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Title: William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd Earl of Shelburne papers
Creator: Lansdowne, William Petty, Marquis of, 1737-1805
Inclusive dates: 1665-1885
Extent: 48 linear feet
This collection contains the letters and official papers of Lord Shelburne, British politician, Member of Parliament, secretary of state for the Southern Department, and Prime Minister. The papers document British foreign, colonial, and domestic affairs throughout the 18th century with special focus on the periods 1766-1768 and 1782-1783.
Language: The material is in English, French, and Italian.
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1929-1980. M-66, M-69, M-79, M-209, M-241, M-351, M-1923.

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This collection is organized into six series:

  • Series I: European and Mediterranean Politics
  • Series II: Colonial Affairs and the 1783 Treaty of Paris
  • Series III: East Indian Affairs
  • Series IV: British Government
    • Subseries I: Parliament, Customs Revenue, Trade, Imports, and Exports
    • Subseries II: British Army, Navy, and Military Administration
    • Subseries III: Ireland ( not at the Clements, see scope note )
    • Subseries IV: Cabinet and Treasury Minutes
    • Subseries V: Appeals of the House of Lords, 1769-1788
  • Series V: Personal Correspondence
    • Subseries: I: Shelburne Family letters
    • Subseries II: Lansdowne-Bowles letters
  • Series VI: Lacaita-Shelburne letters

The bulk of the collection is comprised of bound letters and reports. The first four series are based on a report created by the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (see references for more details). The Clements Library created the fifth and sixth series, neither of which is mentioned in the Royal Commission report.


William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd Earl of Shelburne (1737--1805), hereafter referred to as Shelburne, was born in Dublin, Ireland, to John Fitzmaurice Petty (1706-1761) and Mary Fitzmaurice (d 1780). He served with distinction in Germany during the Seven Years War, achieving the rank of colonel and in 1760, he became King George's aide-de-camp. Later that year he took over his family's seat in Parliament representing Chipping Wycombe. After his father's death in May 1761, he entered the House of Lords as Baron Wycombe, second earl of Shelburne. During his tenure in the House of Lords, Shelburne served as first lord of the Board of Trade (1763), as secretary of state for the Southern Department, as home secretary under Rockingham (March-July 1782), and as prime minister (1782-1783). As an official dealing with American affairs, a stockholder in the East India Company, and a landowner in Ireland, Shelburne was involved in many of the major issues affecting the British Empire in the mid-eighteenth century.

Though shrewd and ambitious, Shelburne frequently allied himself with unpopular politicians, such as John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, and William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, and often found himself in the opposition party. Shelburne also advocated for controversial policies such as free trade, religious tolerance, and parliamentary and fiscal reforms, which contributed to his unpopularity. In 1763, Shelburne became first lord of the Board of Trade and played an important role in drafting the regulations for England's newly acquired empire in North America. He opposed the Stamp Act and supported its repeal. As secretary of state for the Southern Department during the Chatham administration (1766-1768), he oversaw America, India, and Ireland, and had diplomatic responsibilities to France, Spain, and other southern European countries. He was at odds with many of his colleagues, particularly for wanting to avoid tax increases for America. After resigning from the office, he spent the next 14 years as a leader of the opposition party and as an outspoken opponent of the war with America. In March 1782, Shelburne accepted the appointment of Home Secretary under Rockingham. Upon Rockingham's death in July 1782, Shelburne became prime minister, and directed the peace negotiations with the American commissioners that resulted in the controversial 1783 Treaty of Paris. Parliament disapproved of the treaty's terms and, in March 1783, Shelburne resigned, making way for the North-Fox coalition.

After the end of his political career, Shelburne remained well informed on international affairs, commissioning reports on Europe and other foreign powers' finances and military forces. He amassed a sizable collection of books, pamphlets, and manuscripts, maps, prints, statues, and other material related to art, science, and politics. He associated with, and was a patron of, many of the most learned men of his time, including Benjamin Franklin, André Morellet, Joseph Priestley, Adam Smith, and Jeremy Bentham.

Shelburne married twice, first in 1765 to Lady Sophia Carteret (1745-1771) and then to Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick (1755-1789) in 1779. He was created marquis in 1784, assuming the title of 1st Marquis of Lansdowne. He died in 1805 and was succeeded by his son John, 2nd Marquis of Lansdowne (1765-1809).

Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 4th Earl of Kerry, 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne (1780-1863), was the son of Shelburne and his second wife Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick. He served as chancellor of the exchequer from 1806-1807 and, in 1809, succeeded his half brother John to the Lansdowne title. From 1830-1841 and 1846-1852, Lansdowne was lord president of the Council. He married Louisa Emma Fox-Strangways (1785-1851) in 1808. The couple maintained correspondence with friend Reverend William Lisle Bowles (1762-1850) and his wife Magdalen Wake. William was the vicar of Bremhill, Wiltshire, from 1804 to 1850, and the chaplain to the prince regent in 1818. He was also a famous poet and literary critic.

Italian politician and Dante scholar James Lacaita (1813-1895) was born in Manduria, Italy, and practiced law in Naples. In 1840, Lacaita became a legal advisor to the British legation in Naples. Though a moderate liberal, he was arrested in 1851 for supplying the British government with information on the new Bourbon autocracy. Escaping arrest, he left Italy for Edinbugh and married Maria Clavering Gibson-Carmichael. Their son, Charles Carmichael Lacaita (1853-1933), later became a Member of Parliament from 1885-1888. James Lacaita and his family moved to London and he taught Italian at Queens College from 1853 to 1856. Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne, employed Lacaita as his personal secretary between 1857 and 1863. In 1860, Lacaita returned to Naples to represent Bitonto in parliament, and in 1876, he became an Italian senator. He died near Naples in 1895.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd Earl of Shelburne papers consist of the letters and official papers of Lord Shelburne, British politician, member of parliament, secretary of state for the Southern Department, and Prime Minister from 1782-1783. These document British foreign, colonial, and domestic affairs, covering the 18th century with special focus on the periods 1766-1768 and 1782-1783. The papers are made up of dispatches, memoranda, trade statistics, reports, essays, questionnaires, and copies of treaties. They cover the conduct of the French and Indian War; the colonies in North America and the West Indies; the 1783 American peace negotiations in Paris; relations with Europe, Africa, and India; the management of the royal household's lands and revenues (1745-1789); and records of the Home Office, Parliament, Customs Revenue, Board of Trade, Army, Navy, War, and Pay offices and Treasury (1760-1797).

