William L. Babaian collection  1969-1976
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  1688 May 7; 1688 May 19 . Tho[mas] Dongan LS to the Sheriff of Ulster County [Henry Pawling]; Fort James, [New York]. (1 page)
Calling the sheriff to gather Native Americans to help defend Albany." … call together all ye Indyan men within your county & cause such of them as are able to bear armes to cause to Repair with all convenient speed to his Majties ffort at Albany there to Joyne with and assist the other Indyans of this Province in prosecuton of ye present Ware."Asks the sheriff to make a return to the Secretary's Office and to include names of Native Americans that "shall Refuse or deley to Conforme themselves hereunto."Includes a note signed by Henry Pawling, High Sheriff of Ulster County, attesting to his having gathered Native Americans "and finde the younge men willing to assist … and promise to march towards ye forte at Albany ye next Satterdaye."