre
Tree nursery Pepiniere
Trefoil Treffle
Trellis pilaster Pilastre de Treillage
Trellis portique Portique de treillage
Trellis-work Treillage
Trench Rigole
Trench Tranchée
Triangular section of wood Echaude
Tribunal Tribunal
Tribunals of Rome Tribunaux de Rome
Tribunals of the Jews Tribunaux de Juifs
Trifolium, clover Trifolium
Trim a tree (for planting), to Habiller
Trim, to (border) Reborder
Trim, to, clip Rogner
Trio Trio
Trough Auge
Trustee Sequestre
Truthfulness Véracité
Tub Caisse
Tub Porte-presse
Tuber Tubercule
Tuft; densely wooded Touffe, Touffu
Tufts (leaves) Foudres
Tulipa, tulip Tulipe
Tunnel arbour, bower Tonnelle
Turf amphitheatre, vertugadin Amphitheatre de Gason, Vertugadin
Turf band Cordon
Turf bank, slope Talud
Turf chevrons Chevrons de gason
Turf ramps Rampes de gason
Turf stairway Escalier de Gazon
Turf steps Gradins de Gazon
Turn, to, turn over Renverser une terre
Turn, to, turn over Retourner
Twig Rameau
Twisting the cords Tortiller les ficelles
Tying-up Fouetter
Tympan Tympan
Type Type
Type Type
Type Type
Type body Corps
Type face (2) Œiel (2)
Typeface OEil des caracteres d'Imprimerie
Typefounder's Stone Pierre servant aux fondeurs de caracteres d'imprimerie
Typesetter Compositeur
Typesetting Composition
Tyrannicide Tyrannicide
Tyrant Tyran