Shelburne was an avid collector of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, reports, maps, and prints, and was known as one of the most well-informed politicians of his day. During his political career, Shelburne had access to, and was able to commission, high level reports on domestic and foreign affairs; his papers reveal the British perspective on foreign relations, civil and military, with Europe, America, India, and Africa. Shelburne and his personal librarian Samuel Paterson collected and organized much of the present collection when Shelburne retired from political office.

In addition to the official letters, the collection contains family papers, including letters from Shelburne to his wife Sophia, to his son John, and from his young son William Granville. The Lacatia-Shelburne series, acquired separately from the rest of the collection, is comprised of 207 official letters originally belonging to Shelburne.

The European and Mediterranean Politics series (42 volumes) documents British diplomatic relations and financial interests in Europe and northern Africa. The series contains political and diplomatic letters and copies of letters with officials from the major powers of Europe, including: Austria, France, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland, as well as Mediterranean powers such as the Ottoman Empire, the Barbary States (Algiers, Morocco, Tunis, and Tripoli), and the Italian states. Also present are copies of treaties and reports on the military and trade capabilities of many of these nations. Though they cover British foreign relations from the beginning of the 18th century, these papers primarily document the 1760s, including the 1763 Peace of Paris, and Shelburne's activities as secretary of state for Southern Department (1766-1768).

The Colonial Affairs and the 1783 Treaty of Paris series (48 volumes) contains Shelburne's letters and reports concerning the British colonies in North America and the West Indies. Of particular interest is the material related to the negotiations leading up to the Treaty of Paris, which Shelburne supervised as Prime Minister (1782-1783). Included are letters and memoranda from the peace commissioners and secretaries at Paris, such as Richard Oswald, Henry Strachey, Thomas Townshend, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay, among others. Also present are drafts and copies of preliminary treaties and opinions on the ongoing negotiations. The Assiento papers contain official and private letters and documents of the South Sea Company, a British mercantile venture that, for 30 years after the Treaty of Utrecht, had exclusive rights to sell slaves to Spanish territories in America. The papers comprise confidential agent reports, bills for traded goods and slaves, ship inventories, factory reports, and diplomatic letters between Spain and England on slave trade policies.

Other notable material includes:

  • Diplomatic correspondence concerning the end of the Seven Years War (French and Indian War) in 1763
  • Copies of letters, intelligence reports, and documents received by Lord Fox and Shelburne from various European courts during the peace negotiations (1782-1783)
  • Orders, letters, memorials, and documents to and from the colonial governors of the American colonies, Canada, and the West Indies islands
  • Records of West Indian trade, and reports on Jamaica, Barbados, and Tobago (1766-1767)
  • Officially commissioned descriptions of the Islands of St. John, Cape Briton, Magdalen, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Dominica (1765-1767)
  • Reports on commerce with America including trade statistics
  • Letters and papers concerning relations and trade with the Choctaw, Creeks, Mohican, and Six Nation Indians (1703-1767)
  • Questionnaires, with answers, sent to colonial governors concerning the "Civil Establishment" and "Accounts of the Fees of Office" (1766-1767)
  • Accounts of American civil and military expenses (1765-1767)
  • Reports on the Mutiny Act, Indemnity Act, Stamp Act, and other parliamentary laws concerning the American colonies
  • Reports on Spanish and Portuguese settlements in South America and the rights of the Spanish in the South Seas
  • Minutes on African Affairs (1765-1767)
  • Reports and instructions related to Minorca, Gibraltar, and the coast of Africa
  • A letter from George Croghan to Shelburne on the discovery of mastodon bones in Big Lick, Ohio Territory (Volume 48, pages 131-134)

The East Indian Affairs series (11 volumes) contains Shelburne's papers related to British financial and political interests in India. Included are official letters and documents (both originals and copies) transmitted to Shelburne to keep him up to date with activities and conflicts. Shelburne was heavily invested in the East India Company and was one of the company's most vocal advocates in Parliament.

The series includes:

  • A chronological account of significant events in the establishment and activities of the East India Company (1601-1761)
  • Finances and budgets of the East India Company along with copies of original government and business documents (1766-1767)
  • Policy proposals for India and the East India Company including notes for speeches in parliament (1760-1790)
  • A narrative history of the second war with Hyder Ali Khan (Second Anglo-Mysore War), with maps (1779-1782)
  • A narrative history of Indian kingdoms
  • Letters with the Secret Committee of the East India Company and other company officials

The British Government series is comprised of 5 subseries.

The Parliament, Customs Revenue, Trade, Imports, and Exports subseries (39 volumes) contains Shelburne's collection of official records, reports, accounts, and letters related to British customs, taxes, expenses, and trade revenue. These document British financial operations throughout most of the 18th century, and show Shelburne's efforts to reform domestic financial policies.

The subseries includes:

  • Reference tables describing the division of power in British government, including the King, House of Lords, and House of Commons
  • Abstract reports on the Stamp Tax (1734-1764)
  • Customs reports for revenue and departmental expenditures
  • Lists of customs officers and employees
  • Import and export records for trade with Europe, Africa, and America
  • Letters and documents concerning excise taxes, the post office, and the stamp duties
  • Financial reports on the royal household, lands, and revenues (1745-1789) and instructions on the management of the royal estate
  • City of London papers, including proceedings of councils and letters concerning raising troops, establishing meeting halls, quelling riots, crime, and other topics (1588-1783)
  • Reports on England's forests, corn and food, and currency (paper money and coins)

Note: Volume 100, entitled "A Table Reference Concerning the King, Lords, and Commoners," is not the same Volume 100 as noted in the Historic Manuscript Commission Report, which was entitled "East India Correspondence," and is not at the Clements.

The British Army, Navy, and Military Administration subseries (20 volumes) contains material related to the British military and information on foreign forces covering 1694 to 1783.

Included are:

  • Papers on War Office expenses for troops in Britain, Africa, Gibraltar, Scotland, and America (1765-1783)
  • Papers concerning the navies and armies of foreign powers, including Spain, France, and Holland
  • Naval department commissions, expenses, warrants, bills, and patents (1701-1779)
  • Copies Admiralty and Navy Board letters (1695-1779)
  • Shipping lists for equipping stations and ports (1770-1780 and 1783)
  • Copies of intelligence on French and Spanish navies(1777-1780)
  • Contracts for individuals employed by the navy
  • Chronological records of the major policy decisions, events, and projects of the British navy

The volumes in the Ireland subseries (4 volumes) were owned by the Lansdowne family as recently as 1982.

