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Title Tître
Iceberg Montagne de glaces
Iconography Iconographie
Iconology Iconologie
Identical Identique
Idiot Idiot
Idol, Idolator, Idolatry Idole, Idolatre, Idolatrie
Ill-fated Funeste
Illapse Illaps
Illinois Illinois
Immature (pods, peas) Plateau
Imperfect Imparfait
Imperfect Imparfait
Imposing stone Marbre
Impoverish (tree), to Fatiguer (un arbre)
Impressing Pousser
Imprimerie de Constantinople Imprimerie de Constantinople
Imprimerie-royale Imprimerie-royale
Impulse arc Levée, arc de
Inca Inca/Ynca
Incest Inceste
Incestuous Marriage Mariage incestueux
Incogniti Incogniti
Incorrect liaison Approche
Incubus Incube
Indian Red Rouge d'Inde
Indigent Indigent
Indiscreet Indiscret
Indulgence Indulgence
Infibulation Infibulation
Infirmary Infirmerie
Ink Balls Balles d'imprimerie
Ink-Block Encrier d'Imprimerie
Innate Inné
Inner sense Sentiment intime
Innominati Innominati
Inoculation Inoculation
Inoculation Inoculation
Inoculation Inoculation
Inquisition Inquisition
Inquisition Tribunal Tribunal de l'Inquisition
Inscription Inscription
Inscription Inscription
Inscription Inscription
Inscription Inscription
Inscription and Letters, Royal Academy of Inscription et Belles-Lettres, Académie royale des
Inserts Lardons
Instant Instant
Integral Intégral
Intimidate Intimider
Intolerance Intolérance
Intolerance Intolérance
Intolerant Man Intolérant
Invariable Invariable
Invention Invention
Involucre Fane
Irascible Irascible
Iris Iris
Iroquois Iroquois
Irregular group of branches (on tree) Toupillon
Irreligious Irréligieux
Irreverence Irrévérence
Islam Islam
Island, islet Isle
Ithaca Ithaque Isle