Abraham Lincoln collection  1856-1902 (bulk 1856-1865)
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The T. C. Connor journal (8" x 12.5") contains daily entries about Connor's activities in New York and in Newark, New Jersey; political commentary; and an account of Connor's voyage to Cartagena, Colombia, from October 1825-July 1826.

The cover reads "Connor's Journal," and a newspaper clipping about "Flags of the South American States" is attached to the volume's inside front cover. Connor began writing in the book on January 1, 1825, while in New York City. He reported the weather conditions, wind direction and, occasionally, his activities, which included frequent visits to friends and to the Colombian consul in the United States. He mentioned his work drawing up bills of lading for the schooner Tobacco Plant and joined the ship's crew for ceremonies celebrating its maiden voyage (January 5, 1825). Throughout early 1825, Connor traveled regularly between New York and "New Ark," and some of his entries from the period have lengthy writings about political and religious topics, such as Christian Universalism (January 23, 1825); St. Patrick's Day, Irish nationalism, and other contemporary independence movements (March 17, 1825); South American politics (June 2, 1825); relationships between European countries and the Americas (June 2, 1825); and the Greek War of Independence (June 5, 1825). Other topics include the 1825 presidential vote in the House of Representatives (February 15, 1825) and George Washington (July 4, 1825). Some references to Connor's acquaintances are made in a pictographic code.

Though Connor lost the journal during a visit to New York in October 1825, he later recovered the book, in which he described his voyage to Cartagena, Colombia, on the Tampico between November 21, 1825, and July 8, 1826. After leaving New York, he made daily notes about the weather conditions and waves and recorded the ship's position. While traveling, he composed 26 poems, usually pertaining to being away from home or marine life. The Tampico arrived at Cartagena on December 7, 1825, and Connor temporarily stopped keeping his journal between December 12, 1825, when he described the city, and June 18, 1826, when the Tampico embarked for the United States. His entry of June 27, 1826, has a map of the area around Acklins, in the Bahamas. After arriving at Staten Island on July 8, 1826, Connor wrote far less frequently. He mentioned trips to Cartagena, northern New York, and Niagara falls. The final entry is his announcement of the birth of Catherine Maria Connor on February 12, 1833.

Three illustrations are laid into the volume:

  • Colored pencil drawing of a "Colombian officer on the return from Peru 1820"
  • Ink drawing of a "Colimbian Soldier from Peru" [ sic ]
  • Ink portrait of "Capt. Wilkinson, of the Venezuela's" [ sic ]
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