The Cabinet and Treasury Minutes subseries (5 volumes) document Shelburne's governmental activities from 1762-1783. The cabinet minutes cover Shelburne's tenure as secretary of state of the Southern Department from 1766 to 1768. Included are instructions, announcements, and letters concerning issues with military officials and ambassadors in Ireland, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal. The treasury minutes cover Shelburne's activities as Prime Minister from July 1782 to March 1783.

These concern financial matters of the British government, such as:

  • Purchasing land
  • Reviewing petitions and paying reparations to British Loyalists who lost property in the war with America
  • Issuing warrants to the military
  • Paying compensation for ships lost doing official business in the West Indies.

Also present are minutes of motions on various parliamentary subjects, such as the 1780 riots in London, speeches for and against settling peace with America, and speeches concerning French and Spanish treaties (1782-1782).

The Appeals of the House of Lords subseries (8 volumes), documents the "appellant's cases" brought before the House of Lords between 1769 and 1788. These printed volumes contain the case declarations, pleas, breaches, verdicts, final judgments, and reasons. Many entries are manuscript comments about the case.

The Personal Correspondence series (167 items) is comprised of two subseries: The Shelburne family letters, the Lansdowne-Bowles letters.

The Shelburne family letters subseries contains seven volumes of material related to Shelburne and his family, including Lady Sophia Carteret, William Granville Petty, John Petty Earl of Wycombe, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, and Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick. Also present are letters from Shelburne to his friend and colleague Thomas Coutts.

These are:

  • Volume 1 contains 47 letters from Shelburne to his first wife Lady Sophia Carteret from 1766 to 1770. In these, Shelburne noted his daily activities, detailing greetings he shared with passers-by, visitors, dining companions, and meetings with government officials and dignitaries. He updated her on news of their friends and acquaintances in London, and frequently expressed his love for her.
  • Volumes 2 and 3 consist of 48 letters to Shelburne from his young son William Granville Petty (1774-1778). Also present are letters from a servant named Thomas Servis who reported on William's health. Volume 3 contains more letters from William, several with mentions of the American Revolution, as well as a short memoir written by William's tutor after the boy's death in 1778, an elegy by his brother Viscount Fitzmaurice, and copies of 4 of William's scholastic essays.
  • Volume 4 contains 37 letters from Shelburne to his son John Petty, Earl Wycombe, from 1768 and 1780-1789. Shelburne primarily wrote of personal and family news, providing many details on John's brother Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice and the health of his step mother Lady Louisa. He also discussed John's social obligations, and occasionally, political events. Also present is a letter in which Shelburne asked the unknown recipient to be the godfather of his newborn son (1768).
  • Volume 5 consists of 23 letters from Shelburne to his friend and colleague Thomas Coutts (1735-1822), a wealthy and prominent London banker who owned the House of Coutts & Company. These letters span 1793 to 1802 and include discussions of personal business, news of acquaintances, and domestic and international politics of the day, such as the French Revolution, William Pitt and other political leaders, and the political state of Ireland.
  • Volume 6 is comprised of three letters and three engraved portraits of Shelburne. The portraits are dated 1780, 1798, and undated, and the letters include a brief note from Shelburne to a Mr. Lawrence (May 10, 1782), a letter from Shelburne to the Earl of Egremont concerning the war in North America and its implications in Europe (July 9, 1762), and a letter from Shelburne to James Currie (September 5, 1800).

The Lansdowne-Bowles letters subseries (69 items) contain letters from Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne, and his wife Louisa to Magdalene and William Bowles. The letters span 1806-1835 and 53 items are undated; most are addressed from London. Henry Lansdowne's letters (24 items) are all to Reverend William Bowles, his friend and a frequent recipient of his patronage. Louisa contributed 45 letters, all to Magdalene Bowles; she discussed administrative aspects of a school that they jointly managed. She often remarked on the hiring of new teachers, and assessed their qualifications and personal merits. Louisa also discussed visits to the Lansdowne estate, Bowood, and made queries about the characters of potential visitors.

The Lacaita-Shelburne letters series (706 items) is a collection of letters compiled by Sir James Lacaita and his son Charles Carmichael Lacaita spanning 1692 to 1885. James Lacaita was Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne's private secretary from 1857 to 1863, during which time he organized Shelburne's unbound letters. Many items in this series (270 items) are addressed to Shelburne or were originally among his papers. These represent documents from his career, including political matters and discussions of peace negotiations with America (1760-1801). The 19th century material is addressed chiefly to James Lacaita, Lady Holland, Nassau William, Sr., and Anthony Panizzi, mostly from British and Italian politicians and Dante scholars. In all, the series contains letters from 274 contributors, primarily British and Italian lords, politicians, and military figures. See the Name Index for a list of contributors.

In addition to this finding aid, the Clements Library has created a detailed Volume Index and a Name Index and Geographical Index. For additional information see the Clements Library card catalog.

