Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Capitulum tricesimum octavum.

Edwarde the eldeste sonne of kynge Henricus come ynto Ynglonde from the Holy Londe in the iiijthe nones of August, and was crownede the xiiijthe kalendes of September of Ro|bert archebischop of Cawnterbery. And in the day nexte [folio 382b] folowynge he toke openly homage of Alexander, kynge of Scottes. Innocencius the vthe succedid Gregorius as v. Page  263, vol.8 monethes, whom Adrianus the vthe succedid ij. monethes; after whom John þe xxjti succedid viij. monethes, callede Petyr afore, a famose man in diverse sciences. Nicholas the thrydde suc|cedid pope John as iij. yere. Kynge Edward wente to Wales in this yere, and made the castelle of Flynte, and renewede the castelle of Ruthlan, in that Lewelinus prince of Wales wolde not comme to his parliamente into Ynglonde. But the seide prince comme to kynge Edwarde and submitte hym selfe, ȝiffynge to hym for his transgression lti M.li., and a M. marke after yerely for the yle of Angleseye. Nicholas þe pope made frere Robert Culwarby, cardinalle, and putte in his place Page  265, vol.8 at the seete of Cawnterbery frere John Pecham. Kynge Edwarde made a statute that noo man in his realme scholde ȝiffe, selle or assigne, eny londes or tenementes to religious men withowte his licence. Also he caused halpenys and ferthynges to be printed and made rownde, in whom the prophecy of Merlyn semethe to be fullefyllede, where hit is seide the halfe schalle be rownde. Honorius the viij. succedid pope Nicholas as vij. yere. This pope chaungede the habite of freres Car|melite into pure white, which was of ray afore. Fals David of Wales made insurreccion ageyne kynge Edwarde on Palme|sonneday, and did grete hurte to Ynglische men. But kynge Edwarde commynge into Wales abowte the feste of seynte Iohn Baptiste subduede Wales to hym, takynge to his noble men townes and londes in þe myddes of that cuntre, retenynge to hym selfe castells on the costes of the see, whiche policy causede grete tranquillity afterwarde. And after that, abowte the feste of seynte Lucy, the hedde of Lewelyne was sende to Page  267, vol.8 kynge Edwarde, and after to London. And David, broþer to the said Lewelyn, mover and causer of that tribulacion, was taken soone after, and was condempnede at the grete parlia|mente at Schrobbesbery, drawen with horses firste and hon|gede afterwarde, and after that his body dividede into iiij. partes, and sende to diverse places of Ynglonde. Too religious men, oon of Ynglonde, an other of Wales, made versus of the [folio 383a] seide Lewelyn, prynce of Wales. The religious man of Wales did wryte of hym in this wyse:

"Hic jacet Anglorum tortor, tutor Venedorum,
Princeps Wallorum Lewelinus, regula morum,
Gemma coevorum, flos regum preteritorum,
Forma futurorum; dux, laus, lex, lux populorum." Page  269, vol.8

The Ynglische man did wryte in this wyse:

"Hic jacet errorum princeps et predo virorum,
Proditor Anglorum, fax livida, secta reorum,
Numen Wallorum, trux dux, homicida piorum,
Fex Trojanorum, stirps mendax, causa malorum."

Kynge Edward causede the lawes of Ynglonde to be kepede in Wales, and putte schireffes þer to governe þe cuntre. Edwarde of Caernarvon, son of kynge Edwarde, was borne in this yere at the seide towne of Wales, in the feste of seynte Marke. Nicholas the iiijthe, of the ordre of Minors, succedid Honorius the iiijthe as vj. yere. In this yere were so grete drynesse and hete that mony men dyed þerby. In whiche yere merchandyses were brente at seynte Botulphus by the childer of Belial, whiche sette diverse places in fyre that thei myȝhte spoyle and gette goodes. And, as hit was seide, alle the money that was in Ynglonde Page  271, vol.8 myȝhte not recompense the hurtes doen þer, for ryvers of golde and of sylver did renne unto the see. In this yere a bushelle of whete was solde for iiij.d. Also in the nyȝhte of seynte Margarete folowynge, a grete tempeste of reyne, thundre, and lyȝhtnenge was drownynge corne, insomoche that a bushelle of whete, solde þat tyme for iij.d., encreasede by succession unto ij.s. contynuynge so allemoste by xlti yere unto the dethe of kynge Edwarde after the conqueste the secunde. The Jewes were expulsede from Ynglonde in this,*. [Sic in MS.] and come not ageyne into hit after that tyme. In the yere of oure Lorde God a M.cc.xc., Alienor qwene of Ynglonde and doȝhter to the kynge of Speyne, vexede soore with the fevers, diede at Herd|eby nye to Lincolne, and was beryede at Westemynstre. Celes|tinus the vthe lyvynge as an anchor succedid pope Nicholas the Page  273, vol.8 pope as iij. yere; whiche resignede that office specially by the labore of Bonefacius his successoure, and wente to his olde habitacion. In whiche yere Alexandre kynge of Scottelande diede, wherefore a grete discorde was hade amonge the Scottes [folio 383b] for the succession of the kynge.