European Grand Tour journal  1818-1819
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The European Grand Tour journal (approximately 75 pages) recounts the experiences of two wealthy British travelers as they journeyed through France, Switzerland, and Italy throughout the second half of 1818. The author, a man named Moore, detailed the pair's itinerary and gave an extensive account of sightseeing, paying particular attention to the churches and cathedrals of France and to Italian art collections; his companion, Richard, often attended social functions and was introduced at court in Paris. Additionally, the writer frequently provided background information on the different locales he visited, and occasionally mentioned events from the recent Napoleonic wars, particularly during a visit to a French battlefield. In Switzerland, the travelers took an interest in local customs, including schooling and clothing -- in the August 22 letters, the diarist drew a sketch of a Swiss dress. After the travelers reached Italy, they focused more frequently on fine art, and the volume includes lists of the prominent art holdings in several palaces; it also notes visits to Da Vinci's The Last Supper in Milan and to the "Mona Elisa" in the "Nicoli Palace." The final entry was made on December 15, 1818, just after the author and his companion arrived in Rome.

The last section contains charts showing the value of German and French money for 1819, as well as several listings of German tariffs. Enclosures include a German hotel receipt addressed to "Grosvenor & Moore," other financial accounts, and several hotel advertisements. Several pages between late September and early October are blank, but enclosed notes cover that time period.

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