Priscilla Hunt Cadwallader sermons  1824, 1831
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Priscilla Hunt Cadwallader, born to a religious Quaker family in North Carolina on July 10, 1786, had little formal education. In 1811, she married Jabez Hunt, who died two years later, leaving her with a young child. She moved to Indiana, and in 1815 began preaching at the Blue River Monthly Meeting in Washington County. She quickly became known for her preaching, and began to travel around the United States. Around 1824, Priscilla Hunt married Joseph Cadwallader, a Quaker minister, though this second marriage ended in divorce in 1830. Despite her unhappy marriage, Priscilla found herself in a leadership role during the split of the Society of Friends into Hicksite and Orthodox factions in 1827-1828. During the later years of her life, she continued to travel and preach throughout the United States and Canada, though various illnesses increasingly took their toll on her and limited her ability to travel. She died on November 13, 1859.