Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.
Page  81, vol.5

Capitulum vicesimum secundum.

OROSIUS seiþ þat Decius*. [Desius, MS.] was emperour þre ȝere and þre monþes; but Eusebius, Beda, and Cassiodorus telleþ þat he bygan to regne þe ȝere after þe buldynge*. [bilding, β.; buyldynge, γ. and Cx.] of Rome a þowsand ȝere and foure, and [by]*. [by] added from α. and Cx.] Eusebius his cronike hit semeth þat þis Decius regnede eyȝte ȝere, and by þe martiloge*. [martirlogi, γ.; martilogye, Cx.] it semeth þat he regnede sixtene ȝere; it semeþ þat elles it myȝte nouȝt stonde þat so meny popes as Fabian, Cornelius, Lucius, Stevene,*. [Stephen, Cx.] and Sextus were i-martired in Decius his tyme, as it is i-write and i-radde; þerfore som men wil mene*. [wold suppose, Cx.] þat þis*. [þeose, γ.] sixtene ȝere and two ȝere of Galerius schal restore þe eyȝteþe*. [eyȝtetene, α. and γ.; eyghten, Cx.] ȝere þat lakkith in cronicles of Eusebius and of Beda from þe fiftenþe ȝere of Tiberius Cesar anon to oure tyme. Here among take hede þat þe eldere*. [eldre, γ.] Decius, þat slowȝ Phelip, and was emperour after hym, he was emperour þre ȝere, as it is here i-seide, but þe oþer Decius þe ȝonger was Cesar, and nouȝt emperour, and so bytwene þese tweyne Page  83, vol.5 Decius were boþe emperours and popes, as Gallus and Volu|sianus; after hem regnede Valerius, wiþ his sone Galienus, as it were fiftene ȝere. In here tyme were i-martired fyve popes, and Laurencius þe dekene, and Ypolitus wiþ al his hous. It semeþ1 þat þis sawe is i-holpe by þe cronyke þat seiþ þat this emperour1*. [1_1 þat . . . emperour] by this that, Cx.] Galienus hadde tweie names, for he heet Decius also. Oþere men wil mene*. [wil mene] suppose, Cx.] þat it was al oon Decius þat was i-made Cesar by Phelip, and þilke*. [þulke, γ.] Decius under whom Laurencius was i-martired, and þerfore it is nowher i-rad in Laurencius his legende*. [Laurence legende, Cx.] Decius imperator, but Decius Cesar: it happeþ ofte somtyme*. [of tyme, Cx.] þat somme were Cesares and nouȝt Augustus, noþer emperours, ffor som were first Cesares, and þanne Augustus,*. [Augustes, α.] and þan þe*. [þe] om. α. and Cx.] emperours.*. [for somme were first Cæsars, added again wrongly in MS.] Þanne in þe firste*. [furste, γ.] ȝere of Decius þe emperour þe seven slepers by|gonne to slepe in þe hille*. [hille] om. Cx.; hul, γ.] Mont Celius, and sleep so two hondred ȝere, and arisen*. [aryse, α. and γ.; they roose, Cx.] aboute þe laste ende*. [tyme, α. and Cx.] of Theo|dorius.*. [Theodocius, Cx.] Aboute þat tyme Antonyus, þe famous monk, was i-bore in Egip.*. [Egipt, α. and Cx.] Cornelius þe pope was i-martred, and after Page  85, vol.5 hym Lucius, þat was pope þre ȝere, and Abdon and Sennen were*. [were] was, Cx.] i-martired also, and Seint Agas*. [Agath, α.; Aggtha, γ.; Agatha, Cx.] at Cathina. Also þat ȝere Decius*. [Desius, MS.] and his sone were i-slawe*. [slayn, β.] of Gothes in Tracia. But it is i-rad*. [red, Cx.] in Ypolit his passioun, þat Decius and Valerius*. [Valerianus, α. and Cx.] were i-travailled*. [traveiled, β.; y-travayled, γ.] wiþ a fend*. [feend, γ.] after Laurence his passioun, and deide in þat meschef. Gallus, wiþ his sone Volusianus, regnede as it were*. [as it were] om. Cx.] two ȝere; þey*. [hy, γ.] wente out of Rome, and Emilianus slowȝ hem, and took þe emperour*. [empere, α.; thempyre, Cx.] wiþ wrong, and was i-slawe þe monthe after. In his tyme fel*. [ful, γ.; fyl, Cx.] a pestilence as it were*. [were] om. Cx.] in to al þe world, and Origenes deide, and was i-buried in Tyrus, þe ȝere of his age þre score and ten.