The minor poems of the Vernon ms. ... (with a few from the Digby mss. 2 and 86) ...
Horstmann, Carl, b. 1851., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910.
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[XXXV. þe Spore of Loue.] (A free translation of St. Edmund's Speculum.)*. [So the title in v. 21, 1081; in the heading the title is Þe Prikke of loue. A local reference, v. 163 ff., seems to imply that the poem was written in Leicester. The translation is very free, with frequent additions, omissions, and contractions.]
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At Midday: of þe anunciacion, And of þe passion.

At Middai be-þenk þe witerli
Hou Gabriel grette vr swete ladi,
Þenne conceiued heo crist Ihesu
Þorw þe holigost vertu.
But whi wolde he take flesch & blode
And siþen dye for vs on Rode,
Siþen he miȝte ha saued Monkynde
Bi an Angel, as I fynde?
But þen schulde we ha loued be riȝt
Þe Angel more þen god Almiȝt;
He wolde we loued him be-foren al oþur:
Þerfore him-self bi-com vr broþur.