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    • Admiralty--Great Britain.
    • Africa--History.
    • Algeria--History.
    • Albany (N.Y.)
    • American loyalists.
    • Anglo-French War, 1755-1763.
    • Austria. Armee.
    • Bahamas--History.
    • Barbados--History.
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    • Bermuda--History.
    • Big Bone (Ky.)
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    • Bordeaux (Aquitaine, France)--Description and travel.
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    • Boston (Mass.)--Politics and government--To 1775.
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    • Brazil--History.
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    • Cape Breton Island (N.S.)
    • Cartagena (Colombia)
    • Cherbourg (France)
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    • Corsica (France)--History.
    • Connecticut--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
    • Cotton.
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    • Cuba--History.
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    • Denmark--Foreign relations--Great Britain.
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    • Dominica--History.
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    • East India Company.
    • Falkland Islands--History.
    • Fisheries--France.
    • Five Nations.
    • Florida--History--English colony, 1763-1784.
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    • Great Britain--Foreign relations--18th century.
    • Great Britain--Politics and government--18th century.
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    • Great Britain. Treaties, etc. Spain, 1713 Mar. 26.
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    • United States--Foreign relations--1775-1783.
    • United States--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763.
    • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Foreign public opinion, British.
    • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Participation, German.
    • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Peace.
    • Virginia--History--Colonial period, ca.1600-1775.
    • West Florida.
    • West Indies--History--18th century.
    • Abercromby, James, 1706-1781.
    • Arnold, Benedict, 1741-1801.
    • Ashburton, Alexander Baring, Baron, 1774-1848.
    • Auckland, William Eden, Baron, 1744-1814.
    • Baring, Francis, Sir, 1740-1810.
    • Barrington, William Wildman Barrington, Viscount, 1717-1793.
    • Bernard, Sir Fancis, bart., 1712-1779.
    • Blackstone, William, Sir, 1723-1780.
    • Bowles, Magdalene.
    • Bowles, William Lisle, 1762-1850.
    • Burgoyne, John, 1722-1792.
    • Bute, John Stuart, Earl of, 1713-1792.
    • Campbell, John, 1708-1775. .
    • Chatham, William Pitt, 1st earl of 1708-1778.
    • Clinton, Henry, Sir, 1738?-1795.
    • Colden, Cadwallader, 1687-1776.
    • Coleridge, John Taylor, Sir, 1790-1876.
    • Coote, Eyre, Sir, 1726-1783.
    • Cornwallis, Charles Cornwallis, Marquis, 1738-1805.
    • Croghan, George, 1720-1782.
    • Dalrymple, Wm. (William), 1736-1807.
    • Dunmore, John Murray, 4th earl of, 1732-1809.
    • Egremont, Sir Charles Wyndham, 2nd earl of, 1710-1763.
    • Ellis, Welbore, 1st baron Mendip, 1713-1802.
    • Fauquier, Francis, 1704?-1768.
    • Fitzmaurice, Caroline Fox.
    • Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806.
    • Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.
    • Franklin, William, 1731-1813.
    • Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787.
    • George III, King of Great Britain, 1738-1820.
    • Germaine, George Sackville, 1st viscount Sackville, 1716-1785.
    • Grenville, George, 1712-1770.
    • Haldimand, Sir Frederick, 1718-1791.
    • Halifax, George Montagu Dunk, 2nd earl of, 1716-1771.
    • Hillsborough, Wills Hill, 1st marquis of Downshire, 1st earl of, 1718-1793.
    • Howe, Richard Howe, Earl, 1726-1799.
    • Howe, William Howe, Viscount, 1729-1814.
    • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
    • Johnson, Sir William, 1st bart., 1715-1774.
    • Johnstone, George, 1730-1787.
    • Lansdowne, Henry Petty Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne, 1780-1863.
    • Lansdowne, Louisa Emma Petty-Fitzmaurice, Marchioness of, 1785-1851.
    • Legge, Francis, 1719-1783.
    • Leslie, Alexander, ca. 1740-1794.
    • Melville, Henry Dundas, Viscount, 1742-1811.
    • Mill, Sophia.
    • North, Frederick, Lord, 1732-1792.
    • Oswald, Richard, 1705-1784.
    • Patterson, Gov. Walter, d. 1798.
    • Penn, John, 1729-1795.
    • Petrovna, Yelizaveta, 1709-1761.
    • Pigot, Sir Robert, 2nd bart., 1720-1796.
    • Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquis of, 1730-1782.
    • Sackville, George Germain, Viscount, 1716-1785.
    • Shelburne, Louisa Fitzpatrick, Countess Shelburne.
    • Shelburne, William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne, 1737-1805.
    • Strachey, Henry, Sir, 1736-1810.
    • Sydney, Thomas Townshend, Viscount, 1733-1800 .
    • Townshend, George Townshend, 4th viscount and 1st marquis, 1724-1807.
    • Tryon, William, 1729-1788.
    • Benjamin Vaughan, 1751-1835.
    • Wilkes, John, 1725-1797.
    • Williams, Charles Hanbury, 1708-1759.
    • Wooldridge, Susanna.
    • Wright, Sir James, 1st bart., 1716-1785.
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    • Extracts.
    • Letters (correspondence)
    • Maps.
    • Memorandums.
    • Orders (military records)
    • Receipts.
    • Reports.
    • Treaties.
    Contents List
    Container / Location Title
    European and Mediterranean Politics [series]
    Volume   1  
    Account of Russia, Volume I,  1767 (157 pages)
    Volume   2  
    Account of Russia, Volume II,  1767 (10 pages and appendix)
    Volume   3  
    Sir Charles Hanbury Williams' correspondence,  1755-1756 (306 pages)
    Volume   4  
    Prussian correspondence,  1756 (419 pages)
    Volume   5  
    Prussian correspondence,  1757,  1762 (419 pages)
    Volume   6  
    Political state of the Low Countries (Austrian Netherlands),  1774 (472 pages)
    Volume   7  
    Vienna correspondence,  1756,  1765 and  1766 (172 pages)
    Volume   8  
    Diplomatic correspondence relating to the Peace of Paris,  1763: Correspondence between Mr. Pitt and Mr. Hans Stanley in  1761 (204 pages)
    Volume   9  
    Diplomatic correspondence relating to the Peace of Paris,  1763: Correspondence between Count Viry and the Bailli de Solar,  1761-1762 (318 pages)
    Volume   10  
    Diplomatic correspondence relating to the Peace of Paris,  1763: Correspondence between Count Viry and the Bailli de Solar,  1761-1762 (461 pages)
    Volume   11  
    Diplomatic correspondence relating to the Peace of Paris,  1763: Correspondence between Count Viry and the Bailli de Solar,  1761-1762 (500 pages)
    Volume   12  
    Diplomatic correspondence relating to the Peace of Paris,  1763: French correspondence,  1762-1763 (89 pages)
    Volume   13  
    Collection of treaties: Copies of treaties between England and various European states,  1654-1766 (167 pages)
    Volume   14  
    Marine: Jean Baptiste Bertrand account of a voyage from Jamaica to London,  1766; extracts from memories on naval and commercial affairs,  1756-1761; copies of letters allegedly written by Pierre Joseph Antoine Roubaud; Roubaud's political reflections on the English colonies and the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon (61 pages)
    Volume   15  
    Marine: "On the necessity of establishing a royal port in northern France,"  undated (65 pages)
    Volume   16  
    AbbéTerray, Compte rendu au Roi Louis XVI,  1774 (368 pages)
