Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55
Thomas Austin


The Editor did not discover the Ashmole MS. till much of the first Cookery was in print, and consequently was unable to make full use of it for purpose of collation. The reader will kindly correct the following Errata.

  • p. 15, note 4, read Lozenges in place of "long thin strips."
  • p. 17, last line, dele comma after Almaunden.
  • p. 19, l. 4, put comma after mylke.
  • p. 21, l. 14, read slake Water; 4th line from bottom, read "ȝif it [cleue] nowt," with A.
  • p. 27, l. 17, read, "or hony caste þer-to;" with no semicolon after hony.
  • p. 31, 4th line from bottom, read þrifti.
  • p. 48, l. 5, read "hele þin cofyns."
  • p. 49, l. 7, read "or a bore, or of a Bere:" l. 8, put semicolon after "Eyroun;" and dele the semicolon after tyne, reading cyue in place of that word, and also in place of the tyne in the line above.
  • p. 50, l. 20, read "for defaute," and before bottom line add, "but lete þe cofyns," with A.
  • p. 57, Heading 6, read "ad Episcopatum Bathonensem et Wellensem."