Richard Howe, Signal and Instruction Book  ca. 1776
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Collection Scope and Content Note

This volume contains 44 pages of signals and roughly 46 pages of instructions and explanatory information pertaining to the Royal Navy's operations under Richard Howe during the American Revolution. The book provides details about signals to be used while sailing by day, in fog, in battle, and at night, and it includes color illustrations of signal flags and lantern configurations. The binder's title is "Ld Howes Instructions."

The first 6 pages are comprised of instructions ("Explanatory Observations") for making and using naval signals and an index to the signals in the volume. The following 44 pages hold information about specific signals. Color illustrations of flags are drawn along the margins, and some lantern configurations are illustrated with ink drawings. Accompanying explanations include details about the meanings of each signal and appropriate places of deployment.

The second section of the book contains "Instructions for the Conduct of the Ships of war explanatory of, and relative to the Signals contained in the Signal-Book" (46 pages). These instructions provide information on the conduct of British ships while in full sail, during engagements with the enemy, and in limited sight conditions such as fog and darkness. The night instructions refer to signals that are explained elsewhere within the volume.

This volume contains the bookplates of W. T. H. Howe (1920) and Edith Barbara Tranter.

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