    Volume   17  
    Papers concerning the Port of Dunkirk, Treaty of Utrecht,  1713-1768 (168 pages)
    Volume   18  
    Papers concerning the troubles at Geneva,  1766-1767; Geneva history,  1738-1766 (293 pages)
    Volume   19  
    Barbary States: A comparative view of the military and naval power of the four Barbary States with an account of their produce, and a description of the present state of their governments,  [1765] (50 pages)
    Volume   20  
    Ottoman Empire: Observations on its present state,  1766; correspondence with Ambassador Murray at Constantinople,  1768 (226 pages)
    Volume   21  
    Army: Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick's correspondence,  1759 (53 pages)
    Volume   22  
    Spanish correspondence,  1756-1757 and  1760-1765 (795 pages)
    Volume   23  
    Manila and the Falkland Islands,  1765-1767 (120 pages)
    Volume   24  
    Spain and Portugal,  1762 and  1767 (153 pages)
    Volume   25  
    Portugal correspondence,  1759 and  1760-1766 (504 pages)
    Volume   26  
    Reports of Board of Trade concerning grievances with Portugal,  1765-1767 (167 pages)
    Volume   27  
    Lisbon, memorials, and British claims,  1769 (140 pages)
    Volume   28  
    Abstracts of letters from Shelburne, Secretary of State for the Southern Department, and British Ambassadors and Consuls in Paris, Lisbon, Escurial, Berne, Florence, Madrid, Geneva, Naples, Barcelona,  1766-1767 (283 pages)
    Volume   29  
    Extracts and copies of dispatches from British foreign ministers in Europe to Shelburne,  1766-1767 (512 pages)
    Volume   30  
    Foreign Draughts: Dispatches to European courts from Shelburne,  1766-1767 (606 pages)
    Volume   31  
    Foreign Draughts: Dispatches to European courts from Shelburne,  1766-1767 (410 pages)
    Volume   32  
    M. Neri sur le Cadastre: Papers in French and Italian on the Milan census,  1764 (130 pages)
    Volume   33  
    Advocate General's reports,  1764-1767 (160 pages)
    Volume   35  
    Intercepted letters between French diplomats and French ministers,  1767-1768 (24 items)
    Volume   36a  
    Correspondence of the Earl of Albemarle, British ambassador at Paris, and M. Ruvigny de Cosne and Mr. Mildmay, secretaries of legation, and Sir Thomas Robinson, Secretary of State, relating to conflicting French and British interests in North America,  1754 (113 items)
    Volume   36b  
    Correspondence of the Earl of Albemarle, British ambassador at Paris, and M. Ruvigny de Cosne and Mr. Mildmay, secretaries of legation, and Sir Thomas Robinson, Secretary of State, relating to conflicting French and British interests in North America,  1754 (113 items)
    Volume   36c  
    Correspondence of the Earl of Albemarle, British ambassador at Paris, and M. Ruvigny de Cosne and Mr. Mildmay, secretaries of legation, and Sir Thomas Robinson, Secretary of State, relating to conflicting French and British interests in North America,  1754 (113 items)
    Volume   37a  
    Siege and surrender of Belle Isle,  1761 (278 items)
    Volume   37b  
    Siege and surrender of Belle Isle,  1761 (278 items)
    Volume   37c  
    Expedition to the coast of France in  1758 (278 items)
    Volume   37d  
    Expedition to the coast of France in  1758 (278 items)
    Volume   37e  
    Expedition to the coast of France in  1758 ; Siege and Surrender of Belle-Isle,  1761 (278 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 37, Oversize Materials
    Volume   38a  
    Correspondence with English Ambassadors at the French Court,  1763-1768
    Volume   38b  
    Correspondence with English Ambassadors at the French Court,  1763-1768
    Volume   38c  
    Correspondence with English Ambassadors at the French Court,  1763-1768
    Volume   39a  
    Correspondence with English Ministers in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland,  1766-1768 (333 items)
    Volume   39b  
    Correspondence with English Ministers in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland,  1766-1768 (333 items)
    Volume   40a  
    Correspondence with English consuls and agents to the Barbary States, Constantinople, and Corsica; Barbary treaties; and letters entitled "Mediterranean Passes,"  1760-1768 (54 items)
    Volume   40b  
    Papers relating to Corsica; Correspondence with English Ministers in Russia, Denmark, and Hamburgh,  1767-1768 (59 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 40, Oversize Materials
    Volume   41  
    Correspondence concerning Portugal and Brazil from Sir John Hort, English consul general at Lisbon, to Shelburne, Secretary of State for the Southern Department,  1768-1792 (49 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 41, Oversize Materials
    Volume   42a  
    Miscellaneous papers and copies of diplomatic material relating to France and Europe,  1767-1768 (50 items)
    Volume   42b  
    Miscellaneous papers and copies of diplomatic material relating to France and Europe,  1767-1768 (50 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 42, Oversize Materials
    Volume   84a  
    Miscellaneous papers Volume I: The Coast of Africa and St. Eustasius (39 items)
    Volume   84b  
    Miscellaneous papers Volume II: Minorca and Gibraltar (31 items)
    Colonial Affairs and the  1783 Treaty of Paris [series]
    Volume   34  
    Letters, memoranda, and intelligence from foreign courts, concerning the peace negotiations with America,  1782-1783 (584 pages)
    Volume   35  
    Intercepted letters between French diplomats and French ministers,  1780-1783 (60 items)
    Volume   43  
    Assiento papers concerning the contract between Britain and Spain regarding Spain's slaveholding regions in America, and financial papers relating to the slave trade,  1718-1748 (663 pages)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 43, Oversize Materials
    Volume   44  
    Assiento papers, papers concerning the contract between Britain and Spain regarding Spain's slaveholding regions in America,  1718-1748 (969 pages)
    Volume   45  
    American papers: orders and instructions to captains general and governors in the American colonies and islands concerning trade and navigation (315 pages)
    Volume   46a  
    American papers: documents regarding cloth manufacture, French in Colonial America, currency, taxes, and Stamp Act,  1663-1764 (229 pages)
    Volume   46b  
    American papers index,  1763-1764 (98 pages)
    Volume   47  
    Examination by James Abercromby of the Acts of Parliament relative to the trade and the government of the American colonies,  1752 (180 pages)
    Volume   48  
    Papers and Proposals relative to North America,  1754-1767 (59 items)
    Volume   49  
    American miscellaneous papers,  1703-1767 (49 items)
    Volume   50  
    Miscellaneous papers and estimates relative to Indian Trade,  1754-1767 (361 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 50, Oversize Materials
    Volume   51  
    Abstract of letters from American Governors relating to Indian affairs,  1767-1776 (799 pages)
    Volume   52  
    Abstract of letters from American and West Indian governors,  1766-1767 (588 pages)
    Volume   53  
    American draughts, letters among Shelburne, Thomas Gage, and various American governors,   August 1766-June 1767 (405 pages)
    Volume   54  
    Drafts of letters to American and West Indies governors,   June-December 1767 (433 pages)
    Volume   55  
    Answers to American circulars to governors and trade officers,  1766-1767 (433 pages)
    Volume   56  
    Answers to American circulars, accounts and land grants,  1766-1767 (218 papers)
    Volume   57  
