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Horace Greeley collection [series]
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  1838 February 12 . H[orace] Greeley ALS to O[bad]iah A. Bowe; Albany, New York. (3 pages)
Greeley went for a walk in the morning and read all the newspapers he could "get a hold of, and most select of the steamboat and study house bills." Staying at the Eagle Tavern, as are various members of the legislature: "most of the choice spirits of Whiggery." "There is a great head of political steam on at present, and Currency and the Presidency, Clay and Small Bills, are the ruling topics." Disagreement between the Houses regarding the Small Bill law. "You ought to have heard the smashing debate of Thursday, which I have partially sketched for the Whig. Culver, Hudson and Derick Sibley walked into them like steamboats, and the way Willis Hull travelled over your friend Abijah was sinful. By the way, Bije is a very empty-headed demagogue, though he manages to make a great deal of noise. He is always trying to kick up a quarrel with the majority and the Speaker … " The Jeffersonian will be out Wednesday. Details (editing minutia) respecting the publication.
  1847 January 23 . Horace Greeley ALS to Hamilton Fish; New York. (1 page)
Greeley just missed Fish at Albany, will be meeting with [Henry] Clay, and discusses candidates for a clerkship on the Canal Board
  1847 February 23 . J[ames] T[urner] Morehead ALS to Horace Greeley; Senate Chamber. (1 page)
Forwards request for information on people who May be aware of the situation in Ireland
  1853 June 6 . Tho[ma]s Yates ALS to Horace Greeley; Waverly, New York. (1 page)
Invites Greeley to celebrate Independence Day with Waverly Division & Star of Hope Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars
  1854 June 9 . Horace Greeley ALS to V. M. Rice. (3 pages)
Offers advice on a personal matter
  1855 March 15 . Horace Greeley ALS to [?]; Elgin, Illinois. (1 page)
Will not be able to visit
  1858 May 1 . J. Cutlett receipt from Horace Greeley & Co.; New York. (1 page)
Receipt for subscription to the Weekly Tribune
  1861 June 11 . Horace Greeley ALS to (E. Merton?); New York. (3 pages)
Response to his articles on pantheism and human morality; wishes to establish a Humanity Tract Society
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  1862 November 2 . Horace Greeley ALS to [D. Berrett?]; New York. (1 page)
Admits to former membership in the Sons of Temperance
  1866 October 28 . Horace Greeley ALS to C. B. [ ]; New York. (1 page)
Intends to lecture in Cincinnati during the coming winter and will likely be able to provide a lecture for the recipient at that time. "I am so deeply engrossed in our political canvass that I cannot clearly see my way after the election." On Office of the Tribune stationery.
  1867 June 2 . Horace Greeley ALS to H. W. Seymour, Esq.; New York. (1 page)
Respecting an upcoming engagement
  1867 December 16 . Horace Greeley ALS to Alex White, Esq.; New York. (1 page)
Requests a response about Greeley's offer to lecture
  1868 January 11 . Horace Greeley ALS to H. R. Waite; New York. (1 page)
Agrees to give a lecture on February 3, "my 57th birth-day." Suggests the following topics for the talk: " Great Men , Abraham Lincoln , Self-Made Men , or America Westward of the Mississippi ." On Office of the Tribune stationery
  1871 November 14 . Horace Greeley ALS to Hon. Milo Goodrich; New York. (1 page)
Congressional committees.
  1872 [October?] . C. C. Butler Telegraph; B. Falls. (1 page)
"Greeley & Brown Nominated"
  1875 December 10 . George A. Beach ALS to Father and Mother; Springfield, New York. (4 pages)
About recent reading and lecture attendance; mentions Horace Greeley's "charitable institution in New Jersey."
  [1894 December-1895 May] . Hayden Carruth Article. (2 pages)
"Editor's Drawer" article in Harper's New Monthly Magazine entitled "Greeley's Handwriting," relates an anecdote about Horace Greeley
  Undated . Postcard. Amherst, Massachusetts. (1 page)
Picture of Horace Greeley's birthplace