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Title Tître
Raccoon Raton
Radish Radis
Rag Drapeau
Rag Loque
Rag-seller Chiffonnier
Rag-seller Drillier
Rag-seller Peillier
Rags Chiffes
Rags Chiffons
Rags Drapeaux
Rags Drilles
Ragusa Raguse
Raise, to Elever
Raised Bands Nervure
Rake Fauchet
Rake Rateau
Rake up soil to retain water, to Rebarder
Rake, to Repasser
Rake, to; raking Ratisser, Ratissage
Raking-stick Garrot
Rama or Brahma Ram ou Brama
Raspberry Framboisier
Re-box, to Decaisser
Re-box, to Rencaisser
Realgar Réalgar
Reason Raison
Recitative Récitatif
Reclaim (land), to Defricher
Rectangular flower bed Planche de Jardin
Rectitude Honnêteté
Red Rouge
Red poppy Coquelicot, papaver
Red Sea Mer Rouge
Reduce, to; lower Raveler
Refinement of metals Affinage des métaux
Reform Réforme
Reformation Réformation
Refresh, to (tree roots) Rafraicher
Refugees Réfugiés
Regicide Régicide
Register Registre
Register Registre
Registration of printing privileges Enregistrement des priviléges ou permissions pour l'impression des livres
Regraft, to Regreffer
Reheat, to; reheating Rechauffer, Rechauffement
Relic Rélique
Religion Religion
Religion Religion
Religion Religion
Religion of the Greeks and Romans Religion des Grecs et des Romains
Removal (of earth); to dig (soil) Remuement, Remuer
Remove irregular group of branches, to Detoupillonner
Remove moss, to Emousser
Remove soil (from roots), to Egravilloner
Remove the root ball (tree), to Emotter
Remove, to Oter
Represent, To Représenter
Representatives [abridged] Representans [abridged]
Rest, to rest Repos, Reposer
Restoration Restauration
Restoration Restauration
Resulting force Force résultante
Revelation Révélation
Revelation Révélation
Revelation Révélation
Revolt Révolte
Rhythm Rhythme
Ribs of the printing press Berceau de presse
Riddle, to Passer a la Claie
Ripen, To Aouter
Ripen, to; Ripe Meurir, Mure
Rising (of sap) Ascension (de la seve)
Roman Lotteries Loteries des Romains
Root ball Motte
Root hairs Chevelu
Rosa canina, dog rose Eglantier, Rosier sauvage
Rosa indica Rose d'Inde
Rose Rose
Rosebush Rosier
Rosemary Romarin
Rosette Rosette
Rot Morve
Rotting strawstack Ruée
Rouleau(x) Rouleaux
Rounce Rouleau
Round Table Table ronde
Round, to Borner
Rounding Endosser
Royal Academy of Inscriptions and Literature Academie Royale Des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres
Royal Academy of Sciences Académie Royale des Sciences
Royal Academy of Spain Académie Royale d'Espagne, L'
Royal and Syndical Office of Publishing and Printing Chambre royale et syndicale de la Librairie et Imprimerie
Royal Banquets Festins Royaux
Royal Professors Professeurs royaux
Royal Society of Sciences Société royale des Sciences
Rubbing of Letters Frotter
Rue Rue
Rules Réglets
Rum Rum
Rumor Rumeur
Run to wood, to Emporter
Runnel Ruisseau
Rupture, to Eclater
Rustic economy Economie rustique
Rye straw Pleyon