Great Britain. Army. 10th Regiment of Foot orderly book  1775
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Volume   1  
Levi E. Kent journal,  1861 September-1862 September [series]
 September 1861
Rigid discipline
 October 1861
Trip to D.C.
Description of Capitol building
Unrest at discipline
Party with champagne
Ben Perley Poore
 November 1861
Unpopular new colonel
Camp in the field
Maryland election
Improvised stove
George McClellan
Moving camp
Thanksgiving dinner
 December 1861
Picket at Edsell's Hill
Army morality
Christmas gifts
Christmas celebration
Sleeping arrangements
Thoughts of home
 January 1862
New Year's Day
Gen. Howard departs
On board the Eastern Queen
Fortress Monroe
Steamers and sinkings in Cape Hatteras
Stuck on a sandbar
Human nature
Food/water in dirty barrels
Music and games
Poor conditions on board ship
Local folks: poor whites
Roanoke Island
 February 1862
Battle at Roanoke Island (with map)
Wounded and dead
Prisoners (including son of Gov. Wise)
Death from "lack of whiskey"
Description of Camp Parke, N.C.
 March 1862
KP duty
Palace intrigue: Captain and Colonel
Skirmish at Slocum's Creek (lengthy and excellent description)
N.C. union sympathizer
Beaufort, N.C.
Macon House resort area
Deserted plantation; slaves
 April 1862
Preliminaries and attack on Fort Macon
Box from home
  May 1862
Bilious fever
Steamship journey: Beaufort to New York
 July 1862
[Kent did not keep his journal during a leave of absence]
R.I. and Philadelphia southern sympathizers
Description of Philadelphia
Baltimore: "rotten to the core"
Dissatisfaction with new colonel
Halleck in camp
 August 1862
Continued dissatisfaction in camp
Whiskey quarrel
False "rebel signal"
Maneuvers around Fredericksburg, Va.
Stolen George Washington memorabilia
 September 1862
Aquia Creek
Closing thoughts; discharge