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Title Tître
Oak grove Chenaie
Obolus Danaqué
Observation [abridged] Observation [abridged]
Observations on Bacon's Division of the Sciences Observations sur la Division des Sciences du Chancelier Bacon
Obstetrician Accoucheur
Occult Occulte
Ocimum basilicum, sweet basil Basilic
Ocular Harpsichord Clavecin oculaire
Offset bulbs Cayeux
Offshoot (cabbage) Semotte
Ohio, The (Geography) Ohio, L'
Oil Huile
Oiler Tigeron
Olive tree Olivier
Onion Oignon
Open Ouvert
Open ground Aire
Opera Opéra
Opera Opéra
Opera des Bamboches Opéra des Bamboches
Opera, Comic Opéra comique
Opera, Italian Opéra, Italien
Oppression Oppression
Oppression Oppression
Oppressor Oppresseur
Optimism Optimisme
Orache Bonne-dame (atriplex)
Orange tree Oranger
Orchard Verger
Order of Saint Louis Saint Louis, ordre de
Organ Organe
Orient Orient
Orient Orient
Orient Orient
Oriental Style Style oriental
Orion Orion
Orion Orion
Ornament Fleuron
Ornamental fountains Fontaines artificielles
Ornamental grove, bosquet Bosquet
Ornamental seeds Graine
Orphan Orphelin
Osier Osier
Osier bed Oseraie
Ostrich Autruche (en latin struthio ou struthio-camelus)
Overbanking Renversement
Overcharge, To Survente
Ox-eye daisy, margeurite Catilinettes