    Accounts of American military and civil expenses, and proposals for better regulating the Indian trade,  1765-1767 (433 pages)
    Volume   58  
    Papers relative to the Indemnity Act passed in Massachusetts Bay and to the American Mutiny Act, both under consideration of Parliament,  1767 (653 pages)
    Volume   59  
    Papers relative to the Church in America and the papers of Bishop of London, Archbishop of York, House of Lords,  1734-1767 (77 pages)
    Volume   60  
    Correspondence relating trade with the North American Indians (Northern District),  1703-1767 (160 pages)
    Volume   61  
    Reports of the attorney and solicitor general concerning finances, administrative rights of the colonies,  1689-1768 (716 pages)
    Volume   62  
    Letters between the Lords of Trade and the American Office,  1767-1768 (268 pages)
    Volume   63  
    Occurrences in the province of Massachusetts Bay since the repeal of the Stamp Act (narrative of events) (88 pages)
    Volume   64  
    Papers and memorials relative to the government of Canada and Quebec,  1753-1767 (650 pages)
    Volume   65  
    Newfoundland papers from the Governor Hugh Palleser and others to Shelburne and the Board of Trade,  1763-1767 (179 pages)
    Volume   66  
    American Affairs, Volume I, letters, documents, and newspapers,  1755-1782 (773 pages)
    Volume   67  
    American Affairs, Volume II, letters, documents, and newspapers,  1764-1783 (555 pages)
    Volume   68  
    American dispatches, Volume I,  1780-1782 (433 pages)
    Volume   69  
    American dispatches, Volume II,  1779-1783 (434 pages)
    Volume   70  
    Letters with Paris Commissioner Richard Oswald,   May 1782-January 1783 (439 pages)
    Volume   71  
    Peace Process I,  1783: Correspondence, provisional and preliminary articles (113 items)
    Volume   72  
    Peace Process II,  1783: Negotiations, opinions, and other information (537 pages)
    Volume   73  
    Jamaica, letters, orders, and documents, including "State of the Constitution of Jamaica,"  1678-1680 (235 pages)
    Volume   74  
    West Indies miscellaneous papers,  1724-1767 (165 pages)
    Volume   75  
    South Seas and West Indies, accounts, reports, and dispatches of discoveries (446 pages)
    Volume   76  
    "On the limits of the Spanish & Portuguese Settlements in South America,"  1701-1765 (195 pages)
    Volume   77  
    Description of the Islands of St. John, Cape Briton, Magdalen, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Dominica,  1765-1767 (133 pages)
    Volume   78  
    West Indies information concerning Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Tobago, St. Vincent, and trade with Africa,  1780-1783 (401 pages)
    Volume   79  
    Letters, extracts, accounts, and reports on South and Central America, the West Indies, merchant's petitions, and sugar refiners,  1773-1783 (292 pages)
    Volume   80  
    Extracts, reports, and minutes of African Affairs,  1702-1765 (134 pages)
    Volume   81  
    Senegal Affairs,  1757-1767 (214 pages)
    Volume   82  
    Papers related to Minorca,  1712-1768 (444 pages)
    Volume   83  
    Gibraltar's importance,  1782 ; Minorca; Instructions to governors in  1753 and  1763 (35 items)
    Volume   84a  
    Miscellaneous papers Volume I: Coast of Africa and St. Eustatius (39 items)
    Volume   85  
    American Affairs,  1766-1769 (51 items)
    Volume   86  
    Miscellaneous American papers: Newfoundland,  1760-1782 (32 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 86, Oversize Materials
    Volume   87a  
    American Affairs Peace of  1783: Volume I,  1782-1784 (63 items)
    Volume   87b  
    American Affairs Peace of  1783: Volume II,  1782-1784 (75 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 87, Oversize Materials
    Volume   88  
    Miscellaneous American Papers,  1770-1793 (39 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 88, Oversize Materials
    East Indian Affairs [series]
    Volume   89  
    An account of the charters granted to the East India Company, by John Dunning (152 pages)
    Volume   90  
    East India Company papers: Financial documents, history troop registers, and government documents,  1766-1767 (752 pages and appendix)
    Volume   91  
    Narrative of the second War with Hyder Aly Khan,  1779-1782 (133 pages)
    Volume   92  
    East India dispatches,  May 20, 1782 (573 pages)
    Volume   93  
    East India dispatches,  October-November 1781 and  June 1782 (631 pages)
    Volume   94  
    East India dispatches,  June 14, 1782 (856 pages)
    Volume   95  
    East India dispatches,  June 21 and 28, 1782 (641 pages)
    Volume   96  
    East India dispatches,  July 5, 1782 (455 pages)
    Volume   97  
    East India dispatches,  1782; South Sea Expedition,  1780 (267 pages)
    Volume   98  
    East India affairs,  1757-1783; various papers,  1757-1783 (809 pages)
    Volume   99a  
    East India Affairs Volume I,  1760-1790 (48 items)
    Volume   99b  
    East India Affairs Volume II,  1760-1790 (2 items)
    British Government [series]
    Parliament, Customs Revenue, Trade, Imports, and Exports [subseries]
    Volume   100  
    Table of reference concerning the King, House of Lords, and House of Commons (309 pages)
    Volume   101  
    Customs accounts,  1740-1749 (18 pages)
    Volume   102  
    Account books for revenue and trade,  1716-1760s (66 pages)
    Volume   103  
    "A General Abstract of the Stamp Duties,"  1734-1764 (30 pages)
    Volume   104  
    Annual gross and net produce of customs, account ledgers, and charts,  1710-1780 (93 pages)
    Volume   105  
    "Customs Establishment for the Christmas Quarter ending January 5, 1753;" charts of salaries arranged by port; account book for customs officers listed by port,  1752 (73 pages)
    Volume   106  
    "Customs establishment with Incidents Midsummer,"  1782 (204 pages)
    Volume   107  
    List of the commissioners and officers of His Majesty's Customs, in England and Wales, with their respective established salaries, for Midsummer Quarter ending the 5th of July 1782 (115 pages)
    Volume   108  
    "A List of the Commissioners and Officers of His Majesty's Customs, in England and Wales, with their respective Established Salaries, for Michaelmas Quarter ending October 10, 1782" (113 pages)
    Volume   109  
    Account book listing officers of the Customs & Salt Duties in Scotland and other expenses incurred in the operation of the customs in Scotland,  1752 (58 pages)
    Volume   110  
    Exports and imports between Spain and England,  1750-1765 (154 pages)
    Volume   111  
    Papers relating to the trade of Europe, Africa, and America,  1735-1767 (372 pages)
    Volume   112  
    Imports & Exports,  1698-1762 (66 pages)
    Volume   113  
    Imports & Exports,  1762-1795 (70 pages)
    Volume   114  
    English Customs,  1755-1782; revenue and reform,  1684-1783; Isle of Man,  1767-1782 (391 pages)
    Volume   115  
    Scotland, civil establishment of customs, excise and miscellaneous,  1762-1782 (332 pages)
    Volume   116  
    An account of the revenue of the crown by Mr. Legge and of the French Revenue,  1755-1788 (190 pages)
    Volume   117  
    Revenue notes and calculations by D. Price & C,  1761-1774 (155 pages)
    Volume   118  
    Excise Duties,  1662-1791 (197 pages)
    Volume   119  
    Excise Duties,  1781-1783 (509 pages)
    Volume   120  
    "An Abstract of the first Volume of the Register of all his Majestys Honours Mannors Messuages Lands Royaltys Woods Mines and other hereditaments in the several Countys in England and Wales within the Survey of the Court of Exchequer which have been granted or demised by the Crown from the Revolution Anno,"  1688-1753 (89 pages)
