Horace Mann, Jr., papers 1864-1868 (bulk 1864)
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Correspondence and Writings [series]:
Box   42 Small Collections Folder   7
Journal kept in California,  1864 March 02-3
Box   42 Folder   8
Journal kept in the Hawaiian Islands,  1864 May 05-July 28
Box   42 Folder   9
Letter from Horace Mann to Asa Gray,  1864 August 30
Box   42 Folder   10
Draft of article, titled "The Hawaiian Islands,"  1864
Box   42 Folder   11
Draft of book review, excerpt,  1867
Box   42 Folder   12
Manuscript of portions of Contributions of a Venerable Savage to the Ancient History of the Hawaiian Islands,  ca. 1868
Box   42 Folder   13
Newspaper clippings regarding the eruption of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, from the New York Tribune,  1868 May 26-June 12 (5 items)
Photographs (Housed in Graphics Division) [series]:
Box   F.8.29  
Mojave Desert,  ca. 1863 [subseries]:
San Bernardino Valley and San Bernardino Mountain
Martin's, 12 mi from San Bernardino
Cajon Pass tollgate
Lane's, on first crossing of Mojave
Point Rock, in 1863 the last habitation on the route
Sugar Loaf
Forks of the road
Camp Cady
Mojave River above the caves
Warm Soda Springs (Soda Lake)
Cedar Springs Canyon (Providence Mountains)
Lewis Spring
John Moss and Paiute Chief Techerrum
Mojave Paiutes (Asper-ka-miah(t?) or Eagles?)
Box   F.8.30  
Mojave Desert and Hawaii, ca.  1863-1864 [subseries]:
Yucca tree at Cedar Spring Canyon
Cactus and small yucca at Rock Spring
Shojas (=cholla?) and plants of Eldorado Canyon
Philadelphia Company at Rock Springs
Colorado River at Fort Mojave
Dr. Stark and Indians, Fort Mojave
Indians and soldiers
Carpenter shop, Fort Mojave
Indian Girl (Topsy and captain's cook), Fort Mojave
Volcanic cinder cone, Hawaii?
Close-up of leaves and fructification of Hawaiian plant, taken in studio
View of Hawaiian plant, taken in studio
Maps (Housed in Map Division) [series]:
Folder   A112  
Sonoma, Napa, and Yolo Counties, California,  ca. 1864
Folder   A108  
Crater on Oahu,  ca. 1864
Folder   A109  
Hawaii,  ca. 1864
Folder   A110-111  
Kauai,  ca. 1864 (2 items)
Folder   A113  
Maui,  ca. 1864
Folder   A114  
Maui,  ca. 1864
Folder   A115-116  
Oahu,  ca. 1864 (2 items)