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Title Tître
Labyrinth, maze Labyrinthe
Lacedaemon, Republic of Lacédémone
Lack, to; Fail, to Manquer
Lackey Laquais
Laden, To be Charger
Lambourdes, spurs Lambourdes
Landscape Painter Paysagiste
Landscape Painting Paysage
Langres Langres
Language Langage
Language Langue
Languish, to Languir
Larache Larache
Large callus growth Bourlet
Last Will Volonté dernière
Lateral shoots, 'arms' Bras
Laterals Ailes
Lattice, to bud Maille, Mailler
Law of Nature, or Natural Law Droit de la nature, ou droit naturel
Lawgiver Législateur
Lay out, to Coucher
Lay, to (sods of turf) Plaquer
Layer Lit
Layer Marcotte
Layer of fresh manure (hotbed) Rechauffement
Layer of fresh manure (hotbed) Réchaud
Layer, to (vinestocks) Provigner
Layer, to (vinestocks); layered branches Provigner, Provins
Layered vinestock Provin
Laying Board Drapant
Layout Distribution
Leaded [Colored with graphite] Plombé
Learn Apprendre
Leeds Leeds
Legal Medicine Médecine légale
Legislation Legislation
Leibnitzianism, or the Philosophy of Leibnitz Léibnitzianisme ou Philosophie de Léibnitz
Leisure Loisir
Lemon Tree Citronnier
Lent Carême
Lesbian Tribade
Lettuce Laitue
Leucojum Leucoium ou Perceneige
Level, to Dresser
Level, to (land), to spread evenly (soil) Régaler
Lever Levier
Levity Légereté
Liais Stone Liais, pierre de
Libel [abridged] Libelle [abridged]
Library Librairie
Lie Mensonge
Lie, Unofficial Mensonge Officieux
Light rake; hoe Ratissoire
Lilith Lilith
Lime grove Tillet
Lime Kiln Worker Chaufournier
Limit Limite
Limited monarchy Monarchie limitée
Line (of box) Trait de buis
Line, stroke Raie
Lining-stick Justification
Lion Lion, leo
Lisbon Lisbonne
Lobes (of a seed) Lobes (d'une graine)
Locule Loge
Loftiness Hauteur
Log Buche
London Londres
Longitudinal section (land) Profil de terre
Lonicera Frole , Chamaecerasus
Loose Meuble
Loosen, Break up, To Ameublir
Lord of the manor Chatelain
Lorient, Port of Orient, port de l'
Lottery Loterie
Louisbourg Louisbourg
Love apples, tomatoes Pommes d'Amour
Love of Esteem Amour de l'estime
Love, Gallantry Amour, Galanterie
Love-lies-bleeding; cat tail Passe Velours ou Queues de Renard
Lover, In Love Amant, Amoureux
Low Bas
Low-lying land Fondis
Lower, to; reduce Rabaisser
Lowness Bassesse
Luck, Happiness Chance, Bonheur
Luke, Gospel According to Luc, Evangile de saint
Lutheranism Lutheranisme
Luxury Luxe
Lycanthrope or Werewolf Lycanthrope, ou Loup-Garou
Lye Lessive
Lye ashes Charree
Lyon Lyon
Lyric Lyrique
Lyric poem Poème lyrique
Lyric Poetry Poésie lyrique