    Volume   121  
    The Queen Dowager's jointure lands (95 pages)
    Volume   122  
    "A Report on the present State and an Opinion on the future Disposition of the Crown Lands in Wales addess'd to the Lords of the Treasury by A. Holdsworth & J. Call,"   April 1783 (50 pages)
    Volume   123  
    Papers relative to the King's Civil List,  1755-1766 (220 pages)
    Volume   124  
    Civil list charges,  January 5, 1782 (221 pages)
    Volume   125  
    Civil list,  1782 Report on the King's household and instructions for its better management,  1782-1783 (501 pages)
    Volume   126  
    (Not at the Clements, see additional descriptive data: Historical Manuscript Commission Reports)
    Volume   127  
    Account of the expenses of his Majesty's household, chapel, chambers, and stables,  October 1, 1759-September 30, 1760 (30 pages)
    Volume   128  
    Papers on the Forests in England,  1656-1768 (18 items)
    Volume   129  
    Government fees and perquisites with a Schedule,  1780-1783 (222 pages)
    Volume   130  
    City of London papers,  1588-1783 (56 pages)
    Volume   131  
    Mint and coinage,  1782-1783 (88 pages)
    Volume   132  
    Papers on the corn riots and corn prices,  1766 (100 pages)
    Volume   133  
    Miscellaneous Parliament papers and copies,  1540-1767 (416 pages)
    Volume   134  
    Papers of the Secretary of State and Board of Trade,  1752-1768 (220 pages)
    Volume   135a  
    Reports and observations on annuities for life, funds in general, excise taxes, the sinking fund, national debt, public revenues of the crown, salt officers, revenues from collection of sheriffs in England and Wales, officers residing in Whitehall and St. James' Palaces and precincts of Verge and their houses, accounts for rented estates, port accounts, pensions, and compensation to the Royal African Company,  1748-1789 (13 items)
    Volume   135b  
    Papers and correspondence related to taxation; finance and national debt; customs, excise, and duties; imports and exports,  1773-1797 (41 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 135, Oversize Materials
    Volume   166  
    Parliamentary notes and letters,  1782-1783 (358 pages)
    Volume   167  
    "A Compendium of the Rights Privileges and Resolutions or mode of Election of Members to Serve in Parliament for Great Britain" (107 pages)
    Volume   168a  
    Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: Treasury matters; Armed Neutrality of 1780; political and military affairs of Russia, Spain, France, America, and West Indies, including intelligence reports on fleet movements and peace negotiations; pamphlets and Parliamentary papers,   [bulk 1779-1782]
    Volume   168b  
    Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: Treasury, Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords, and voting; Shelburne speeches, letters, and notes; Holland, Russia, Prussia, Ireland, Italy; Militia, troops, fencibles, and victualling; Public cases and repeal of test act; Petitions to the king and King's reply to London; Peace Preliminaries (1783),  [bulk 1783-1799]
    Volume   168c  
    Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: John Wilkes controversy; legal opinions; trade and smuggling; Parliament; affairs in Europe, India, America, and West Indies; foreign ministers and consuls; notes for debate on East India Tea Act, 1773; Standing army and victualling contracts,  [bulk 1763-1783]
    Volume   168d  
    Miscellaneous papers and correspondence. Topics include: British, Ushant, French and combined fleets; Intelligence on Gibraltar, America, West Indies, Canada, and Spain; Treasury papers; Lord's Address, King's Answer, and draft of speech from throne; Parliamentary Acts; Lord Rodney's victory,  [bulk 1782]
    British Army, Navy, and Military Administration [subseries]
    Volume   136  
    Army; War Office; Pay Office; Ordnance; Estimates; Militia; Home Defense,  1765-1783 (587 pages)
    Volume   137  
    Papers concerning the Navy and Army of foreign nations,  1715-1769 (207 pages)
    Volume   138  
    Navy: establishment, estimates, patents, commissions, and Warrants; Admiralty & Navy Board letters,  1695-1779 (104 items)
    Volume   139  
    Navy Victualling of seamen and marines,  1693-1780 (76 items)
    Volume   140  
    Navy debt: cash and bills,  1701-1781 (84 items)
    Volume   141  
    Navy Department expenditures,  1701-1779 (67 items)
    Volume   142  
    Shipping lists,   June 1770-1780and  1783 (233 items)
    Volume   143  
    Navies of England, France, Spain, and Holland,   October 1782 (24 items)
    Volume   144  
    Dock yard, artificers and stores,  1770-1778 (64 items)
    Volume   145  
    Transport service for troops and supplies,  1703-1779 (110 items)
    Volume   146  
    Navy intelligence: information and Gregson's letters,  1777-1780 (undated; 239 items)
    Volume   147  
    Government contracts,  1770-1783 (69 items)
    Volume   148  
    Muster rolls of seamen,  1750-1783 (185 items)
    Volume   149  
    Naval instructions,  1674-1774 (39 items)
    Volume   150  
    Naval policy decisions and projects,  1666-1693 (116 pages)
    Volume   151  
    Naval orders and reports for the Committee on the House of Commons,  1782 (96 items)
    Volume   152  
    Projects and proposals relative to the navy, war and peace, revenue and taxes, and police,  1781-1783 (85 items)
    Volume   153  
    Secret admiralty order book and copies of letters from William Pitt,  1757-1760 (86 pages)
    Volume   154a  
    Miscellaneous naval papers,  1695-1789 (18 items)
    Volume   154b  
    Miscellaneous naval papers,  1695-1789 (18 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 154, Oversize Materials
    Volume   155  
    Miscellaneous naval papers,  1709-1779 (11 items)
    Folder   : Oversize Manuscripts  
    Volume 155, Oversize Materials
    Ireland [subseries]
    Volumes 156 - 160: (Not at the Clements, see additional descriptive data: Historical Manuscript Commission Reports)
    Cabinet and Treasury Minutes [subseries]
    Volume   161  
    Cabinet Minutes,  1766-1768 (28 items)
    Volume   162  
    Treasury Minutes,  July-August 1782; Volume I
    Volume   163  
    Treasury Minutes,  October-December 1782; Volume II
    Volume   164  
    Treasury Minutes,  January-March 1783; Volume III
    Volume   165  
    Hints and Minutes of Motions on various parliamentary subjects,  1762-1782 (363 pages)
    Appeals to the House of Lords [subseries]
    Volume   HL-1  
    Volume   HL-2  
    Volume   HL-3  
    Volume   HL-4  
    Volume   HL-5  
    Volume   HL-6  
    Volume   HL-7  
    Volume   HL-8  
    Personal Correspondence [series]
    Shelburne Family Letters [subseries]
    Box   SFL-1  
    Letters to his wife,  1767-1770 (47 items)
    Box   SFL-2  
    Letters from William Granville Petty,  1774-1776 (123 pages)
    Box   SFL-3  
    Letters from William Granville Petty,  1776-1778 (105 pages)
    Box   SFL-4  
    Letters to Lord Fitzmaurice, Earl of Wycombe,  1768, 1780-1789 (43 items)
    Box   SFL-5  
    Shelburne to Thomas Coutts,  1793-1802 and  undated ( 23 items)
    Box   SFL-6  
    Letters and Engravings ( 6 items)
    Lansdowne-Bowles letters [subseries]
    Box   SFL-7  
     1806-1835 (69 items)
    Lacaita-Shelburne letters [series]
    Box   LS-1  
     1701-1780 (99 items)
    Box   LS-2  
     1781-September 1782 (95 items)
    Box   LS-3  
     October 1782-May 1790 (89 items)
    Box   LS-4  
     July 1790-1859 (221 items)
    Box   LS-5  
     1860-1895 and undated (202 items)
    Additional Descriptive Data

