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Title Tître
Cabbages Choux
Caesalpinia bonduc Patte d'Araignee
Caesura Cesure
Caliber Calibre
California Californie
Callosity Callosite
Callus Calus
Calvinism Calvinisme
Calvinists Calvinists
Cambered Bahu
Cambered Dividers Compas cambré à ature
Cambering a Book Cambrer un livre
Canada Canada
Canadians, Philosophy of the Canadiens, philosophie des
Canal Canal
Canker Chancre
Cannibals Anthropophages
Canon Canon
Canon Canon
Canon Canon
Canons of the Apostles Canons des Apôtres
Cantharides Cantharide
Card Carton
Carmine Red or Carmine Rouge de carmin ou Carmin
Carnation; pink OEillet
Carnival Carnaval
Cartouche Cartouche
Cartridge Cartouche
Cascade Cascade
Cascading canal Canal (en cascade)
Castor and Pollux Castor & Pollux
Casuist Casuiste
Caterer Traiteur
Caucasus Caucase
Cause Cause
Cave Sourde, Couche
Celery Celeri
Celibacy Célibat
Celtiberians Celtiberiens
Censors of Books Censeurs de livres
Centaura jacea Ambrette, Fleur du Grand Seigneur
Centaurs Centaures
Central and Centrifugal Forces Forces centrales & centrifuges
Cerebral sinus Sinus du cerveau
Ceuta Ceuta
Chafe, to Ecorcher
Chamfer, chamfered edge Chamfrein
Chapelet Chapelet
Character Caractère
Character of Nations Caractère des nations
Character of Societies and Particular Groups Caractère des sociétés ou corps particuliers
Chards, Swiss chards Cardes
Charidotes Charidotès
Charlatan Charlatan
Chastity Chasteté
Check, to, restrain Retenir
Checker pattern; Quincunx Echiquier; Quinconce
Cheese Fromage
Cheese Fromage
Chemistry Chymie
Cherry orchard Cerisaye
Chess Échecs
Chestnut grove Chataigneraye
Chestnut tree Chataigner, Le
Child Enfant
Childhood Enfance
Chimborazo Chimbo-Raco
Chimes Carillon
Chives, Allium schoenoprasum Cive, Civette
Chocolate Chocolat
Chocolate Chocolat
Choked Etouffe
Chondrilla Chondrille
Christian Holidays Fêtes des Chrétiens
Christian Name Nom de Baptême
Christian Religion Religion chrétienne
Christianity Christianisme
Chronological (machine) Chronologique (machine.)
Chronometer Chronometre
Church Eglise
Church Father Père de l'église
Cider Cidre
Cistern Bache
Cistern Cuvette
Citizen Citoyen
Civil Society Société civile
Civility, Politeness, Affability Civilité, Politesse, Affabilité
Clasps Fermoirs
Claw Griffe (de renoncule)
Clean Sweep of the Dice Rafle de dés
Clean, to; to correct Nettoyer, Rectifier
Clear (ground), To Essarter
Clear of caterpillars, to; tree pruner for removing caterpillar-infested branches Echeniller, echenilloir
Clear the ground of thistles, to Echardonner
Clear, to Degarnir
Clear, to Degrader
Clematis Clematite
Clergies Clergés
Clergy Clergé
Climate Climat
Clingstone Pavie
Clip, to; clipped (hedge) Tondre, Tondu
Clitoris Clitoris
Clod-breaker Casse-motte
Cloister Cloitre
Cluster Trochet
Coats of arms Armes
Cock (clock) Coq
Cock (watch) Coq
Cocoa or Cocoa Tree Cacao ou Cacoyer
Cold Froid
College [abridged] Collège [abridged]
Colonist Colon
Colony Colonie
Color with Verdigris Verdir
Color, coloring Coloris
Colour, to, ripen; ripe Tourner, Tourné
Colutea orientalis Colutea
Combination Combinaison
Combined hoe and fork Serfouette
Come up, to; To lift Lever
