The minor poems of the Vernon ms. ... (with a few from the Digby mss. 2 and 86) ...
Horstmann, Carl, b. 1851., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910.
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V. A prayer to þe fiue woundes.

Ihesu crist, my lemmon swete,
Þat diȝedest on þe Rode-tre,
Wiþ al my miht i þe be-seche,
ffor þi woundes two and þre,
Þat also faste mot þi loue
In to myn herte ficched be
As was þe spere in to þin herte
Whon þou soffredest deþ for me.
Ihesus þat diȝedest on þe Rode
ffor þe loue of me
And bouhtest me wiþ þi blode,
Þou haue Merci of me:
What me letteþ of eny þing
ffor to loue þe,
Beo hit me lef beo hit me loþ,
Þow do hit a-wey from me, AMEN.