Carl Bauder letters  1918
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Volume   1
Amos E. Stearns memoir,  1864 May 16-1865 March 25 [series]
  Page   : Frontis
Photograph of Amos E. Stearns
  Page   1
Capture at Battle of Drewry's Bluff, Va. (May 16, 1864)
  Page   3
Journey to Richmond; Rebel guard takes his tin cup of coffee
  Page   4
Passing the carnage on the battlefield
  Page   5
Rebel guards mistreat Penobscot Indian prisoner
  Page   7
Meets other prisoners from 25th Massachusetts at Ft. Darling; taking a gunboat to Richmond in very hot conditions
  Page   8
Description of officer commanding the gunboat
  Page   9
Crowds in Richmond to see Yankee prisoners; one of the Rebel guards from Massachusetts
  Page   10
Learning the rules in Libby Prison; getting medical attention for a friend shot by guard
  Page   13-14
Searching new prisoners; hiding money and valuables from the Rebel guards
  Page   15
Noted Union deserter and Rebel soldier Dick Turner; rations at Libby Prison
  Page   19
Journey to Andersonville Prison
  Page   21
Meeting wounded Rebel soldiers; women and children selling food to Yankee prisoners
  Page   23
Holding pen for prisoners in Augusta, Ga.
  Page   24
Pumping water by hose into the pen
  Page   25
Talking to Rebel civilians; their impressions of Union General Benjamin Butler (1818-1893)
  Page   27
Arrival at Andersonville Prison; first encounter with Henry Wirz, commandant of Andersonville; Yankee drummer boys put on "parole of honor"
  Page   28
First glimpse of prisoners in Andersonville: they look like "brown beavers"
  Page   29
Meets friend from Co. D, Preston A. Champney
  Page   30
Makes mud hut with Charles L. Rice and Joseph C. Plumb but rain destroys, so they look for shelter with others
  Page   31
Sleeping without shelter
  Page   32
Need blanket to get accepted into existing shelters
  Page   33
Moves into Campney's shelter; description of the shelter
  Page   34
Dispensing rations: squad system; some prisoners get cooked rations, some get raw
  Page   36
Description of mush and other rations
  Page   40
Ration trading and trading for tobacco
  Page   41
Rebels occasionally cut off rations; "raiders" and stealing among prisoners
  Page   43
Prisoner police force and court to deal with raiders
  Page   45
Wirz's punishment of raiders
  Page   46
Trial and hanging of prisoners found guilty of murder; General William T. Sherman (1820-1891) reported to have approved of action
  Page   50
Overcrowding means no room to walk when prisoners lay down to sleep at night
  Page   52
Shortage of wood; death of Champney
  Page   53
His wood-selling business
  Page   55
"Exchange on the brain" is one of the most common diseases at Andersonville; disappointed hopes for exchange cause many to die
  Page   58
Heavy rain causes flooding in stockade
  Page   61
Freshwater spring appears in stockade
  Page   62
Trading rations; selling biscuit and sweet potato soup
  Page   64
Lice; prisoners who give up hope and will their deaths
  Page   65
Prisoners moved to Charleston, S.C.
  Page   67
Prisoners kept at fairgrounds outside Charleston
  Page   68
Prisoners moved to Florence, S.C.
  Page   72
Description of stockade at Florence
  Page   74
Smuggling beans into prison in hollow sticks of firewood
  Page   76
Death of a friend
  Page   78
Trading with Rebel guards for buttons; tricking the guards
  Page   81
Paroled at Wilmington, N.C.
  Page   82
Paid for time in prison (after enlistment term had expired)