Louis-Armand de Lom d'Arce, baron de Lahontan, Brief Discours...  [ca. 1702-1704]
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Louis-Armand de Lom d'Arce was born in Lahontan, France, on June 9, 1666. He inherited the baronetcy of Lahontan after the death of his father, Isaac de Lom d'Arce, in 1674. Lahontan left France for North America around 1683. He became commander of Fort St. Joseph in 1687, traveled around the northern Great Lakes region, and claimed to have explored the Mississippi River region. Lahontan returned to France in 1690, but soon went back to North America. He fought alongside French forces near Québec as the English fleet attempted to move up the St. Lawrence River and helped defend the port at Placentia during King William's War. Though he received a promotion, Lahontan fell out of favor with Governor Jacques-François de Monbeton de Brouillan and fled to Portugal in order to avoid arrest for deserting his post. Lahontan traveled throughout northern and western Europe and remained in exile until his death in 1715 or 1716.