Henry A. S. Dearborn collection  1801-1850 (bulk 1814-1850)
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Partial List of Visual Material

  • Watercolor of a ship on card marked "Mrs Mason" (Loose mss. Folder 8)
  • Lace valentine, undated (Loose mss. Folder 8)
  • Photograph of unidentified woman with dog, mounted on pink ribbon (Vol. 1, p. 12)
  • Laid-in printed coat of arms (Vol. 1, p. 29)
  • Photograph [Thomas Addis Emmet?] (Vol. 1, p. 29)
  • Photograph, signed, January 14, 1890 [William Allen Butler] (Vol. 1, p. 30)
  • Photograph of an oval painting of a young girl holding a flower (Vol. 1, p. 48)
  • Photographs of Myers-Mason Collection exhibit, with inventory (Vol. 1, pp. 210-217)
  • Photograph of Myers family monument, with accompanying text (Vol. 2, p. 64 and verso)
  • Fold-out printed engraving of Bailey Family Tree (Vol. 2, p. 75)
  • Photograph of a painting of General Theodorus Bailey (Vol. 2, p. 77)
  • Pencil doodles (Vol. 2, p. 93)
  • Photograph of "Rear Admiral Theodorus Bailey" (Vol. 2, p. 109)
  • Newspaper photograph of Florence Beekman Bailey, dated December 5, 1899 (Vol. 2, p. 161)
  • Photograph of Mary Bailey Collins (Vol. 2, p. 163)
  • Photograph of the tombstone of Judge William Bailey and his first and second wives, with accompanying text (Vol. 2, p. 165)
  • Water color and ink illustration, coat of arms "Van Wyck" (Vol. 2, p. 166)
  • Tiffany design for stained glass window in the Naval Academy Chapel in memory of Theodorus Bailey Myers Mason (Vol. 3, p. 5)
  • Printed image of Lieut. Theodorus B.M. Mason (Vol. 3, p. 10)
  • Printed header and quotation with red wax seal "Tout A Vous," October 14, 1885. (Vol. 3, p. 26)
  • Photograph [Mordecai Myers] (Vol. 3, p. 109)
  • Photograph [Sidney Mason] (Vol. 3, p. 115)
  • Illustration of Hugh Mason's head and foot stones (Vol. 3, p. 141)
  • Photograph of Mason family tombstone in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Vol. 3, p. 161)
  • Two watercolor illustrations of Coats of Arms for the Mason family (Vol. 3, p. 162)
  • Photograph of Sidney Mason's tomb (Vol. 3, p. 164)
  • Manuscript map in pencil signed "H.B. Mason," route from U.S. to Great Britain, undated (Vol. 4, p. 64)
  • Three printed maps, route from U.S. to Great Britain "Cunard Track Chart," 1877, 1881 (Vol. 4, pp. 67, 70, 71)
  • Printed image Sentinel Rock, California, 1880 (Vol. 4, p. 68)
  • Volume 4 contains numerous pieces of ephemera related to steamship travel including diagrams of ships, passenger lists, and menus.
  • Photograph of the Hotel Bellevue, Cannes, France (Vol. 4, p. 83)
  • Photographs of Cannes, France (Vol. 4, p. 85-87)
  • Photograph of the "La Champagne" with accompanying news clippings regarding its collision and wreck (Vol. 4, p. 93)
  • Printed cartoon illustration "After the Thaw" 1888 New York snowstorm (Vol. 4, p. 110)
  • Colored floor plan of a vessel providing service between Le Havre and New York (Vol. 4, p. 113)
  • Lace Valentine, 1847, to Catalina (Vol. 4, pp. 126-127)
  • Photograph of many approximately 25 men and women posed outside of a large estate (Vol. 4, p. 190)
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Some pages from the Miscellanies Relating to Theodorus Bailey Myers have been removed from the volumes and are housed in the Graphics Division.

Related Materials

Johnson, John. Orderly Book of Sir John Johnson During the Oriskany Campaign, 1776-1777; Annotated by William L. Stone... with an Historical Introduction Illustrating the Life of Sir John Johnson, Bart. Albany: J. Munsell's Sons, 1882.

Myers, Theodorus Bailey. Commemorative Proceedings of the Athenaeum Club, on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States. April, 1865. [New York: C.S. Westcott & co., printers, 1865].

Myers, Theodorus Bailey. Cowpens Papers: Being Correspondence of General Morgan and the Prominent Actors: from the Collection of Theodorus Bailey Myers. Charleston, S.C.: News and Courier Book Presses, 1881.

Myers, Theodorus Bailey. One Hundred Years Ago: The Story of the Battle of Cowpens. The Carolinas in 1780--a Glance at the Military Situation--Morgan's Command--the Chain of Events as Shown in Letters of Greene, Morgan, Pickens, Rutledge and Others, Hitherto Unpublished. (From the News and Courier, Charleston, S.C., May 10, 1881.) [Charleston, 1881]

Myers, Theodorus Bailey. The Tories or Loyalists in America: Being Slight Historical Tracings, from the Footprints of Sir John Johnson and His Contemporaries in the Revolution. Albany: Press of J. Munsell's sons, 1882.

The New York Public Library has an extensive Theodorus Bailey Myers collection.


Biographical Sketches of the Bailey-Myers-Mason Families, 1776 to 1905: Key to a Cabinet of Heirlooms in the National Museum, Washington. Privately Printed, 1908.