Comedy Comédie
Comic Comique
Command Commande
Commerce Commerce
Common Commune
Common Commune
Common error Erreur commune
Common Knowledge Commune renommée
Common mullein Molene, bouillon blanc, ou bon-homme
Common Sense Bon-Sens
Common Sense Sens commun
Commons Communes
Commune or Commons Commune ou communes
Complutensian Polyglot Bible Polyglotte de Ximenes
Compost, to (soil) Terroter
Conceal, to Masquer
Conception Conception
Concert Concert
Concert Spirituel Concert Spirituel
Concertant Concertant
Concerto Concerto
Conducting tissue Fistules ou Canaux
Confessor Confesseur
Confirmation Confirmation
Congo Congo
Consciousness Conscience
Consecrated Bread Pain béni
Conservation of Kinetic Energy Conservation des forces vives
Constantinople Constantinople
Construction Construction
Contempt Mépris
Contestation Contestation
Continuity, Law of Continuité, loi de
Contre Contre
Contre-espalier Contre-espalier
Controversy Controverse
Conversation, Discussion Conversation, entretien
Copse Bocage
Copyright Droit de copie
Cordillera of the Andes Cordeliere des Andes
Cords Cordes
Coris Coris
Corners Coins
Cornus Cornouiller
Correctness Correct
Corruption Corruption
Corruption of Humors Corruption des humeurs
Corruption of the Blood Corruption du sang
Cosmology Cosmologie
Cotton [abridged] Coton [abridged]
Coucher Couchart
Counter Contre, parer au
Counter with a counter Contre du contre, parer au ou Parade du cercle
Counter-proof in copper-plate printing Contr'épreuve
Counting Error Erreur de compte
Courante Courante
Court Cour
Courtesan Courtisane
Courtier Courtisan
Cover Tandelet
Cover an allée with sand, to Sabler une allée
Cover over again, to Recouvrir
Cover with, to Revêtir
Cover, to Couvrir
Covered walk Galerie
Covered with leaves, to be Garnir
Covering Couvrir
Cowl Capuchon
Crack (soil), to Fendre
Craft [abridged] Metier [abridged]
Cran Cran
Credibility Credibilité
Credulity Crédulité
Criticism, Censure Critique, Censure
Cross (walk) Traverse
Cross of Jerusalem, Maltese cross Croix de Jerusalem ou de Malte
Cross, to Croiser
Crossroads Carrefour
Crumble, to; Crush (soil) Effraiser
Crutch Ecuyer
Crutch, prop Tuteur
Cuckoo Coucou
Cuckoo Coucou
Cuckoo Coucou
Cuckoo Coucou
Cuisine Cuisine
Cul-de-poele Cul de poele
Culots Culots
Culs-de-sac Culs-de-sac
Cultivate, to Cultiver
Curiosity Curiosité
Curl up, to; shrivel Recoquiller
Currant bush Groseillier
Curse Maléfice
Curtains (of hornbeam) Rideaux
Cut a Suit, To Tailler un habit
Cut back to the stump, to (tree) Réceper
Cut back, to (grafted tree) Rébotter
Cut back, to; castrate, to; clear, to Chatrer
Cut off, to (branch) Retrancher
Cut the tillers off (plant), to Detaler
Cut up, to; Divide Decouper
Cut, to Couper
Cut-work Piece Coupées
Cuticle Cuticule
Cutting Crossette
Cutting books Rogner les livres
Cutting of Punches for Print Characters Gravure de Caracteres d'Imprimerie
Cutting of punches for type Poinçons a lettre, Gravure des
Cutting Room Dérompoir
Cutting the frisket Tailler la frisquette
Cutting, set Bouture
Cyclamen, sowbread Cyclamen, Pain de Pourceau
Cylinders of the Papermill Cylindres du Moulin à paper
Cyme; pappus Houppee
Cynara cardunculus, cardoons Cardons