    Historical Manuscript Commission Reports

    The Shelburne collection was partially calendared as the Lansdowne Manuscripts by the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC) in the Third, Fifth, and Sixth Reports (1872, 1876, and 1877). The Clements Library has volumes 1-99, 101-125, 127-155, 161-168. Volumes 100, 126, and 156-160 are at Shelburne's estate Bowood, while most of the letters in volumes 169-200 (section V "General and Family Correspondence") are in the British Museum. The Shelburne family letters series in this collection was created by the Clements Library. The HMC contains incomplete descriptions for volumes 34-36, 52, 58, 60, 69, 72, 75-76, and 85-88 and does not describe the minutes of the House of Lords.

    See Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. London: Printed by G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode for H.M.S.O. 1870.

    In addition to this finding aid, the Clements Library has created a detailed Volume Index and a Name Index and Geographical Index. For additional information see the Clements Library card catalog.

    This volume includes:

    • The Third Report (1872): Vols. 1-42, Vols. 101-155.
    • The Fifth Report (1876): Vols. 43-88, 34, 35, 161-168, 169-201 (Volumes 169-201 are not in WLCL)
    • The Sixth Report (1877): Vols. 89-100 (Volume 100 not in WLCL), 156-160.

    Map List: Below is a list of 33 maps acquired with the Shelburne papers, including individual maps and maps within the volumes. This list is organized chronologically:

    Biographical Timeline

    May 2, 1737 Shelburne born
    1757 Joined the British Army 20th Regiment
    1760 Promoted to colonel and appointed aide-de-camp to King George III
    June 1760 Elected Member of Parliament for Chipping Wycombe and elected to the Irish Parliament for County Kerry
    1761 Succeeded his father's peerage as Baron Wycombe and at Dublin as 2nd Earl of Shelburne
    April-September 1763 President of the Board of Trade
    1765 Married Lady Sophia Carteret
    1766-1768 Secretary of State for the Southern Department
    January 5, 1771 Lady Sophia Carteret died in childbirth
    1779 Married Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick
    March-July 1782 Home Secretary
    July 1782-March 1783 First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister
    December 1784 Promoted to Marquis and titled Lord Lansdowne
    August 7, 1789 Lady Louisa Fitzpatrick died
    May 23, 1803 Shelburne made his last public speech
    May 7, 1805 Shelburne died
    Alternate Locations

    Many of the Shelburne maps are housed in the Clements Library Map Division. See below for a list of maps in the collection.

    Related Materials

    Additional Clements Library collections containing items written by Shelburne:

    • The Henry Clinton papers: November 27-30, 1781
    • The Thomas Gage papers:
      • American Series: September 13, 1766; December 11, 1766 (enclosed in April 18, 1768 and December 13, 1770); November 14, 1767
      • English Series: August 9, 1766-January 5, 1768 (15 items); January 5, 1768 (enclosed in March 12, 1768)
    • The John Lee papers: April 15, 1782
    • The Viscounts Melville papers: July 11, 1782
    • The Henry Strachey papers: October 20, 1782
    • The George Townshend papers: November 12 and December 19, 1767; January 16, March 14, May 7, 1768; November 7, 1782; January 30, 1786
    • The Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney papers: May 21, 1782 (draft and letter); May 25, 1782; July 29-September 26, 1782 (11 items); [November 15, 1782]; July 1786
    • The Benjamin and William Oliver Vaughan papers

    The following collections contain letters written by Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne:

    • The Viscounts Melville papers: [1847]; December 21, 1849 (enclosed in June 6, 1885); undated
    • The John Russell papers: December 15, 1835; January 14, 1836; 1846 (3 items); undated (2 items)

    For other books and printed items related to Shelburne, search for the subject "Lansdowne, William Petty,--Marquis of,--1737-1805" in the Library's online catalog.

    The Clements Library Graphics Division has nine portraits of Shelburne, a painting and eight engravings, and a political cartoon:

    • Painting: Mosnier, Jean Laurent. Lord Shelburne. 1790.
    • Of the eight engravings, two are attributed:

      • 1: Sayers, James. Earl of Shelburne. Charles Bretherton, May 14, 1782. British Museum Number 6062.
      • 2: From Joshua Reynolds, Earl of Shelburne. London: Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall East, 1832.

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